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Drow names usually incorporate complex knots of consonants, and sometimes have unusual spellings. They favor names that have a hard, percussive quality. 

Male Names: Arachnadran, Chirzak, Dolvian, Fetchik, Hithris, Illistim, Jamiset, Kiel, Lolthim, Melarn, Redin, Sumek, Vilbrethan. Female Names: Alsrinia,...

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The drow were one of the most feared and hated races in all Faerûn. These dark elves were descended from ancient Ilythiiri, a cadet branch of the Tel-quessir

As a result, their relationship with other races was very much like that of their elven kin.

They are one of the most iconic races from Dungeons and Dragons. As dark elves, they have kept a firm foothold in pop culture as villainous archenemies for popular fantasy stories such as Drizzt do'Urden

For this reason, many players are interested in including drow as player characters in games. 

While some people may shy away from playing a drow for its stereotypical evil alignment, others might not realize that there is so much more to the drow than below the surface when it comes to nomenclature.

These creatures have an underground society still not completely understood by other races. 

In fact, most other races consider Drows to be evil. What is known about them, however, is that they are a race that tends towards the arcane arts and that they live in large cities hidden underneath the surface of the world. 

Their greatest civilization was located near the core of Faerûn. You can find the drow name generator above. 

Let's deep dive into this fantasy creature

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Characteristics of the drow name

Drow names are a fascinating part of drow culture. Names of them can be particularly unique and difficult to pronounce without practice. 

An interesting aspect of drow names is that they often include double letters and are designed to be pleasing to the ear. 

These names are much more difficult than similar names for other races or creatures, making them a challenge even for veteran adventurers!

Tips for first name

The drow forsook having personal names for the most part, many of them feeling that having a name similar to that of any of their gods would be unlucky. 

And so for the major part of their history they had only one name, the one given to them at birth, and it was one that embodied this ancient language. 

The names were harsh and often guttural sounding, but the common tongue would have you believe otherwise.

Tips for last names

This dark elven tradition was commemorated by giving the newly-created matron a L-sounding name (a distinction observed only in Drow language, as spiders are an inherently ill-favored subject of discussion in other tongues including Elven).

Lifetime of Drow

In Faerûn, drow rarely lived longer than 400 years, with most living for 250–300 years. 

Their aging rate was not as fast as that of elves in Faerûn, but this was offset by the higher mortality rate among drow; only 80% survived past their first century, compared to 95% of elves.

Despite the drow's long life span, their society was very different from that of other elves. 

For example, the longevity of a drow matron mother had no impact on the clan she led and most rulers remained in power for decades or centuries. 

Drow males could not gain prestige by providing for their groups like high elf males could.


Drows are a species that can be found in both Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder. In those RPG worlds, they are commonly associated with evil, but their image in fiction is not restricted to this notion. 

Drow have captured the imaginations of many writers and readers alike. 

They were unforgiving, often showing no mercy for other drows who had lost Lolth’s favor or made a misstep. 

Lying and stealing were natural parts of their clan society, and violence was accepted as a way of life. 

Elaborate treacheries were laid among the drow, leading to backstabbing rivalries that could last for centuries.

Native Country: Underdark

Drow were perhaps the most common of all the Underdark races. They were more numerous than mind flayers and other, more direct, races. 

This number persevered even after Lolth’s rise to power because countless matrons actively worked to bring forth more drow to increase their own power. 

Perhaps, most drow went through mourning at least once and returned to the surface with a great view of life called perspective, except for those who had a love for these silver skies. 

For every drow on the surface or in the Underdark there was at least one other that remained down below. 


Menzoberranzan, or just “The City of Spiders” as the drow called it, was the capital city of the drow in Toril's Underdark. 

It wasn't the largest and might not have been the most important city in the realm, but no other drow city matched Menzoberranzan for size, wealth, and power. During its heyday before the rise of Lolth, Menzoberranzan was home to more than fifty thousand drow.


It stood out among the drow cities because it was split among three faiths: Ghaunadaur, Lolth, and Vhaeraun. 

The city's houses fought for dominance over each faith from the shadows. 

The priestesses of Eryndlyn were in a constant state of war, rolling their stone balls with spikes down underground tunnels to crush anyone who dared to walk through.


