Centaur Names: +200 Examples & Generator

They are half-horse, half-human creatures that have historically been associated with Chiron, the sane one, and Magor, the savage one. Are you new in D&D, and seeking a centaur name, here is a generator below might be helpful!  

When writing names for different species, it can be tricky to get the feel of that race just right. 

The name should not only sound like it belongs to that race but must also reflect another aspect of their nature. 

For example, if a race is nomadic then the name should instantly invoke this nomadic heritage. Or if they are sneaky and cunning then the name should hint at these traits.

They are often portrayed in Greek mythology as an aggressive and warlike species, but more recent retellings of Greek myths portray them as wiser than humans. 

Centaurs have also been depicted as having a taste for wine and for human flesh. 

The word “centaur” is used today to describe a person who is willing to tolerate inconsistencies and carry on tolerating them rather than trying to enforce consistency or resolving them.

They are known as a race of wild, war-like nomads, headstrong and confident in their own abilities. 

They are often looked down upon by others for their odd physical appearance but they never seem to care, if they even notice. 

For some reason that might be written as soon as the first roleplaying game was invented, beings with half-horse half-humanoid bodies caught the fancy of many fantasy fans.

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Beginning of Centaur

They are a complex subject. To start with, it's difficult to decide what constitutes being a Centaur. 

In the 101s, we commonly think of those hybrids of man and horse as they figured in Greek mythology, though not all 101s you'll read about here fit that mold. 

Centaurs come in many shapes and forms: from their origin myth of Ixion to Amazonian warrior women; from Achilles and Chiron to centaurs modeled on Roman charioteers or the half-fish Centaurus sushi.

Natural Territory

They have always been a nomadic people, preferring to avoid the clutches of larger civilizations whenever possible. 

While a few have been willing to be inducted into a given empire's culture, most prefer to live in their own camps and travel between them as they please. 

They are often found in the wild, sometimes alongside other tribes of horse or elk people.

The habitation of the Centaurs was largely restricted to mountains, forests, and untamed wildernesses. 

According to various ancient sources, they dwelled in caves or rock shelters. 

The Centaurs did build simple villages and towns, but often established farms or settlements of their own within forest clearings or hidden beneath heavy overgrowth. 

They were a nomadic people who would migrate from region to region on an as needed basis.


The true and only worshipers of Skerrit the Forester were the centaurs of the Moonshaes islands. 

The Moonshae centaurs lived on Mount Armana and other wilderness regions of the island chain, and worshiped Skerrit with great solemnity and regularity.

Among the few centaurs of Faerûn who did worship Skerrit, most were foresters, and the religion was a simple one, involving protection of the forests, hunting, gathering wood, and protecting caravans from monsters. Most of the herds shunned this philosophy.

There were, however, some wilder and fiercer centaurs who did worship Skerrit, or at least his embodiment as a god, in a simple and barbaric fashion. 

These elves (so they called themselves) sought glory in battle and victory over both natural and civilized foes, following a path of honor and glory unsullied by the lesser races (humans, dwarves, halflings, etc.) who followed the false gods of civilization. 

Skerrit's followers centered around the House of Nature in the great forest of the south.

The information which I shared above will help you to find good Centaur names. But if you don’t want to spend lots of time on it, you can always use the generator. 

Charge of Centaur

As creatures of legend and fantasy, the centaurs aren’t constrained to speak in a language. 

The fact that you can speak Sylvan tells me that you could potentially pick up other languages easily. 

Centaurs also learn at an accelerated rate, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you could pick up the Common tongue quickly as well.

Size of Centaur

Centaurs are legendary creatures that are a fusion between a horse and a human. So, a centaur’s size is going to be somewhat of an anomaly. 

Based on the mythological centaurs, the majority of them stand between 6 and 7 feet tall, with their equine bodies reaching about 4 feet at the withers. Because of their varying forms, the average weight has been hard to determine. 

Some claim they are heavy creatures, while others say they are more like humans than horses. 

Based on historical writings, we can conclude that most centaurs do not exceed 1,000 pounds (454 kilograms).

Famous Centaurs


He had a brown coat and darker blonde hair, tied back in a ponytail. 

He was the son of Magorian, the leader of the colony who also has a similar looking tail, the father of Brannoc, Cantus and Ronan who are all highly skilled fighters in their own rights and step brother to Belvra who is the headmistress of Red Horse guard in addition to being one of Gabriella’s daughters he often visited his family in Hag's Head.


In 1993, Harry Potter defeated Magorian and his clan leader, Bane, in their attempt to capture Rubeus Hagrid. After this incident, Bane blamed Hagrid for breaking their agreement with the human and retreated back to his family home deep in the forest of Cabedefaid.

Magorian was the leader of the group of centaurs who tried to stop the Hogwarts students from rescuing the Grey Lady. 

He was described as a centaur with brown skin and hair, but otherwise like all other centaurs he did not have much bodily hair. 

He was most likely represented on the tapestry in the Department of Magical Games and Sports as number 6 in a group of centaurs attacking a group of wizards by firing arrows at them.


Chiron – one of the most well-known Centaurs in Greek mythology—the ancient trainer of Heracles, Jason, Theseus. He took part in the battle with the Lapith army, siding with Heracles against King Pirithous. 

Chiron was known as an accomplished musician and poet, whose wisdom and music were said to be the inspiration for systematizing the constellations by Ptolemy. 

A centaur (Greek: Κένταυρος, Kéntauros) is a half-human, half-horse composite creature or ungulate. The centaur is a stock character in Greek mythology with roots in prehistory.


Centaurus, also known as Alpha Centauri or Hadar (a ram), is a bright constellation which is visible from everywhere on Earth. It contains two bright star clusters and is surrounded by significant deep sky objects. The constellation can be parted into two distinctive sections – the Southern half of Centaurus and the Northern half of Centaurus

The list is going forever. I hope you can find your Centaur name above. Have a nice day.