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I don’t know about you guys, but for me, the Dragonborn DLC was one of the best Skyrim features to date. With Dragonborn came a whole new world of story and adventure reserved just for the Dragonborn (that is you!) and your quests. 

Along with that came all sorts of interesting locations with even more intriguing names. Just like how real world places are named, fictional ones are too. 

The towns, cities, islands, satellite stations and other such landmarks within the Elder Scrolls Universe have been given some very unique names amongst their own fantasy realm.

Shaped by draconic forces, both physical and spiritual, dragonborn originally hatched from dragon eggs as a unique race, combining the best attributes of dragons and humanoids.

The dragonborn are those who were born of dragons, as their name proclaims. 

Some of their forerunners took the aspect of dragonkind and walked proudly through a world that greeted them with fearful incomprehension. 

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Common Names for Dragonborn

Dragonborn names are a challenge to come by. Not only are there hundreds of variations on the traditional Nordic names, but it’s also difficult to find non-traditional Dragonborn names. 

Of course you can choose from a long list of Common and High Elf names as well, but these don’t fit with the “Dragon” side of AD&D rules for Dragonborn. Here you will find the best unisex names I could find from all over the internet. 

1. Khorne 

Khorne is a fictional Chaos God of Blood (or just Rage) in Games Workshop's Warhammer fantasy tabletop wargame, and is a divergence from the typical gods featured in that series. 

Khorne represents the "warrior pride" aspect. He is merciless, destructive and deadly.

2. Eckanem

Eckanem meaning is "The One God, creator of the world". Eckanem is as old, if not older than the Adamic language. 

It spread far and wide with the pharaohs of Egypt. 

Charles Darwin recorded that Pharaoh Nefaarud I had a wife named Nefretiri, who was an Akenamite royal by birth and the daughter of a great chief Nebetaurora.

3. Paihthoon

"Paihthoon" is an interesting word. Many Thai people know that it means "cat's eye", which is a type of rock that has a sparkling look like a cat's eye stone. 

Paihthoon usually comes in blue, red and yellow with a huge variety of shades, such as the color of an apple skin.

4. Fucanglong

Fucanglong is the combination of two words, i.e. Fu and Canglong. Fu means treasure in Chinese and Cang means dragon in Chinese. Therefore, Fucanglong means "treasure dragon". 

In China, dragons are one of the most adored mythical creatures

There are many stories about this supreme ruler of everything in the sky and sea. It is always close to people's hearts as it has been living with them for a long time.

5. Iseul

Iseul is a feminine given name of Korean origin. The meaning in English and French is "dew-born". 

In Greek mythology, it means "born from dew". 

Iseul is not a common male or female given name, which is unusual since the meaning of the name is so beautiful. 

6. Danbala

The Danbala is the God of thunder and storms in Haitian Vodou

He is syncretized with the Saint Expedite (Expeditus) of Roman Catholicism as both are associated with lightning, fire, horses, and war. 

He was borrowed from the Dahomey Fon Gods who were also known as "Father of Lightning"

Male Dragonborn Names

Dragonborn comes from a belief that your ancestors were dragons, which is why you look so different to other races. 

It has only been recently opened up for players to choose, but I thought it would be interesting to see what first names have been given to this race in-game.

1. Itthobaal

Itthobaal (Phoenician origin) is a male name belonging to Phoenician Mythology. Its meaning in Phoenician was "the son of Baal". 

Itthobaal is derived from the roots 'Ith', 'Thob' and the suffix '-Baal' which means"God is with him"

2. Yuvarax

It has its roots in Hindi language and is generally used in Indian culture. 

Yuvraaṅ represents physical, mental, and emotional purity, whereas Rāṇ stands for position or rank. So the literal meaning of Yuvarāṇ is "Young Nobleman". Another meaning of this name is that teenage king. (young)

3. Resheph

The meaning of name Resheph is God of fiery thunderstorm. 

The name was given to the city of Ashalim in Ugarit and also the second month in the Phoenician calendar and means"plague". 

Resheph was also known as Risha, and the god was identified with the Hittite plague god Teshub (the Indo-European Melqart) as well as with the Egyptian god Seth. In the Israelite's Nineveh exile, Resheph was considered a foreign national deity.

4. Jehoshaphat

Jehoshaphat (pronounced ye-ho-sha-fath) is a biblical name for boys and girls that was introduced by the Hebrew culture

It has its origins in the Hebrew language, and the meaning behind the name is "God has judged".