Sshamath, the City of Dark Weavings, was once a seat of power for the priestesses of Lolth, the Spider-Queen

They ruled here in both name and deed, but that time has passed. Lolth’s faith is on a steep decline, power has been wrestled from her grasp by various other faiths of the niche pantheon worshipping another Drow deity.

City names can be inspiring when choosing drow names.

Powers of Drows

You need to consider that information while picking the Drow name. But before deciding one read Abilities of them.

Ancient elves believed that beauty and grace were alluring and intimidating weapons that could be used in many ways. 

Quickness was also considered an attractive weapon by ancient elves. A trait that was useful for hunting and surviving on their conquered lands. 

When they encountered an enemy, the faster Drow warriors would strike first to intimidate others. 

Magical Powers

Drow had many powerful abilities. The race was known for its extremely long lifespans, with the elderly typically living at least twice as long as ordinary humans. 

Drow eyes were unusually sensitive to light, with exposure to sunlight often causing them discomfort and even pain. 

Their pupils were not visible, and under bright light the whites of their eyes took on a snakelike quality.

Magic Robust

Some opponents might assume that, due to their chaotic nature, drow possessed low-level innate resistance to magic. 

They were wrong. During infancy, a drow had almost no resistance to magic. As they grew older, though, their resistance would fluctuate greatly. 

Within months, a young drow’s resistance might go from almost nonexistent to almost matching an adult elf’s. It took decades for a drow’s inherent magical resistance to set in and become relatively stable. 

It was believed that this depended on the quality of the diet when they were still in the womb (their first year), but it had not been proven yet.

Base Abilities

They had a particular kind of magic that they shared with no others, called base powers (also referred to as natural or innate magic). 

These varied from individual to individual - some were simply born with the knack for things others would have to study for years to achieve. 

Other times, a drow might be favored by their goddess, or the chaotic forces that drove them. 

Either way, the effect was the same - powers and abilities that other races usually only saw after "proper schooling" were simple enough for a drow to pick up, if needed.

Grown Abilities

The reason why drow are so heavily associated with their innate and most powerful abilities is because of the time when they reach a sufficient degree of expertise. 

No matter whether it's an eclectic party of pilgrims journeying down the Underdark or a small gaggle of adventurers, they all have heard stories about drow, and most likely about their innate magic. 

For obvious reasons, these abilities are the perfect choice to write about if one is looking for an interesting character concept.

Devoutly Abilities

Open your character sheet to the Priest list, and you’ll notice that unlike other lists there’s no special abilities. 

For some clerics there may be additional spells they are able to cast, but those priests received those powers from their deity as gifts. Being a favored servant of a drow deity has its benefits after all.

Fighting Powers

The drow of the Underdark were not like high elf or wood elf; they had none of the strengths, and all of the weaknesses. 

The drow were degenerate, murderous creatures, twisted out of recognition by millennia spent dwelling in the eternal darkness below. 

Their eyes were overly sensitive to the light that filtered into their realm, forcing them to depend on darkvision for survival (which cost them a large chunk of their low-light vision).

Fastest way to pick a name for drows is by using the generator which I showed you above. However, the best way to do this is reading combot style of them. 

Here is the combat styles: 

Draa velve

Draa velve was a style of swordsmanship used by the drow. 

This style could only be mastered by those with talent and luxury to enjoy formal education; they are too busy fighting for their lives as children to learn to compensate. 

In addition, due to their sojourn in the Underdark, the drow are very pale and have an innate infravision. 

This is why normal sword techniques are out of the question: drow can move faster than they can see. 

In addition, they normally wield two blades at once (while one wields two blades, they can still use other weapons such as hand crossbows).

Kyorlin plynn

The former made use of the sacral grasp to take potential prisoners alive, a practice common to drow armies throughout history. 

Capturing enemy forces led to several benefits; captives could be sold into slavery or used as bargaining chips for ransom. 

Captives could also be tortured for information regarding enemy troop movements and government secrets. 

Also, it was a lot easier to feed and care for prisoners than several wild creatures that one could have hunted instead.

Ust sreen

When compared to someone who attacks quick, i.e., you get into a fight and you see your opponent launch a punch at your face before you react and also try to counter the movement, then this is how understanding that approach to the fight will act as an early strike closer to the beginning of a fight.

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