Yoimiya in Genshin Impact Explained

Yoimiya I

She's the star of the summer, and a playable character in the new first-person shooter Genshin Impact! Yoimiya is also the daughter of Naganohara Ryuunosuke, and owner of Naganohara Fireworks. That's right, fireworks! Are you ready to brighten up your day?

She was added to the game on the April 28th, 2017 patch. To unlock Naganohara Yoimiya, you have to download Prius Pack 1.

Honoring tradition, she and her father have annually brought fireworks to Narukami Island for as long as anyone can remember. With her pretty dress, colorful fireworks, and outgoing personality, everyone on the island loves Yoimiya--she's always looking out for others, especially her good friend Kagura.

Not much is known about Yoimiya other than she is the daughter of Naganohara Ryuunosuke and the current owner of Naganohara Fireworks. She is said to be a lively and happy pyro, who enjoys creating much more than just fireworks. 

She is able to deal with any problems with her unorthodox methods, and although she tends to not have the best judgment when it comes to finding ways to clear her name, she is always thinking of others in the process.

The daughter of Naganohara's legendary fireworks maker, she and her colorful fireworks are loved by everyone on the island. 

Though shy and kind hearted at first glance, Yoimiya has the potential within to become even stronger with dedication and hard training.

Light and bright, she is the light of summer to the people of Narukami Island. Her personality is perhaps best known through her physicality - as a Pyro, she's not just easygoing, she's amazingly friendly and outgoing. 

Anything that catches her interest will lead to an immediate response - and a challenge!

Yoimiya is the daughter of Kasukabe's master fireworks-maker, and she plans to one day succeed his legacy. This young pyrotechnician has a fiery personality and is the current owner of Naganohara Fireworks (the local rival of her family's shop). However, Yoimiya is dedicated to the detailed craftsmanship of toy-level fireworks, which is why she was able to easily recognize that Genshin's fireworks are handmade despite their size and power.

Her favorite thing is fireworks, which led her hobby to become a career at a young age. 

Because of You Is unusual techniques, she was scouted by many competitive companies, but she declined all offers because there was not enough time to finish crafting the desired display. 

To top it all off, Yicky was actually the one who ignited Tsuchiya's passion for fireworks.

Her love of pyrotechnics eventually led her to become the owner of the traditional Naganohara Fireworks shop, which had been in the Naganohara family for generations. 

She is well respected by both customers and peers for her ideals and contributions to the festival scene.

Inspired by her childhood fascination with high-level pyrotechnicians, Yomiya began working at a fireworks company while still a middle school student. 

She developed new types of fireworks and became known as the "Queen of the Summer Festival," a fitting moniker for someone whose passion lit the way for her success.


Yoimiya is a powerful firework maker from Inazuma City, famous for her fireworks display. Her job as a firework maker is to make fireworks for New Year celebrations and other events, though she has never missed a deadline. 

She is very dedicated to the family business and comes up with new ideas such as kiss-powered fireworks. As such, her family's business will continue to grow in the future.

Yoimiya, an Inazuma Bansho seller, led her family's business since she was young due to her father getting into an accident on his way to the fireworks festival. This accident caused him to retire from the fireworks business. 

Her love for the fireworks and the people around Inazuma City makes her so happy she never feels scared about anything even when she is in trouble. 

She is also shown to be really cheerful and relaxed, and likes it when people are happy. She often uses "Uma" (horse) as a suffix in front of her sentences.

This accident caused him to retire from the fireworks business. 

Her love for the fireworks and the people around Inazuma City makes her so happy she never feels scared about anything even when she is in trouble. She is also shown to be really cheerful and relaxed, and likes it when people are happy. She often uses "Uma" (horse) as a suffix in front of her sentences.

 Yoimiya is a very hardworking individual. While in the past she was quite lazy and unmotivated, going as far as lying to her father saying she had already finished her work and going to sleep, following the previous Fireworks Competition, Yoimiya realized that in order to stay ahead of Team GaruGaru, she will have to try her best to improve. She has since tried her best to make customers happy so they will come back again. 

