Changeling Names: +200 Examples & Generator

Changeling names are meant to be unusual names that can fit all fantasy settings. They’re not meant to be realistic or evoke modern quirks. They are also based on music or other art forms and mythology, rather than real-world events.

These creatures look as human as any other, but they are actually creatures of pure thought called quori. 

Changelings only appear in Eberron campaigns in which the characters do not know about the existence of the quori and are caught off guard. 

A changeling can assume any physical form desired, but they usually choose to take a shape similar to the race they are most around. 

This is why humans normally see them as humans and dwarves see them as dwarves.

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Changeling Names Structure

Human names are typically made up of two components, a given name and one or more family names. 

In the Changeling language, a given name is one element, and family names (if they exist) are another. 

Changeling names usually consist of only a single syllable, while surnames can be longer. 

There’s one more piece to these names that make them truly unique – they’re always unisex. 

Many non-changeling languages have distinct male and female versions of their names, but Changelings do not.

These names are literary fantasy names that derive their meaning from facts about the colour spectrum and an understanding of the psychological effects on human beings of perceiving differing wavelengths. 

The idea is that, if you know a person’s favourite colour, or what the colour of their eyes is, and how they got those particular colours (shiny new shoes, recent haircut etc), you can give a name to match those facts.

Nature of Changeling

Changelings are, by nature, cautious and prudent. In positions of authority they tend to be somewhat slow to make decisions but once a decision is made can act with swifter speed than others might think possible. 

They enjoy the finer things in life, be it food, drink, or luxuries like fine clothing or jewelry. 

This does not make them wasteful with money, though — while they enjoy these things greatly they are not immune to the value of gaining something of more practical use when buying for instance a new signet ring or broach.

They don’t often need to work as hard on the material plane but they can get bored of easy living. 

They often like providing for more than themselves and like to foster a sense of community especially with those who may not be able to provide for themselves as well.

Before deciding to pick one of name from our changeling name generator, you should consider this personality features. 

Which Language a Changeling Can Speak?

Changelings speak Common and Sylvan as well as a number of other languages determined by their homeland. A changeling can speak, read and write these languages.

A Changeling has a fey spirit which grants it the ability to speak and understand any language after playing in it for some time. 

They can read and write as well: their magical nature allows them to perform these lofty tasks without issue.

Changelings learn to speak with anyone they encounter. 

They learn to read and write the Common tongue upon reaching adulthood, and any other languages of their choice. 

Once a changeling has learned a new language, she remembers it for life, mastering its subtleties and sophistications, but she must deliberately seek out opportunities to use those skills or they will slowly fade.


Changelings grow twice as fast as humans and reach adulthood approximately five to seven years before they look their age. 

The growth from childhood to full adulthood is accomplished in roughly ten years. 

After reaching adulthood, changelings cease aging until they are about sixty years old. From this point on, they grow older at a normal human rate. 

Their life expectancy is similar to that of humans—five to seventy years—and few changelings or other fey live to be over 125.


Although most changelings worship the Traveler, some do not. Some, for reasons known only to them, seek out evil deities. 

However, when they are shunned from their old faiths, they come upon another place where they are able to find what is missing-the treacherous and evil Baator.

While in its animal forms, most changelings worshiped it as a guide and protector. 

Humans who didn’t have a name for it would often attribute good weather, particularly during storms, to its influence. 

Some bearfolk, though not all, continue to worship the Traveler.

A changeling's Plane of Origin is very different from that of the rest of the pantheon. 

While the true home plane is rumored to consist of a strange, interlocking "grid" of non-euclidean space, it is usually represented as a plane with the same structure as the Material Plane.

Motherland: Khorvaire

Khorvaire is a land of incredible diversity, from the underground caverns of Darguun to the lofty spires of Sharn. 

It isn’t just wildly varied in topography however; the continent boasts countless sentient humanoid races that have disparate cultures and meanings. 

In many ways, Khorvaire is a land of fantastic wonders yet that same variety can lead to insular thinking as well. 

For while humanity dominates every major city-state, it is hardly uniform in its beliefs and customs.


The Changelings of Golgotha and their loose Priests, inspired by the The Traveler of the Dark Six, often refer to their god as the Heavens or the Sky. 

However, changelings who follow this faith still make efforts to create disguises that are somewhat unlike other faiths, continuing the tradition of individualism that comes with being a changeling.

Most changelings are creatures of chaos, doomed to untold centuries of torment and evolution. 

For those who embrace a faith, even if it is only superficial, they often find a means of atonement for their other victims, a method of pushing away the taint in their blood and providing a glimmer of hope that the planar cycle will one day end.​

Most Famous Changeling

Prince Kolberkon is the de jure ruler of the Lhazaar Principalities, and oversees his realm from his palace in Port Verge

An active defender of Lhazaar's merchant shipping against pirates, slave raiders, and corsairs, he is well beloved by sailors and commerce alike. A widower since a pirate attack destroyed his fleet, Kolberkon has never remarried. 

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