Duergar Names: +100 Examples & Generator

Duergar names are harsh sounding and roughly hewn from the language the dwarves once shared with the gnomes of clan Narrak. The duergar are a race of gray-skinned dwarves that live deep within the Underdark

They are the evil counterparts to the more common light-skinned dwarves. 

A Duergar is a type of dwarf mostly found underground. As an adversary, they are known to be cruel and play tricks on other people and even steal from them. 

They use mesmerizing magic that confuses and confounds their victims. 

To create a name for your Duergar adventurer, you should find a generator that will generate the name of your character eventually eliminating the tedious task of making a name yourself.

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Best Female Duergar Names

When deciding on a name for your female duergar, keep a few things in mind: they favor dwarven names, dislike human names, and they are immune to magic. 

You always want your character’s name to feel authentic so here are some female duergar names you might want to use when creating your own character.

1. Davona

It's a great name for someone that loves to be surrounded by people and just have a great time. Whether it's around the dinner table or on a stage in front of hundreds of people, Davona is confident, radiated, and sincere.

2. Tholora

There are a lot of meanings that are attached to the name, and they all can work together to create a beautiful woman with individuality, compassion and wisdom.

It also means "God's gift." Theodora came into English from Latin, possibly influenced by Old Church Slavonic and Bulgarian feminine names containing the element "dhora." 

Czech and Slovak include a female name Drahomira meaning "famous peace." 

3. Galgiel

Galgiel is in the name of girls and women of an exquisite nature. They are very talented, kind-hearted and easy to get along with. The strength they have lies within their knowledge about life. 

The most important thing is it's usually been said that all Galgiel's are good looking, especially to their lovers and people around them in general.

4. Balvana

Some associate this name with valor and strength, while others with a martyr, even though the definitions are almost entirely different. 

Each person’s idea of this name depends on their experiences, memories, and personal points of view.

5. Merial

Merida is a Scottish form of the Anglo-Norman given name Muriel , which was derived from Latin Maria and means "from the sea". 

Merial is also a variation of Mirabel , which is a feminine form of the Late Latin name Mirabilis meaning "wonderful", and thus a synonym of its masculine counterpart Mirabilus .

6. Anora

It means "honor" in Spanish and a combination of the Italian and Latin words honore which mean "honor, praise, and worth". 

A variant spelling of Anora is Honorata which is derived from the Latin word honoratus meaning "filled with honor". 

Anora has feminine, earthy and celestial meanings.

Good Male Duergar Names

One of the many playable races of Dungeons and Dragons is the Duergar or Gray Dwarf. A semi-aquatic race that dwells in underground tunnels and loves to enslave other races for their mining needs. 

As part of our series on the different races, we have a lot of D&D Races to pick from, this is a guide for Male Duergar Names.

1. Aimil

Aimil is an Old German name that means "a rival or eager". It is a combination of the Old English word ‘aemel’ meaning eager or zealous combined with the second element ‘gæl’ meaning stranger.

This was probably a reference to Aimil's status as a non-Saxon. Earliest documentation of this name was found in Lincolnshire, England in 1066.

2. Alvin

Alvin is a masculine first name in English, and a rare surname. The origin of the name is Germanic. 

It comes from Älv, a short form of names containing the Germanic element el "elf" as in Alwin and Elbert.  

In Sweden most men with this name have it as a middle name; in this case it typically signifies that the bearer belongs to the nobility.

3. Bavon

It was originally a title given to the uncle or godfather of a child. The female form is Bavona. 

There are no famous people named Bavon, but a notable one is Michael Bavon who became the first bishop of Heliopolis in Egypt.

4. Galvan

The name typically refers to a person with white hair or a pale complexion. It may also refer to a person who works with or lives near natural fluorite deposits, called Galvanite. In Wales, Scotland, and northern England it refers to someone with red hair

5. Thondor

Thondor means “thunder” in Khuzdul, the language invented by J.R.R. Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings. 

But it also means "tournament" which is the first reference to anything in this network.

6. Ravol

Ravol the Mighty is a famous duergar and has been for many decades. His fame runs so deep that all duergars know of his exploits in the dark depths. 

Ravol is known for his prowess, tenacity and uncanny ability to overcome any obstacle.

Top Dwarven City Names

Ever feel like giving your D&D city a name is too hard? 

That it takes forever to come with original names and that you always end up repeating yourself? Never fear! 

The following list of 5 dwarven city names make naming your dwarven settlement or individual neighborhoods a lot easier.

1. Khazad-dûm

Khazad-dûm is a city that you will surely be envious of if you are not one of the dwarves living there. 

You may like to call it Dwirith or Moria, but the fact is that there is nothing to dislike about this place. If you go there, you will be sure to enjoy your stay in this underground city.

It was once a vast cavern of interlocking tunnels and chambers that ran almost as far beneath the Misty Mountains as they did under the fields of Rhovanion. 

Dense industry made its home within the mountain until Durin the Deathless set in motion a plan to reclaim the ancient halls from the Goblins who had overrun it.

