Goblin Names: +100 Examples & Generator

Ever wanted to add some unique and interesting names to your dnd campaign? Well, look no further. Here are 100 different goblin names to give your goblins more character.

It’s no secret that the D&D world features a multitude of races of creatures. Of these, perhaps arguably the most interesting is the goblin. Goblins have an interesting array of names depending on where they come from, what their roles are, how old they are, and more.

I will admit that all goblins have a personal touch to them, but there’s a lot of awesome goblin nick you can play with and come up with your own personalized set. 

Hopefully you can use these to create some great new characters for a game or maybe just roll some dice and come up with more fun goblin names.

Goblin is a common race found in every D&D campaign.

They are often the first opponents players ever face, as goblinoids are commonly encountered throughout the countryside. They are usually armed, but not always. Their tactics rely on sheer numbers, and on surprise.

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Goblin Names For Male

Goblins are short, ugly, belligerent humanoids with pointy ears. They are often hired as soldiers because of their weapon expertise. 

This list of male goblin names features real names from mythology and fantasy novels.

1. Crimson Hat

Crimson Hat (CRH) is a well known marketing goblin who wears a red hat and heavy iron boots. He walks around the internet and offers advice. In the past he was known as John Chow, but with a serious name like that he had to rebrand under a more memorable name.

2. Grishnar

Grishnar dreams big, he eats big, and he fights big. That’s why he’s twice the size of a normal goblin. But when his village is attacked by a pack of ogres - Grishnar finds he is far smaller than his opponent. 

3. Kalo

Kalo is a goblin whose only mode of fighting is snarling and biting. He has long legs and arms. He doesn't wear a shirt, so you can see the tattoos on his chest and back which have the different kinds of magic he was able to do.

4. Huntero

Huntero is a name that will serve you well as a hunter. You feel like the name fits it with your character. It’s like an old friend from the past that you haven’t seen in many years and when you bump into them again you embrace each other with joy.

5. Fugh

Once upon a time, on the planet Kickuteen there was an unusual creature. He came into the world in a small town that was ruled by a king. 

It was, however, not a normal king, it just had a similar appearance to one who is fighting every day for his kingdom. 

King of the herd, goblin Fugh Corvaius was very large and had slightly long legs - typical features for a male of his kind. Even though he was considered to be the strongest among goblins, 

Goblin 5e Guide

Goblins were one of the few races that was common across all of Faerûn

Their small stature and numerous offspring, which multiplied quickly when left unattended, allowed for such diffusion. 

As goblin populations grew, they too expanded their tunnel systems in search of food, water, and new territory. 

Most commonly they established deep lairs in the Underdark and traveled only above ground when they could conceal themselves in the undergrowth.

Mother Country

The mother country of goblins is mountainous and temperate. Much of this can be attributed to the Range of the Goblins, a trip trap for the inhabitants of many rural counties. 

The Faith

Goblins were a violent race, and their diet consisted of raw meat and the flesh of their enemies. Religious worship was common among goblins, who highly revered mythic figures with primal qualities such as Maglubiyet, the goblin deity of war, and other goblinoid deities. 

Although most goblins would choose the strongest male in any given tribe to be their leader, some female leaders were also common, especially if they had proven themselves in battle many times over.

Fighting Skills

The goblins of the mountains also had several other traits which made them formidable opponents in a fight; they were still quite fast, with exceptional hearing and eyesight, and also knew a great deal about alchemy.

One only had to see a goblin fight to realize it was by no means a straightforward adversary; flying kicks, jabs at vulnerable spots and feinted blows all added up to make the goblin a well-rounded fighter.


Goblin-kin were far less civilized than other races of the distant past. 

Mischievous and cruel, goblins were a whole lot more like evil gnomes than benign sprites. 

These creatures had a short temper, too - for only in blood could they find amusement. 

These near-humanoids (with exceptions) much prefer their own company to the company of others - if only because friendships require trust, and trust is a concept difficult to apply to goblins.


The average Goblin lives for 40–60 years. 

They reach maturity after about seven years. In spite of their frail appearance, they are able to work from the age of five, and are usually fully grown by the age of ten. 

The tale of a ten-year-old Goblin who slew a giant boar with his bare hands is well known.

Mother Tongue

Goblin was a language that once was spoken in the mountains of Ragesia and Ghukliak

In Ghukliak it passed on to the present day, but Ragesian goblins were taken back by High Men and assimilated during the Great Journey, being extinct since. 

The few dialects of Goblin brought to Ragesia were lost over time like other subcultures. 

Yipyak is a derivation of Orcish absorbed into the culture of Orks who stayed behind in the mountains, but some goblins were known to be capable of speaking Orcish or Yipyak, as their descendants could relate after having been hunted down for sport and turned into scholars by Cymrilians



Bakemono translates literally as "monster". Bakemono had white fur and some had long tails. Not all bakemono were evil, but most were quite chaotic.

They thrived on cannibalizing weaker members of their species, but as with trolls, the act of eating could just as easily involve other races.


The image of some kind of horned goblins mining precious metals for fearsome creatures suited an image I had in my head of dull grey rock punctuated with shiny veins. Only later would I discover that such a place wasn’t a wasteland but rather a perilous mountainside in the midst of lush vegetation. 

Such was my introduction to the mines of Dekanter, and it would serve as my introduction to a long campaign where both sides paid for every inch they gained.


They'll also try to capture animal companions, but are often unsuccessful due to the longevity granted by the Stirge. 

Finally, they are the only Goblin tribe that knows that humans exist, and will sometimes set out on long excursions into the outside world in search of strangely shaped, charismatic humans with whom they can complete quests or employ as mercenaries for their tribes.


The term nilbogism refers to a disturbing condition where a goblin is affected by the non-toxic, hallucinogenic slime secreted by the nilbog. The process of becoming a nilbog can happen gradually or instantaneously. A goblin will first start developing unusual patterns on their skin, and invariably be much more lethargic than normal.

Goblin Appearances

The Accursed Tower

The adventure is designed for 4 1st-3rd level characters, and is suited towards a party of five. The quest involves the PCs tracking down a fanatical priestess who has taken over an ancient tower.

Storm King's Thunder

You’ve come upon Storm King's Thunder, a 5e Dungeons and Dragons adventure set in the savage land of the Sword Coast. The people living under the shadow of Mount Gram are subject to the witch-king's laws and protected by his troops, yet have little love for him. This is a Savage frontier where folk live hard, die young, and remember their feuds.

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