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I still remember the first discord servers experience I attended. I found myself on the server within seconds of clicking the invitation link. Two different people welcomed me by voicemail until I realized what was going on.Β 
They had a hard time pronouncing my name, but I felt welcome. It was a good feeling. This is why I have listed over 100 discord communities. Scroll down and browse to find a suitable one for you.

I still remember the first discord servers experience I joined. I found myself on the server within seconds after clicking the invitation link. Two different people welcomed me by voicemail until I realized what was going on.


They had a hard time pronouncing my name, but I felt welcome. It was a good feeling. That's why I've listed over 100 discord communities. Scroll down and browse to find a suitable one for you.


Discord has been a tremendous success. It used to be only gamers, but now everyone is using Discord to communicate with their community.


For example, if you are a web design expert, you can find tens of discord servers in this area.


There are also a lot of online communities in the fields of software and development.


So how were these communities established before Discord was developed?

Before Discord, which was established in 2015, communities were formed in Facebook groups. However, although Facebook groups have advanced features, they are not as good as Discord.


Although it was founded in 2015, it achieved significant growth in a short time.


This kind of rapid growth brings along many software problems. However, Discord managed these very successfully. The company has improved its software every day, with the feedback it receives from users. Even the current product is not perfect, but it is getting closer to being perfect every day.


This is common in software companies. When you look at the first versions of Facebook or Instagram, you will see how primitive applications are.


You can even examine the changes of famous websites over time when you visit this site.


So what makes discord servers so powerful?


When you open a channel, you can strengthen the methods of communicating with your visitors with automation. Thanks to Discord bots, many operations can be performed easily.
If you've decided to specialize in a new subject, here's what you need to do: Read articles on the topic online. Sign up for free courses and learn the basics. Buy paid courses to go even deeper.

A new step has been added to this stage. Subscribe to a discord server relevant to the subject you want to be an expert on.

Because learning something new is very difficult. Our brain does not tolerate the unknown. We make great efforts to avoid even the slightest uncertainties.

That's why we need a great deal of support to continue the difficult task of learning something new. These discord communities provide the support you are looking for.

For example, if you want to develop a difficult skill to learn but a high salary like Javascript, I suggest joining discord servers where people in this field come together. Most of these servers are free, but you can also join paid communities if you think you'll get your money's worth.

For example, the nomad list group Levels founded is a paid community. Nomads who work around the world get permission to enter this community by paying money. Thus, when they go to a city, they communicate with other nomads like themselves.

Moreover, they learn from other nomads about the daily challenges of nomad culture. This is a prosperous community established in a very niche area, and it makes Levels hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.


As you know, investors invest by following specific trends every period. Before the .com bubble burst in 1999, the area where the most investment was made was e-commerce. E-commerce companies such as Amazon and e-bay were established during this period and are still big companies today.

Green energy in the 2000s and social media platforms in the late 2000s attracted the attention of investors.

In the 2010s, augmented reality and artificial intelligence were at the top of the fields that collected large investments.

Today, data and machine learning still attract investors' interest, but a new trend has entered the market. The name of this trend is the communities. Communities attract my investors because communities are loyal. In-community purchases are made. And people like to be able to shop from their community.

Discord servers are also examples of large communities. Individual communication is possible in these communities. However, it is also suitable for mass communication.

Software that was initially used to stay in touch while playing video games has become the most significant contributor to community architecture today. And this is exciting.

If you want to build a community, I recommend using the discord app.

You can build a community in any area. Even the organization of biscuit eaters at five o'clock in the Texas area can be a community as stupid as it sounds.

Why is community building useful?

Communities have common interests and interests. And in the city, people look after each other. All bicyclists can individually complain that the cycling paths are wrong, but that means nothing for the bicycle paths to improve. But if all cycling people become a community and make their voices heard, perhaps the people who run the country will eventually realize that they need to renew their bike lanes.

Organizing is the best way to seek our rights, which is one of the benefits of communities.

Besides all this, it feels delicious to be in a community. Thanks to Discord, you can do this in minutes. Of course, only the technical part.

You also need to carry out marketing activities to get your community heard.

I hope the servers in this article are useful for you. I tried to add servers that concern as everyone as possible. However, I plan to divide the servers into categories in the coming weeks. By adding nearly 100 subcategories in 15 main types, it will be much easier to find what you are looking for on the page. But I will add this feature over time because, as the LinkedIn founder said, if you are not ashamed of the first version of your software one day, then you are not advanced.

His sentence is not exactly that, but that is precisely what I remember. If you are curious about the original sentence, I recommend you search the internet.

If you search on google for "meaningful words of the founder of LinkedIn,” I hope you will encounter logical results.

Ll, see.