Zhongli in Genshin Impact Explained


He is also an adeptus of some renown who has renounced his former position as the vessel of the Geo Archon Morax after determining that humans and adepts should live as equals. 

For this reason, he idolizes the Gnosis for their dedication to championing such causes and was even blessed by them with an ancient form of magic known as Rune Magic.

He used his power to create a monopoly of trade in Heidrun, and manipulated human governments for profit. 

However, his greed eventually led him to be punished by the Eternals. 

Having learned from that mistake and becoming grief-stricken by his actions, Morax faked his death and became a merchant named Zhongli instead. 

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While he is generally organized and organized, he can become quite distracted when talking about the ancient history of Liyue. 

He is very laid back and does not like having to rush. However, should someone he cares about be in danger, Zhongli will quickly turn serious and do what is necessary; this came out when he helped Miria fight off rebels and told Venti that keeping money was more important than keeping her memories.

He is calm, reserved, and rarely speaks of himself, often allowing the words of others to get out of hand before trying to stop things. 

By nature he is an incredibly kind man who will go great lengths to help his family maintain their standard of living. 

However, despite his amiable personality, Zhongli has an odd obsession with amassing wealth. 

The people were very quiet and reserved. We learned that the people of Liyue believe that everything is born from an energy called "qi" or "ch'i". 

He told us that the energy flows through everything, even throughout the land. 

After talking to him for some time and connecting with him, we were able to visit his hometown: Sishikai Village.

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Zhongli is a tall man with fair skin and a stern expression. He has amber eyes and sharp features, and he wears red eyeliner. 

With his hair styled in a windswept fashion and a longer fringe that hangs from the right side of his face, he looks both wild and menacing.

By using the energy of the Yellow Star, Zhongli is able to transform into a superhuman by morphing his own natural bioenergy into an extremely powerful force. 

This manifests as his wind control abilities, as he can discharge streams of air or create sharpened blades.

With this power, he is able to fight on par with some of the most powerful characters in the Genshin Impact

I lack regret for this act, as it has led us to the discovery of the Lord that now lives among mankind. We are preparing to hold our first conference with her now that she has returned safely from her battle against Tohru Mizanski and Shin Ryuho.

His appearance is that of a young man with brown hair bristled in a windswept fashion, amber eyes rimmed with dark brown eyeliner and when using his GeoEye, the pupils turn into long slits, much like a snake. 

His primary attire is a traditional red and orange Chinese tunic and pants with blue and white armor pieces on his shoulders and shins. 

He also wears large gold rings on several of his fingers and silver and gold bracelets and anklets on both of his wrists and ankles.

He wears a tight red shirt with a black leather vest over the top of it. Traces of battle armor can be seen on his left shoulder and arm while a large belt hangs from his right hip. 

He also wears black pants and black boots that cover up to half way up his thigh. In addition, there is a large sword strapped to his back that reaches just above mid-back.

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  • Traces of him can be found as far back as 3200 B.C.E, and pictures of him show up just as often as writing itself. He is a god if and to all peoples and humans, and is accepted and believed in by all races and cultures. He was once a member of the pantheon, but due to his oath he was separated from his brothers and sisters.
  • Zhongli is a salt merchant from Genshin Impact who can look at a dish and tell you what type of salt was used to season it. She uses her talent to travel to other cities and purchase rare ingredients for her dishes. Her warmth and easy-to-get-along-with personality makes her a big hit with customers.
  • As a young man he became a officer in the military and was a popular commander. One day a messenger of the Traveler came to him and told Zhongli of his future as an Archon. More than being told of his future Zhongli discovered that he had been chosen as one of the elite few who would directly fight against Apophis and his Destroyers.