Despite being very good at what she does and always putting the customers' happiness first, Yoimiya is sometimes unable to please certain customers as shown when she failed to understand how Sonora felt about Koume's love for Poi and thus was not able to help her out. 

Yoimiya is the youngest of the three sisters. What Yoimiya lacks in size she makes up for in personality. When her father entrusts her with the family fireworks store, she instantly falls in love with the place. 

Her determination to make the customers happy is shown particularly when her family's store is run by Hishitonme. 

Despite Koinu and Haru's objections, she tries to help him maintain the happiness of their customer base by creating fireworks that would be used as wedding invitations (as they are among his few customers).


 Yoimiya has an alternative fantasy fashion themed design. Her eyes are eyeliner and she also has many costume-like accessories in her hair. 

She has a very lively and fun aura as if she is always enjoying herself. Yoimiya's clothing is themed after Japanese festivals and festivals in general, with a lot of different patterns and colors. 

The obi around her waist features a Kirin (unicorn) pattern on it and the sleeve cuffs of her shirt are decorated with Animal ears similar to cat's ears. Yoimiya's background is simplistic, yet colorful and helps balance out her more complex clothing.

Her outfit consists of a short dress that goes just above her knees and is made of red fabric with an imprint of cherry blossoms on the right side. 

She wears a white see-through apron over her dress with a small red bow tied in front, white stockings and black shoes.

Yoimiya has the most elaborate appearance out of the five main characters, her costume consists of a design drawn on a white and light orange vest top, on top of a yellow and multi-colored one, on top of a white skirt that is split into four layers. 

She wears light orange stockings with white stars on them, and ankle boots that have stars around the soles and a butterfly on each side. 

She also wears white gloves with yellow stars around the wrist and armholes. With necklaces dangling down from her hair-tie resembling keyboard keys.

She will appear on stage in a traditional kimono and hakama. Her concert outfit is a white kimono dress with golden linings, short sleeves, and a high collar. There are also various shapes sewn onto the kimono, such as flowers. 

The obi she wears around her waist is black and has an intricate design of red explosions. She wears two silver necklaces with two big red buttons on them and a gold bracelet on her right wrist. 

She wears a gold ring on her right index finger and three red rings on each of her middle fingers.

Meaning Of Name

Her speech and attack names are in the Osaka dialect, which is a variation of Japanese language used by merchants and people who are happy. However, when she's in a berserk state, she speaks and attacks using a completely different dialect, Kyoto's Kansai-ben. As with her character theme and personality, her quotes are very comical ,so please enjoy!

Yoimiya is the result of research on the characteristics of ghosts to create a horror story. the idea is based on Masahiko Shimada's essay "the Problem of Ghost in Genshi Impact.'' 

There are four Yoimiyah in the game, which seem like different people at first, but are actually the same person, and they speak in four different dialects:Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, and Kanto. They also share some lines with each other.

She's bold, good-natured, yet simple-minded and likes to have fun attracting men. 

She's one of the cute girls that enjoy drinking parties, chasing the men around in bars, and generally makes a huge ruckus. She has a very friendly personality and gets along with anyone immediately.

Things You Should Know About Yoimiya

  • Yoimiya is a swordsman from Akushiro. As noted in his profile, he is extremely enthusiastic about the Legend of Heroes series, with the only known subject outside of his homeland being Klee from the first game. In spite of how energetic he appears, however, this enthusiasm does not affect how responsible he is as a student and as a Captain, who is devoted to his duties as a soldier and multiple arts together. He also has a lot of respect for Joshua and Lloyd, who are important figures in Erebonia.
  • There's a line of people waiting for introduction with the other characters. Yoimiya speaks ill of her teammate, Klee, but she also saves his life with one of her ice skills, and together they're able to defeat an enemy that none of them could have defeated on their own.
  • Yoimiya is an archer, who attacks from afar.   She can use her arrows to lure enemies into thinking she's alone, when in fact there are allies nearby. 
  • Her Sougen no Okami skill rounds off her ability to play tricks on other players by putting them into a false sense of security -- and you can use this to trick opponents into letting down their guard!