6 Zhongli Talents In Genshin Impact 

He is a highly skilled mortician who is apparently able to manage the old, foreboding funeral parlor in the rural outskirts of town. 

He travels frequently to different areas as a mortician and undertaker. Scouts have told him stories of corpses reanimating shortly after being buried and that no matter how he treats the dead, they will simply rise again in an undead state necessitating them to be re-buried. 

He is not only considered ghastly because of his appearance, but also because of the rumors surrounding him. 

According to the tale, he lives by himself in a ramshackle hut with many padlocks on its windows. Many of his clients have died mysteriously under his hands and even if he fixes their remains, they would still try to move as if alive when nightfall comes and Morax appears in his Geomancer form to work on them and inters their powdered bones into one of his homemade zombie powders. 

Rain of Stone

Rain of Stone info card

Zhongli will thrust himself forward, lunging forward with stone spears shooting from the ground below him, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact. Upon impact, he plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below for more DMG, and then retreats back.

Stepping into the battlefield throws a single spear, and charging forward pierces the earth with his godly power. The damaged target is pinned to the ground by several stone spears, immobilizing them for 3 seconds.

When activated, he gathers his energy to lunge forward and make stone spears fall from the sky on his path. If Zhongli has enough Stamina, he will plunge from mid-air straight down towards the ground beneath him and cause a burst of stone shards to erupt upon impact. This attack may also damage opponents that are nearby when he lands.

The first stage is executed by Zhongli himself and will cause stone spears to fall along the forward direction. The second stage is executed when Zhongli plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, causing stone spears to rush forth from below and deal damage to opponents in the area where he lands.

Dominus Lapidis

Dominus Lapidis info card

Earth permeates every aspect of life, be it as a solid rock or quagmire. Communing with such energy is not without its costs, however, so unwary Adepts can often find themselves caught in a raging cataclysm that only serves to end their lives sooner than expected. 

The Dominus Lapidis makes effective use of this rare power, enabling Zhongli, the lord of Earth and Stone in the Imperial City, to call forth the land itself to crush your enemies beneath an avalanche of stone and rubble.

For nothing in the entire world can compare to the power of elements. When the five elements are mixed together in harmony, never would one expect that the twisted outcome would be an iron sword protruding from a mage's chest! 

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Planet Befall

Planet Befall info card

Planet Befall is Zhongli's second Constellation, a group of 6 constellations representing the major heavenly bodies of his origin world. 

Planet Befall represents the planet Earth, and grants nearby characters on the field a Jade Shield when it descends. 

With Dominance of Earth, Zhongli's passive Talent that increases his attacks by 33% of his Maximum Health, Planet Befall deals massive damage to all enemies, temporarily granting Jade Shields to your team.

This constellation brings a Jade Shield to everyone on the field. Not only does it make Zhongli's team more resilient, but it also improves her damage even against enemies protected by Shields.

While his magic attacks are useful for extending his range, you can use Planet Befall to counter any nearby enemies with stone elemental damage or strengthen any nearby allies with a Jade Shield. Use your Jade Shield to tear through certain monsters, or use it as an opportunity to separate yourself from other players on the field.

Resonant Waves

Resonant Waves info card

Resonant Waves is Zhongli's first Ascension Passive, and it works very well with Jade Shield. A character with 1 Resonant Waves will have a 5% increase to Shield Strength, but only while they are above 30% health. 

Although that seems small at first, you can stack this passive up to 5 times, meaning you'll be able to put your shield up all the way 100% of the time.

Inspired By Jade Empire, the Seraphim have learned to better utilize the power of their bodies by fortifying themselves with a martial art known as "Resonant Waves." The technique uses chi to erect a powerful shield that deflects attacks and heals its bearers.

Dominance of Earth

Dominance of Earth info card

The fourth passive of Zhongli's ascension, Dominance Of Earth is a devastating passive that allows Zhongli to draw in all the essence in his surroundings and strengthen himself. Enemies hit by his attacks will be afflicted with Vulnerability, enhancing Zhongli's basic attacks on them. The damage of this passive increases the more Zhongli has hit the enemy.

Those majestic aliens have been spreading Dominance of Earth across the Nexus. Now—for a limited time—your heroes can do the same. Stack up to three times to receive: bonus experience, bonus gold, and a speed bonus on the completion of quests and minion kills. Once you've scored this delicious reward, it's time to carve your name in stone!

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Arcanum of Crystal

Arcanum of Crystal info card

Arcanum of Crystal is a unique passive ability that provides the benefits of Forging Polearm-type weapons at half of the costs. It excels in not only forging weapons with high Attack Score, but also maximizing the appearance score of your items. This allows players to choose from a larger pool of potential item appearances and play around with them to create their own unique look.

The resulting Polearm-type weapons have a higher Refine Rate than normal, and have a chance to create additional materials when Forged. Depending on the level of his skill, his Arcanum of Crystal will give a bigger refund of ores when creating weapon types that are normally difficult to Refine.

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