Aasimar Names: +100 Examples & Generator

Aasimar Names is specifically designed for D&D 5th Edition players who play as Aasimar, Tiefling, Dragonborn, or other related races. When your character is born, they receive a name according to the culture of their parents and ancestors. 

This generator gives you many first names and surnames so that you can choose one to fit your character.

Aasimar are human-like creatures that appear mostly human but have some physical traits that reveal their otherworldly origin. 

Most aasimar have pale skin, golden eyes, and silvery hair—the mark of holy or celestial beings.

This trace of celestial heritage allows aasimar to radiate an aura of good, as an evil creature would an aura of evil.

Planetouched are mortals who descended from outsiders. 

Whether they were descended from celestials, fiends, or elementals, planetouched have eidolon-like features, which can range from a pair of feathered wings to a tail tipped with a dragon’s scale to horns. 

Even those whose features are not immediately recognizable as an indication of their celestial ancestry have an alien quality to the way they speak or move that sets them apart from normal folk.

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Female Aasimar Name Examples

1. Ariah

Ariah is a Hebrew girl's name meaning "Lion of God". In order to give your baby girl a beautiful name, you have to find good names that can make her one of them. 

Or you could try Ariah, a fine and charming name. 

This is a beautiful, strong, and modern girl's name. It is not rarely used but not too common either. If you want a more familiar form of Ariah then Ariannah or Ariana are both great options too.

2. Flaminia

Flaminia is an aasimar warlock, or the warrior son of a sorcerer. The name Flaminia is latin origin and it means "a roman priestess." 

This is a great name for a warlock since she has many followers and can control them through her "spells." You may also create this name pun on "The Flamenco" which is very beautiful to watch.

3. Nijena

While most aasimar do not have names that differ greatly from their human counterparts, their name often depends on the culture they were raised in. 

Those who grew up as slaves or entertainers were often given more colorful names to fit the mood of their slaver while some were actually named by those who did not know what they were. 

Some even have parents who found unique names for their children with all sorts of meanings.

4. Saia

Saia is a sunny and warm smile that reflects the true beauty of the character it portrays. The name could be used as a unisex name for boys or girls.

There are many associations to this sweet sounding name. Unfortunately not all are positive and have some negative associations. 

The name Saia has its origins in France and is normally found as an Italian baby name. It is also commonly pronounced: see-yah, sah-ee-ah, say-ee-ah or sai-yah.

5. Valeria

Since you are in this part, I am certain that you didn’t want to create a male character for your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign

If this is the case, then Valeria might just be the one for you! While there are many female names out there from which to choose, finding that perfect name can be challenging. 

Some of the names I used as inspiration when creating Valeria include Valerie and Olivia.

Male Aasimar Name Examples

1. Cronan

It is a majestic name of Irish origin. The meaning is "dark" and it is a variant of Cronán.

A little ironic, perhaps, for an angel that spends eternity in Hell. But that's the point: the word that describes a dark angel isn't any less dark than one that describes a light angel. 

Of course, by choosing this name, the bearer knows he or she will be burdened with its symbolic weight forever.

2. Mortimer

Mortimer is a male first name of English origin. The name has two probable origins, both to be found in Normandy where the family held extensive lands. 

One version of the name suggests that it referred to a marsh, or more in French, which was still or quiet compared with nearby areas. 

The other explanation for the name refers to “mortemore”, or the quiet sea near death.

3. Udolfo

Udolfo is a German origin name. It was derived from the word "wolf." The name may have been used in reference to nobility attached to the wolf or simply out of admiration for the creature. 

It can also mean someone who is noble and courageous like a wolf. 

Udolfo's parents were both adventurers. 

However, he was born an heir to a major noble house and meant for great things in life. 

He led many other adventures and enjoyed helping those who could not fend for themselves. His parents and many of his friends enjoyed his company but encouraged him to find a mate.

4. Ares 

Ares was not one of the major gods in the Greek pantheon. He was, rather, a god of minor importance and often overlooked except for his gift of war; he was also the god of violent death and brutal conflict.

5. Zaigan

It’s a powerful name derived from the Arabic origin. 

The meaning of Zaigan is "rich." In the Arab culture, Zaigan is considered a name with high prestige. 

A bearer of this name will generally be a welcome addition to any family and holds the potential for greatness in any area they pursue.

Things to Consider When Choosing Aasimar Names

1. Pick a Name That Sounds Crazy

This can be difficult when you're trying to come up with an Asimar-only character. 

There are several steps to take into account when coming up with a name; however, it does greatly help if you have a few ideas in mind. 

It would have to be the craziest crazy name. It would need to simultaneously have an English-language pronunciation but not be too bizarre or ridiculous. 

It would need to fit in with what it would feel like if there was an actual character named that.

We give a lot of examples for Aasimar names but if you want to pick a name yourself, here are some tips for you. 

2. Get Away From The Classic Names

There's no real harm in following a trend when it comes to naming your baby, but there are some things to consider when choosing a dragon. 

These are real heros that have lived and died. Because some of them were spawned by human females, there are special reasons why some names may never make it into Aasimars.

3. Don't just find a first name. Find full name with Last Name

In Latin American culture, given names are given and families traditionally choose a surname for their children. 

Families are most likely to give last names because they don’t want the child to be confused with someone already living in the same household. 

After you’ve chosen your name, it’s time to find a way to convey the essence of your character to others in the community.

4. Pick a Deep Name

Imagine that you were born in a time where your name alone could define you. How would you feel about it? 

How would your life change? 

The name Asimar comes from a people who have infused their identity with nature and smarts. It can mean many things; bold, daring, just an extra dash of beauty—but not if it takes away from how you feel inside. 

Ultimately what’s important is the Asimar people want to see in their children—brilliant, smart, noble—but it should not take away from the unique nature that makes

5. Pick An Easy-To-Speak Name. So It Remains In Mind

When you reach the point where you need to choose an aasimar name for your character, it might be tempting to name them all after characters from various movies or cartoon shows. 

These are great choices because you can easily compare the real-life counterparts and decide which is the best one.

6. Simpler is Better

Aasimar names are almost always purely descriptive: just the first part of the first name. 

That's a good rule of thumb if you're looking for something with a practical meaning (like iron maiden, great-great-great grandmother) or to distinguish one of your ancestors from those of others (Anya rather than Anya Hill or whatever). 

Long story short, pick an easy name. A challenge is ahead of you. A name that's hard to remember doesn't make things easy.

Above you can see the Aasimar name generator. I'm planning to build more tools like this in the future. Have a nice day.