Githzerai Names: +210 Examples & Generator

Githzerai are a race of chaotic good humanoids living on the Elemental Plane of Earth and favoring the colors white, silver, gold, and amber. This is my complete list of Githzerai names for use in almost every setting.

They are a human-like race in the Dungeons & Dragons setting Eberron

Named for their legendary founder, Gith, they live mostly in subterranean cities on the continent of Khorvaire

Githzerai society is matriarchal – male githzerai are often loners, who wander the world seeking to prove themselves. 

Female githzerai are more sociable and tend to live in groups and larger cities like Jaelre.

They are demon-like creatures with psionic powers, from the plane of Limbo. As a species, they are tall and well-muscled, with deep red skin that is extremely resistant to cold temperatures.

The githzerai began life as slaves in the Astral dominions of the deity Zikarz. They escaped and fled to Limbo.

Male Githzerai Names 

I've gone and compiled a Githzerai name generator, (you can see above)  just for my D&D group.

It's something that I've been wanting to do for the last three months, but delayed because of how difficult I found it to search for a good resource. 

I'm not great at Googling (most of you already know this), so my searches always get lost in the shuffle between websites that link out to half a dozen other sites and blogs, each giving me useless information about them or monstrous races in general.

Here is the some examples of good male names for them

1. Axel

Axel is a male first name of Scandinavian origin. It was recorded in England during the Middle Ages and it was originally pronounced “Aks-il”. 

The name Axel means “father is peace” in Old Norse. As a masculine given name, Axel has always been relatively rare in English-speaking countries, reaching its peak popularity in the 1910s and 1920s – though it never broke into the top 100 (peaking at rank 114). 

Between 1900 and 1940, it was in the 200s (peaking at 196), then it dropped down to between 300 and 400.

2. Rainier

In Welsh origin, the name Rainer comes from the word “rhein” which is “the strong and intelligent soldiery.”

This name is a variation of “Rainer” and was first used in German-speaking countries

An interesting and old first name, Rainier is a surname that is of particular interest. It originates in the Celtic language, and when you look at its meaning, it’s easy to understand why.

3. Hutchings

The Hutchings spelling is a Scottish name. It has two theories regarding its meaning. 

It may have been a derivation of the Old English personal name Hocca, which was another form of the Middle English name Hoccleve. 

Either way, it denotes a person who is clever, smart and intelligent. 

In Scotland, the Hutchings variant grew in popularity due to the Clan Campbell’s prominence in the 15th Century and later because of their association with the Dukes of Argyll.

4. Cato

Looking for a “wise”, “intelligent” and “astute” name for your new Githzerai (GIZ-er-eye) character? 

If so, Cato is an excellent choice. Cato can also be considered as a variation for the name Caedmon, as both share their Latin, French and English roots. 

5. Farzan

Farzan is one of the most common names for boys in Muslim countries and has been used by many people who were driven to acquire knowledge. 

The meaning of Farzan is “brainpower”, which comes from the Arabic origin.

6. Gareth

The Welsh name Kiaran or Kieran are derived from the same source. It is first recorded towards the end of the 6th Century as Garthwys. 

Both the English and Irish variations became popular during the Norman Invasion and remained so till the 12th century. 

By the middle of the 16th century, it was deemed undistinguishable to Garrath or Geraint, respectively.

Female Githzerai Names

Female githzerai names are a little bit different from male names. Their family names are given to them by their clan rather than their parents.

As a female githzerai character, the most important aspect is probably finding a name. 

When coming up with names for characters of any race it is important to consider what you want to achieve. 

1. Alohi

It means Brilliant. Name Alohi originated as an Hawaiian name. 

Hawaiian names are extremely popular because these are exotic and beautiful names which are very suitable for use in any country.

2. Chalondra

A name can reflect the personality of its bearers. That is why it is important to choose a meaningful name for your dnd character.  It will directly affect his or her nature. 

So why not spend some time choosing? To give you the right direction, chalondra means “an intelligent life”.

3. Ezhelya

The name Ezhelya is a fantastic name for your fantasy games. Ezhelya is a Tamil origin name meaning beautiful. 

The name sounds like the given name Hezliyah in Hebrew, Yekaterina (Russian), Ekaterini (Greek), Ekaterina (English). 

Female elves are known to have natural proficiency with magic and Ezhelya would be a great name for your female elf sorcerer or archer champion.

4. Karinya

There are numerous Aboriginal Australian names to choose from when you’re looking for a baby name. Many of them carry significant meaning and significance.

The meaning of Karinya is a perfect example. The meaning of the name is “restful house.” 

You can imagine how fitting it is that this is one of onomatopoeia baby names. This means it sounds like what it means, which matches how the people of the Gith culture are portrayed in the Dune books (and subsequent movies). 

5. Arinya

The name Arinya comes from the Thai origin. It means 'a beautiful wise woman'. 

The meaning of the name is of a very special person who is intelligent and talented with a beaming personality. She doesn't shy away from helping to solve everyone's problems, and has an upbeat character.

7. Concordia

Concordia is the Roman goddess of Harmony and Peace. She is regarded as a daughter of Jupiter, a sister of Juno, Pluto, Janus, and Quirinus, an aunt of Mars, Neptune, and Vulcan. 

Concordia’s name derives from “consors” (wife), but her functions are often not described in harmony with this fact. Perhaps her children were Peregrinus (novelty) and Spes (Hope).

Githzerai Monk Names

Githzerai names tend to be very short and often borrowed from other non-human names of alien creatures, which is a common practice among the monk caste. 