2. Mountain Silverspear

Mountain Silverspear is a lost human city located in the west of Stalvan. Before the cataclysm it was the dominant power in the areas north of Rosecroft and east of The Burning Line.

It has now been taken over by Orcs, but some Humans escaped with a large amount of treasure which was quickly carried to Gorgoroth and hidden there, far from Orcs hands.

The name of the city derives from the name of the clan who originally lived in this place.

3. Tumunzahar

It means 'The underground gold hall owned by the dwarves'. Tumunzahar was a metal-working citadel inhabited by Durin's Folk during the First Age. It had been built on an island surrounded by great cliffs rising from beneath a forested gorge where great trees overhung the river Narog. 

The waterfalls that poured down these sheer rock faces turned the valley below into mists and shadows.

The Dwarvish stronghold of Nogrod is north-west, on a high plateau looking down on the forested valley dotted with small lakes. Only two dwarven castles of Silvertine are closer to Tumunzahar

Thus, these three strongholds form a line of citadels that protect the middle regions of land from wild Woses and other creatures living in the deep woods.

4. Delhalls

The dwarfs were forced to flee and seek refuge underground; never to be seen again. Even the neighboring giants fear the glacier, and thus avoid the area completely. 

The dwarves had sought to expand their mines once more, by investigating the natural hot springs they found when digging deeper. A search party was sent with some engineering tools, to ensure that the region was at least habitable. 

Sadly they never made it back, as an earthquake swallowed then whole, leaving no trace of them behind.

5. Karaz Ankor

Karaz is a fortress city built deep in the heart of Khul desert - its name reflects its role as the traditional guardian and protector of the Rekari clans scattered around the Desert.

The name is a dwarvish word meaning "Land of the Heart". A Golden Plains that forms a natural bulwark against intruders. 

From here, to the west, are known as Ablaz-Karak Mountains, in the south - Dark Lands and in the north lies Embar-Zanzibar Plain.

6. Ammarindar

It is half as old as Shanatar, now called the Northdark. Ammarindar was originally a dwarven kingdom. They traded with both Narfell and Raumathar before the nation’s destruction at the hands of the phaerimm. 

Now it is inhabited by shield dwarves who once again occupy their ancestral homeland.

Duergar 5e 101

Even if you are using a duergar name generator, I suggest you consider the following information when choosing a name.

Duergar appeared stalwart to any who gazed upon them, and were immediately recognizable through their stark white skin. 

They were shorter than the other subraces of dwarves, but this was not apparent due to their stocky builds. 

Within their communities, duergar were valued for their durability in battle and resistance to psychic attacks. 

Mental defenses could be used by duergar to deflect psionic intrusions, making them seem both strong and invulnerable in the process.

The Past

Their ambition was not to be realized, and the duergar were exiled from Shanatar when it fell. Clan Duergar was cast out of Barakuir, which led them to dig vast tunnels — initially for shelter, and soon thereafter for conquest. The clan requested an audience with Deep Duerra in Deep Shanatar and was granted a meeting.


The average Duergar lives about 350 Human years. This factors their childhood, puberty, and adulthood into the calculation. They are still considered young at 200 years old. 

At 350 they start to get the aches of old age, and stop physically working. They remain mentally sound for a few more decades – many stay with their families, their children or help raise the next generation as a teacher.


Their lives were short and brutal. A typical duergar male was just under 5 feet tall, and a typical female was just over 4 feet tall. They averaged about 150 pounds. 

Duergar had gray skin, and usually wore clothing of dark hues beneath cloaks of heavy black cloth made of wool or hide. Each adult duergar carried two scimitars.

The duergar were a grim and bitter race, pessimistic of their future and deeply cynical regarding the motives of others. 

They were generally as evil as other dwarves, but more openly violent in their ways. They had no love of surface dwellers, especially gnomes and other so-called deep folk, whom they see as usurpers of rightful dwarven territory.

The Faith

Due to their isolation from other dwarven clans, the faith of Laduguer had evolved into a faith unto itself over the centuries, one that differed greatly from dwarvish traditions in other lands. 

For example, despite the god's original patronage of clan Duergar and its members' theology having mainly been centered around the concept of "craft", in practice, the religion came to worship a deity who funded and dispatched his servants to various worlds to create "new" items and objects.


Nearly every community of duergar had a resident wizard (or two), which was not surprising because they were well suited for the arcane magic of that race. 

Dwarven magic is powerful but thematic: spells manipulate stone and metal or even summon an earthen avatar to do battle on behalf of the wizard.

Unlike other dwarves, duergar had a strong tradition of magic, both in the divine and arcane varieties. Duergar clerics, runecasters, runesmiths, and wizards were highly respected for their skill. 

Some powerful runesmiths could sense what minerals lay within the stone of the earth itself, detecting the mana content of iron and gold veins with ease.

This is the end of the duergar name generator post. 
If you are also looking for names related to other dwarfs, I recommend checking out the dwarf names page.

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