9 Zhongli Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

Here is the list of materials you need in order to max out your Zhongli Ascension level. You can acquire them from Geo Hypostasis, Lupus Boreas, and Slimes. 

Your one-stop page for everything you will need to reach maximal ascension for Zhongli. It's a lot to ask, we know. But with the right materials, and a bit of know-how, you'll be able to collect all you'll need in no time at all. To keep things organized, we divided it into four categories based on elemental type - Growth Materials, Earthly Elements, Firestarter Assets, and Cor Lapis.

Prithiva Topaz Sliver

Prithiva Topaz Sliver info

Prithiva Topaz Sliver can be used as a component to upgrade +1 Geo Characters. Each character has a maximum of 5 Prithiva Slivers that can be used to ascend. Each Prithiva Sliver will allow the character to gain enough EXP to reach the next level, depending on the level of the character.

It is made from Prithivi Crystal and processed through various mechanisms to form a colored crystal that can be activated as a weapon capable of piercing the darkness. It comes in 7 colors, with each being in possession of different power levels and abilities

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Prithiva Topaz Fragment

Prithiva Topaz Fragment info

Descended from a line of warriors, Prithiva Chrysanthemum and her childhood friend Silva sought to save their home from the chaos of war. However, Prithiva's vocal criticism toward the war earned her an enemy in the form of Silva's brother and the two were forced to fight. 

Despite her best efforts, Prithiva was defeated, stripped of her armor, and thrown into jail. By a twist of fate, a fragment shard suffered a malfunction and teleported itself to the cell that held Prithiva.

Prithiva Topaz Chunk

Prithiva Topaz Chunk info card

Prithivi is involved in many aspects of sustenance, existence and destruction as well as protection and destruction. Prithivi's most popular epithet is "Mother Earth" or "Bhoo Devi", who nurtures life, but may also swallow it back into her womb: the earth.

Characters can use the Prithiva Topaz Chunk as a Character Ascension Material to help them improve their stats, and discover new abilities. There are many different materials with different stat-boosting effects, and characters can mix and match them to create the ultimate Gemstone Sets that best suits their battle style.

As per the lore, Prithvi was born from the churning of primeval ocean by gods and demons for obtaining Amrit or the drink that can give immortality to whoever drinks it.

Prithiva Topaz Gemstone

Prithiva Topaz Gemstone info card

It is the most expensive gem in the Geo world with a rareness rating of 12, which makes it impossible to find anywhere except for in dungeons. The best way to use Prithiva Topaz Gemstone is to fuse it with metal to make extremely strong alloy metal that has great synergy with other types of metal.

They appear after the fall of a meteorite on the planet and get specific powers due to their impact. Prithiva Topaz Gemstone is a Level 3 material that can be combined with other gemstones to level up your character's base class or sub-class.

It's not hard to imagine how a fiery gemstone like this one made its way from the volcanic zones of Purgatory down to Earth.

Basalt Pillar

Basalt Pillar info card

Being the heaviest and largest of elements, Geo takes a long time to travel. Weaker elements can never hope to match its incredible power, but this is why it is so very lonely. 

That is why, when the heaviest of all the elements finally gets an audience with the sky, it turns into this innocent little pillar. The sky, being so whimsical and unpredictable, sends down a rain of stars to greet its new friend.

Cor Lapis

Cor Lapis info card

Cor Lapis is a little-known local specialty found in the wild all over Liyue. Cor Lapis became incredibly popular across the world due to its high density and ability to recognize users by their spiritual energy. It's also one of the basic resources used in crafting devices in the Verso Empire.

Slime Condensate

Slime Condensate info card

This material is used to craft various things, such as the Handy Dandy Slime Lattice which with some help from a crafting station can be made into the Dimension Door. The folks in Riftshadow believe that this material is easily found in cobble, slime chunks and slime bricks.

Never have a plumbing problem in your workshop again! Condensate is the ideal solution for all of those water-loving slimes that keep coming into your elemental workshop. This condensate material coats them and stops them from wanting to enter. Now you can build out your workshop without worrying about water problems!

That Slime sure looked wooly. While inside the workshop, you don't want to get pricked by him. Instead, touch his slimy condensate for conversion into a better material.

Slime Secretions

Slime Secretions info card

Slime secretions are a common material used for refining and creating items. They can be used in the process of donning equipment of Lv 40 and over, or squished into a slime tissue and then applied to equipment under Lv 40 to increase its EXP requirement level by 1. 

Remember to wear gloves and goggles when collecting or refining slime secretions.

After a certain amount of time and effort, Slimes can be hand-tamed to the point where they will produce these pungent secretions regularly. These secretions can then be purified into a quality material that can be sold for a profit or used in alchemy!

Made from wild ingredients, this slime secretion is small and strange. The more you handle it, the more it stinks! Please put it away as soon as possible!

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Slime Concentrate

Slime Concentrate info card

The Slime is a common enemy of the Monster Hunter series. It is one of the first monsters a player will encounter, and is one of the weakest monsters in both games. It can be killed easily by most players, even at low levels. They are usually found in large groups, waiting to ambush other creatures, primarily attacking with their long tentacles.