These are just a few of the githzerai monk names I could come up with, but they make for great NPC characters. Whether you plan on using them as player characters or NPCs they will work great for any campaign or setting involving githzerai monks.

In this section I will list real life monks which affect our history. Using these names in your d&d game, brings a different experience for sure. 

1. Attilio Ariosti

Attilio Ariosti was an Italian composer most famous for his eight operas, and instrumental works and he began his composition studies at the age of fourteen. 

He is known as one of the members of the Neapolitan School with others such as Leonardo Vinci. 

However, although he was not a monk, he could be used to represent them for any game ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Pathfinder. 

He composed many operas including Ciro in Armenia that would be perfect for the Githzerai race who come from a plane called Limbo which is an eternal battlefield between warring factions but are also chaotic good in alignment; additionally they are skilled in sword fighting.

2. Sarvajna

Sarvajna was an Indian poet from the land of Karnataka who was also a philosopher as well as a pragmatist. 

He grew up in the delicate lap of nature amidst pristine greenery and serene sounds of flowing waterfalls. 

It is to immense credit that he could see the beauty in a world around him that most people, even today, can not see.

His poetry eulogizes the god Vishnu who appears in many different forms to vanquish evil and to combat adharma. 

He was skilled in logic, analysis, and interpretation and added his own pure thoughts on reality making him an enlightened person.

3. Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel is a hero of genetics. He is the founding father of the biologically based theory of inheritance, now known as the laws of segregation and independent assortment (the principle that makes up the basis for our understanding of how traits are passed from one generation to another). 

He started his work in 1856 first by breeding pea plants in his monastery garden, but soon moved on to other plant species.

He didn’t discover genes or DNA, that was done by others much later. But he laid the groundwork for all that followed and his work is recognized as extraordinary for it’s time. 

He contributed theoretical principles, worked with small samples and conducted numerous experiments to achieve all he did.

4. Ji Gong

Ji Gong is the Chinese name given to a Chan Buddhist monk who was born in China and is more famously known around the world by the name of Daoji. 

Although Daoji travelled widely in China he died at the age of 49 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, near Shaoxing and Zhaoqing (Xigu). 

Ji Gong has been a favourite subject for generations of painters, particularly those of the Ch’an and Zen schools.

He could accurately predict the weather without looking at any instruments, yet also knew all kinds of strange facts. The people described him as an immortal or a wizard.

5. Tenzin Zopa

Tenzin Zopa was born in China during the Cultural Revolution. Raised in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal, Tenzin became a monk at age nine. He is an immensely popular and well known Nepalese Tibetan Buddhist monk who largely followed the Mahayana tradition.

He escaped from China to India on foot, alone and with no money. He eventually ended up in Dharamsala, India where he was reunited with his family under the sponsorship of Tenzin's elder brother, Gyaltsab Rinpoche.

Famous Githzerai

We all know Githzerais are cute, but do you really know how awesome they are? 

I’ve made a list with some of the most famous githzerai names. Unless stated otherwise, they have been born in Malkier.


Grimmbold the Gith was a Zhentarim agent based out of Skullport until his death in 1371 DR. He tried to dig up magic items from the ruins of the Twisted Tower

He scoured dungeon after dungeon for five years before finally hitting paydirt. 

He actually found a magical crown that would allow him to possess other living creatures when he put it on his head.


Yrlakka was at least 500 years old by 1485 DR, a trait of her race. Despite their extreme age, githzerai were immune to aging and effects that would shorten life spans like disease and poison. 

Githzerai also had faster reflexes than most other humanoids, including humans. 

Although githzerai were arrogant and boisterous in demeanor, they were also loyal friends to those who lived down their


Zhjaeve's story is both inspiring and tragic. 

She rose from slavery to become a powerful shaper of reality, and died in the pursuit of one of her most fervent missions: the destruction of the King of Shadows.

Githzerai Race 101

Considered handsome by many other races, they were fast and agile, and their great speed was said to make them elusive even to the eyes of other gith. 

They were known for their strong psionic powers and were immune to magic. 

They did not need to sleep but some reported that they had dreams while others didn't. 

They could also go without food for an indefinite period of time and needed only one hour of rest each day.

Fighting Skills

In combat, a zerth used fluid motions and practiced few forms. 

To a githzerai that trained in this discipline, not even death itself could stop them once they set their mind on action. 

Monks of this race who did not follow the teachings of Zerthimon considered this school to be uninspired and dull, while zerths were considered to be wild and unpredictable.

Zerths were often very nimble and had an uncanny sense of timing, allowing them to attack their opponents in a way that appeared they could not have been struck. 

Due to this, there are stories among the githzerai of these monks dodging a falling tree or even arrows while meditating.

The Past

The blood of these raiders flowed through the veins of their kin on the Material Plane--some of whom eventually became known as githzerai. It is believed that they were the original inhabitants of Gith, having retreated here after their defeat in the civil war against the illithids. 

They remained, however, driven by their hatred for their usurpers and a lust for revenge.


The githzerai split from the githyanki 10,000 years ago and were inspired by their battle with the illithids. They put aside their passions, believing that only by pursuing self-knowledge, could ultimate victory be assured. 

Most githzerai are ascetics, concerned with perfecting their bodies and minds. 

They believe that all emotion and feeling is a hindrance and a distraction to this pursuit. 

It is said that upon achieving enlightenment through self-knowledge that the githzerai can shrug off the bonds of fate and death altogether to become immortal beings.


The common life expectancy of this race is 100 years. 

This is the end of the Githzerai name generator. If you like it should check these collections too: Druid Names, Aarakocra Names