Yun Jin in Genshin Impact Explained

Yun Jin Info Card

She has beautiful legs that are admired by her fellow tenants. She has been with the team since she had been introduced as an expert in tea ceremony and dance of lands. As a prestigious and talented member of the tea house staff, she's not one to miss out on a good drink. In fact, brewing is one of her specialties!

A professional dance and song instructor, Yun Jin is also very good at making tea. Whenever she completes a professional dance performance or brews a batch of tea, she may receive power-ups to her skills along with a boost in affection points.

A resident of the far-western island of Heyu, Yun Jin is famous for her skills at singing, dancing, and brewing. 

She runs the Heyu Tea House, where well-known people from all over the world can be found lounging around to share stories. 

Thanks to her expertise in these various arts, her songs have lasting power when used in battle.

Recognized for her singing and dancing talent, she loves gathering with her friends to drink Heyu's special tea. 

She uses a broom as her weapon to whack her enemies and to control the speed of her jumps. In battle, she'll use an assortment of enticing attack combinations that can bring almost any bot down.

After choosing her, she is considered as a leader type of character, similar to the leaders in other fighting games such as Dragon Ball Z and also similar to Eimin's movesets. 

Her skills are mostly with emphasis on combos and multi-hits while her special moves are short ranged but very powerful. She also has an amazing ability of recovery that enables her to reach the end of the screen easily while getting hit.


She enjoys doing this and goes to many lengths to ensure that everyone leaves content with her performances. On occasions when she knows she has to perform in front of strangers, she appears to be a lady of grace, but is also known to be a friendly girl in private.

Having been writing plays since she was in primary school, she decided to pursue this passion while still at university and graduate with a Bachelor in Dramatic Arts. 

Upon graduation, she continued her studies overseas, gaining an advanced Certificate in Playwriting, before finding employment at one of the largest television stations outside of Japan. There, she quickly rose to prominence due to the quality of her works. 

After several years as a freelance writer for plays and musicals for Liyue's many theaters and performance halls, she has made it her aim to introduce her works to audiences overseas using digital technology.

She has a vast amount of knowledge about historical plays from various times throughout Liyue's history, and has put on plays that depict the lives of all walks of life in local villages, but she has also frequently taken part in public performances that deal with controversial contents. 

This stems from her desire to express a wide and diverse set of messages, but there are few people who understand this reasoning behind her passion.

A very experienced and knowledgeable woman who has devoted her life to entertaining people and filling their hearts with happiness. 

Given her passion for the stage and years of experience, Jin has a wide range of skills from singing and directing plays to writing scripts.

At first glance, she appears proper and ladylike when there are guests around, but she also has a side to her that loves humor and fun. This dual nature can be found in each one of her plays, and people who have seen them all say that it is hard to find flaws in any of them!


Yun Jin is a young woman who appears as a playable character in the video game Genshin Impact. 

Her beautiful face, stunning figure, and confident mannerisms make her popular among her peers. Yun Jin is a no-nonsense kind of girl, with a strong sense of fairness and justice. 

She is quite intelligent and serious minded, but also possesses a playful side that comes out whenever she's around Haruka Nanase and Albrecht von Volger.

Along her lower back, she wears a long frilled strip that extends to cover most of her rear. She dons long purple gloves over black opera gauntlets and arm-warmers with white armored pads on the outer elbows. 

Her necklace is a metallic laver chain inlaid with several small purple jewels, and she wears a jeweled hairpiece in the shape of skates on her left side, as well as an elegant purple bow around the end of her tail.

She was formally introduced in chapter 10, though she appears in chapter 5 and chapter 6 of the manga as well. Some information regarding her appearance and personality are given on the official website of Team Shanghai Alice.

Although she is a seemingly ordinary girl, Yun Jin hides a secret: She's an otome game character and the main heroine of Genshin Impact, a game that takes place in the ancient past. Intrigued? Let's get to know her better with this closer look at her real-life appearance.

Yun Jin is a cheerful and clumsy young woman who tends to idealize the technologies and methods of the Guardians due to their use during her childhood, going so far as to refer to the Warriors of Hope as "magic children". 

After experiencing a breakdown following her defeat by Kaito in the confrontation, Yun Jin came to recognize how delusional she had been in her perception of the Legion's power, resolving to become stronger for the sake of achieving true peace. She has a strong sense of duty and as a result, she harbors a deep respect for both Hideo and Haruko.

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Yun Jin dreamed of being on the stage, and was determined to harness her passion for singing. That is when she set out to build her musical career. However, before her debut, she struggled to figure out what direction and voice she should take. 

The more shows she performed, the more her perplexity increased. 

The answer eventually came when she saw a tall woman with a deep voice in an underground performance hall and felt connected to this other woman's stage presence immediately. 

Her resolve thickened: regardless of how hard it would be, she decided to follow her dreams by building up her career herself step by step.

In the harsh struggle with performance art and the complicated Tokyo opera scenes, she was confident in her own talent and literature. Her burning passion for music made her pursue the most ambitious milestone for an opera singer — authoring her own play.

She finds her works are not what she wants and tries hard, but to no avail. The story shows that the sense of accomplishment depends on one's process, rather than absolute results.

She started doubting whether budo would ever be the path for her. That was when visionary arts organization Genshin Impact knocked on her door and introduced their works to her. The director of Genshin Impact, Eiji Kagawa, introduced her to the three-dimensionality and intellect of opera.

It was two years ago. Everyone was panicking after the new reinforcement, Yun Jin, suddenly announced that she didn't want to perform anymore. The Lindes had spared no expense to cultivate her as a professional dancer. 

Ever since Yun Jin started dancing at the age of four, she had never been a student at school. Only in her room could she gain inspiration through dance, and only dance had given meaning to her life.

Yun Jin Facts

  • She is now the main character of Genshin Impact, and is equally renowned for her fine voice, noticeably mellow when compared to the harshness of her age. There is little information available on Granny Ruoxin of the Qingce Village, who appears as a boss at the Heyu Tea House. When asked about Granny Ruoxin's skills, Fan Er'ye said that she had been similarly famous for her singing prowess in her heyday, but it was even more mellow than Yun Jin's.
  • Fan Er'ye and Yun Jin are legendary figures of Genshin Impact and are regarded as symbols of their era. After reading down to this section of the Genshin Impact article, you may be intrigued by the commonalities between Granny Ruoxin and Yun Jin, at least in their popularity.
  • In this manga, Yun Jin's voice becomes affected by a curse originating from the star known as Genshin. Because of this, every time she speaks for an extended period of time, her throat would become damaged. This includes when she's singing and talking on stage. The more often she speaks, the higher the chance her voice will become damaged.

Where Her Name Come From

The name Yún comes from the Chinese word for cloud and symbolizes JUN jargon's aspiration to reach the sky. 

The classical saying that "the mountain cannot contain the wind, while the wind can contain the cloud," is a piece of advice on how one should live like a cloud without limitation. 

The name, therefore, implies that JUN jargon is one of the rare companies who follow the philosophies of Taoism and Confucianism.