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Are you tired of looking for an awesome aarakocra name for your Dungeons & Dragons character?  Well, look no further. This is a collection created for this. I found both across the web and through my own brainstorming. 

Some are already used for your convenience, and some are unique and can be used to come up with your own.

Here is Above you can also find Aarakocro name generator.

All names are either one or two syllables long and stick to a serious, no-nonsense tone. 

Aarakocra raise their young to have an assertive, independent attitude; they want to instill bravery and boldness into their children from a young age. 

They expect an air of self-confidence and quiet authority from their self-assured offspring, who they often call "Sir" or "Maam". 

The Aarakocra are an avian race driven from their ancestral homes on another world by the encroaching darkness. 

It was foretold by their prophets and seers that a period of suffering and banishment from their home awaited them, during which they must face numerous obstacles to make it to another world where they would be safe from the coming cataclysm. 

They have come to Caelereth professing peaceful intent. The truth is no one really knows what motivated this migration.

This race is social, inquisitive, cheerful, innocent-acting and talkative creatures. 

They are warm and welcoming toward everyone. Aarakocra who travel with others tend to be friendly, outgoing, and helpful to both the team and other allies. 

They appear friendly and simple to other people.

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Aarakocra Names For Male Creature

Male Aarakocra names are often poetic in nature, as the vast majority of Aarakocra are poets, and their language is amongst the most beautiful in all of the world. 

They have a great talent for words, and their love for language is rivaled only by their love of the skies.

1. Ak 

Born and raised to be a warrior from birth, Ak is quite surprised to have found out he was born with wings. The Aarakocra are a ferocious race of bird-like humanoids. They reside within the unforgiving mountains in the world of Arrak. 

2. Clera

It makes a great name for an RPG character or a race of bird-like people in a fantasy world. If you are looking for something unique for your game or story, consider Clera as one of the names to use for your next fantasy character or race of creatures.

3. Erirk

This is a great name for a boy. He could be the leader of a group or just the coolest one in his class. The energy made by Erirk’s name will bring him victory and make him well known. It is a sharp, strong and cool sounding name that will bring him success.

4. Nevi

It is used in the Balkan countries of Macedonia, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Nevi is also used as a first name, especially among Bosnian Catholics and Orthodox Christians. 

The name Nevi is derived from the Latin neophytus (monk). 

Therefore, it may have a connection with the concept of neophyte. It can be connected with many different feminine suffixes and endings, such as -ica, -ika, -eno, -ica...

5. Somi

Somi was one of the last Aarakocra to be seen on Faerûn. He left his people when it became clear the war-like tendencies of other races toward each other and nature were not going to change. 

Somi had spent his entire life among his kind and naturally assumed that others would work out their differences. It took him a while to understand that this wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

Aarakocra Names For Female Creature

There are many names that can be given to female Aarakocra characters, from the downright silly to the beautiful. While I've tried to make this list comprehensive, there is always room for more. 

If you have an idea, send it in to me and I'll add it to the list.

1. Fury

Fury is a fitting name for a fierce female warrior, though it may also be an appropriate one for powerful women across all walks of life. 

From the fierce women featured in Greek mythology to modern-day political leaders and activists, there are many women throughout history who have made their mark on the world while influencing the course of our society – past, present and future. 

2. Syran

Syran is one of the Aarakocra deities. A multitude of small, light-colored feathers float around the deity’s head and raiment, creating wings that drift momentarily but cannot take flight. 

Syran has white eyes and a narrow beak. Some say it is impossible for one not of Aarakocra descent to see the deity in its true form. 

The feathers that drift about this creature vary in color, typically a combination of white, gray, browns, blacks, and grays.

3. Arc

Arc is a good name for a flight warrior. The name has that cool, futuristic scientific feel about it as well. It sounds like it just means to make an arc. Or, I often imagine myself having gone back in time and stepping on top of Arc to fly around the world.

4. Peto

Peto (pronounced pɛ'tō) is a name that comes from a Greek word which means "fly". Peto is of masculine gender used in European countries. 

A female named Peto is called a Petoa or Petia. The meanings of the name are: fly, dart and desire. 

In Greece, it is seen as an intelligent name for boys.

5. Zeed

It’s a female name that sounds mystical and unusual. This makes it a great fit for females Aarakocra. 

Zeed makes a good first or last name for almost any character.

6. Aila

This name is supposed to be pronounced A-ee-luh, but my family pronounces it more as "ah-ee-luh". Everyone in my family spells the name Aila with an "A", but I've seen other people spell it Eila with, you guessed it, an "E". 

So I'm not sure if there's any consistency that goes along with the spelling. But we all basically pronounce it like the French word for "eye" (ee).

Other Information About Aarakocra


Aarakocra were generally peaceful creatures who cherished their solitude. 

They were known to be extremely claustrophobic. 

They avoided large humanoid societies such as those of dwarves and elves, and thus had little contact with surface dwellers. 

Most on the surface thought them imaginary creatures woven into the fabric of legend or bedtime tales for children. 

On rare occasions, an aarakocra shaman would emerge from the mountains to do business with another race, but even then they preferred to dwell in the highest peaks of the tallest mountains where humans rarely traveled. 

They communicated well with griffons and rocs, having similar lifestyles and opinions about matters such as territorialism and personal freedom. 

The Past

Around −10,000 DR, Aarakocran numbers started to increase once again, as new tribes of the avian creatures migrated from distant lands like Anauria and Quoya. 

The Wing Lords of the kingdom of Akaniakeh (modern day High Moor) aided these tribes in settling the northernmost reaches of the settled territory surrounding their capital city of Keltormar (present-day Waterdeep).

The world of Anchorome was a world separate from Abeir-Toril, and intrinsically the aearee found it easier to adapt to this new environment than the dragons who had been forced into exile. 

By the time that the aearee's counterparts on other worlds began to become restless or reemerge from their isolation, the aearee were already the masters of Anchorome's skies. 

Led by Faerûnian colonists that arrived in ships from Abeir-Toril, waves of settlers infected Anchorome with spiritual strains of legendarily potent magic. 

The aearee adapted these new magics, weaving them into their ancient ways to perfect their art. 


Aarakocra looked to the birds as their greatest teachers and approached this material world with a mix of curiosity, fear, and reverent silence. 

In truth, very little was known about Aerdrie Faenya beyond the fact that she had once been a bird deity, but she had also become a goddess of magic and artifice.

Syranita was the god of the air, although she was most commonly associated with clouds and fog. 

She was said to be the mother of all, but this was not meant literally since she had no mate or consort. 

Rather it was more in the sense that she brought her rains on all creatures great or small. 

Those who are good and noble are said to become part of her after they die. 

The coastlines were also said to belong to her although little evidence existed due to Syranita rarely visiting those areas.


They have powerful wings to fly with, but they rarely use them. Instead, they prefer using their talons and claws in combat. 

The aarakocra have made a name for themselves by becoming mercenaries and sellswords in part because of their grace under pressure. Aarakocran tactics are not only dazzling to behold, they are fearsome as well.

They and weapons they use are largely dependent on their tribe. Their weapons are copied from whatever is available to but will typically be very basic stone or wood. 

However, the Aarakocra have been known to steal weapons from other races when they can.


They have a reputation among other humanoids as free spirits who live only for their own joy, travelling widely to appreciate all that the world has to offer. 

While it is true that they do not make a practice of building permanent settlements, preferring freedom to a fixed abode and change to permanence, they are far from shiftless wanderers. 

In fact, they are quite resourceful and are more than capable of setting up camps to pass the night.

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