5. Diedrich

Diedrich is a German name that comes from the Germanic word "theod" which means powerful ruler. 

Diedrich is a spelling variant of Theoderich. 

In Old High German, Diederich and Dieteric of Old High German were the forms derived from theod, while Theoderic was from the Anglo-Saxon form Þeod- ric. Diederich can also be a variation of Theodore (Greek origin meaning gift of god)

Female Dragonborn Names

While the 5e Monster Manual names are great for a Dragonborn, or other race, you could be wanting to further personalize your character. I've worked on a list of female Dragonborn names. This list is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi female given names with inspiration from Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones.


1. Myshon

Myshon means “Divine” or “godly” in Hebrew. "Myshon’s purpose is to empower all women, and has a mission to inspire women to reclaim their rightful place in society, encouraging them to be bold, strong, powerful, independent, and successful.

3. Arihime 

Arihime is a very beautiful princess. She is a weaver and the goddess of weaving.  She lives in the palace of heaven,and she weaves a robe for Amaterasu Omikami every night.  After she finished her prayers, the robe became the moon and various stars in the sky.

4. Darrina.

Darrina ( Дарьна ) is a combination of two words: dari, which means "gift", and ina, which means "deep". So Darina's name fits her character perfectly. Her name may also come from the word Ŝarına, meaning "money" or "gold", symbolizing how wealthy the household she grew up in was.

5. Bellatrix

The name Bellatrix was etymologically derived from the Latin word "bellum" which means "war", with the suffix "-trix" indicating a female. The name is derived from a star in the constellation of Orion called Bellatrix, which is also known as an eponym for the star system.

6. Fariedah

Fariedah comes from Arabic origin. The meaning of Fariedah is "unique" and "trustful". Also a nice girl who will blow you away with her smile. She likes to be different, her fashion sense is unique, and she loves making people laugh. She gets along with everyone and is a beautiful person inside out.

Dragonborn 101

Dragonborn were beings who were born with innate dragon-like abilities and characteristics, as a result of exceptional draconic heritage.  They were as powerful and strong, though not quite as large, as full-blooded dragons, yet they generally preferred to walk upon mannish legs instead of their ancestral claws, and used mannish weapons in battle. 

The first Dragonborn were mortals who had absorbed some draconic essence through close association with Dragonkind. These individuals exhibited small traits bestowing upon them a draconic appearance. 

Through selective and successive breeding this recessive trait became dominant and more pronounced in future generations with the newly formed exhibiting traits found only in true dragons.


Higher-ranking dragonborn tended to see those beneath them as their temporary responsibility. They treated all servants and citizens with respect and courtesy, even if they were not deserving of such treatment. 

These dragonborn often went out of their way to aid those that were in need. Although these dragonborn could be just as cruel as any other race to an enemy, they would never intentionally inflict pain or suffering on those that did not deserve it.

The Past

The dragonborn's origin was uncertain and shrouded in myths. 

Some believed that Kossuth created them as a divine experiment to cross dragons and humanoids, while others said that they were the dead spirits of dragons who needed new vessels to inhabit for their kind to thrive again. 

Underdark dragonborn believed that their race was created from drow eggs by Vulkoor after Lolth kicked Vulkoor out of the drow pantheon.

The Faith

Dragonborn in Abeir never adopted the practice of divine worship. Their society was one that revered their ancestors and believed that they watched over them as immortal, spiritual guides. 

They did not attempt to appease or influence the spirits and gods with rituals, practices, or sacrifices; they instead focused on earning the favor of their ancestors through exemplary living and honoring their forebears' memories.


Before determining what dragonborn names you will give, you should understand their community. 

Any act of treachery or violation of an oath, committed either knowingly or unknowingly, was met with the most severe punishment. Depending on the nature of the crime, this usually meant death. 

The only dragonborn who were able to escape these harsh punishments were dragonborn who converted to other religions; they would be banished from their clan instead, unless their religious leader was powerful enough to demand otherwise.


They live about 80 years, but in most cases the average dragon born dies at the age of 20. 

Eleven years ago, when Martin was born the dragons were thought to be extinct and dead; that was due to their ritual of procreation which basically involved mating siblings or twins (the more powerful dragonborns were born when both parents were dragonborns).

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