Goliath Name Generator For Your Campaign Setting

Alright, so we’ve decided on Goliath. Now, how do we name our characters? There are tons of things to consider when it comes to making a character and it can be hard to find the right name. 

I made this generator in order to help you figure out what names to pick before you encounter them in the game. Whether your group is taking place in an exciting modern setting or an imaginative fantasy world, this generator can help you out no matter where your game is happening! 

These names have been designed for use with Dungeons and Dragons and D20 games.

Goliath is one of the most popular Giant Monsters, which are huge creatures or sometimes normal-sized creatures that are larger than humans. They're typically described as being ugly and monstrous. 

Many say they are savage and have limited mental capacity. Like many other fictional creatures, Giants may be included in a group of legendary creatures, such as Fairies or Mermaids.

They were closely related to the similarly nomadic giants, and were often found serving as bodyguards or guardians for giant leaders or settlements. At least one tribe of goliaths was known to live in the Hordelands.

Despite being essentially humanoid, goliaths were regarded as "human giants" and could reach a height of up to 12 feet, although usually they stood between 7 and 8 feet tall. They are known for their colorful customs and unique musical instruments.

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Female Goliath Names

Female Goliath names are a mixture of fury, forcefulness, and brute strength. 

They are strong, and most are also wise. Female Goliaths should possess a combination of all these traits in addition to femininity and beauty. 

There are many fictional examples of female Goliaths to choose from, but we’ll stick with those that already appear in the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual.

1 . Valencia

This name is used by some people in Spain, and is predominantly used in English. Name Valenciana is a feminine adjective to imply the person or family hails from the region of Valencia.  

The meaning of the name Valenciana is someone who is courageous and bold.  Also someone who is strong as a soldier will exhibit all these traits. 

2 . Alexandrine

I love this name. The sound of it reminded me of a princess who was going to lead an adventure or defeat a dragon and save her kingdom. It's got the perfect balance of softness and power. 

I don't think there are many female names I like more than Alexandrine.

3 . Fautave

Interesting is the fact that, according to the dictionary, the name Fautau was originally of Tahitian-Mangaia origin and named after another tree. 

However, at some point it was decided that this meaning may not be correct and therefore the official meaning became just "a long tree".

4. Everetta

This name has been utilized by parents as both a first name and a surname for several decades now, but it's never been outside of the top 1000 most popular female names in the United States. 

It's one of those names that suits all kinds of people, even if they're not really into "typical" traditional baby names.

Male Goliath Names

If you're looking for male goliath names then you've come to the right place. The goliath is the largest of all land creatures, and a true beast in battle. 

Goliaths look like soldiers with monstrous muscles and a tough, stony exterior. 

A survey of names from various sources for your Goliath character in a fantasy setting: 

Humanoid Goliaths tend to have cultural and ethnic names from the regions they control, or else adapt such names for themselves.

1. Atticus

The origin of the name Atticus is Latin. It is a male name, which means Lord. 

People with that name tend to be strong willed, independent, determined and self-confident. 

They make good leaders because they are courageous and fearless. These qualities may make them level-headed and steady in times when others panic.

2. Fenyang

Fenyang is a African-Origin name. It consists of the words “fey” which means “legend” and “yang” which means “yearning to conquer”. 

A person who carries Fenyang name will be courageous, practical and organized. He or she shall also be self-reliant, sincere and business-minded.

3. Wendell

The boy's name is pronounced as WEN-uhl. The name is formed of the elements wendel -"to travel" with hil- "hilly region". Wendel dominated the 19th century in the West Midlands of England.

4. Barrett

There are a variety of origins for the name Barrett. It is an old surname, but it is also used as a first name as well. Associated with the Celtic and Gaelic languages.There are two possible meanings, depending on the origin of Barrett. 

The first is known to be the Scottish meaning "bear strength". The second however may be associated with Middle English origins, meaning "blessed" or "a form of Bartholomew ''. 

The meaning of Barret is unknown in Scotland, but is associated with a manly person and strong

5 . Nicodemus

Nicodemus is a unique and charming given name for a baby boy. It is pronounced as NYE-koh-deh-muss. 

Nicodemus originates in Greek language and means "a champion person". Also, it resonates with the inspirational word ‘Work together’.

Common Goliath Names without Gender

You're writing your fantasy book or role-playing game and you need the names of your giant characters. While there are some great lists of goliath names out there, in this section I listed no-gender names. 

1. Sage

The name Sage is a unisex name, although many more use it as a last name. It’s believed that the Greek writer Epimenedes was the creator of the word “Sage”. 

The intended meaning is a “dried plant, used for cooking or medicinal purposes”. It later became part of the English language as Sedge in the year 927. 

2. Ariel

Ariel, as a Hebrew name, is actually spelled Arial. However, there are several different meanings for this name. 

According to the Hebrew origin of the name Ariel this means "The lioness of goddess". 

This meaning is probably best known from the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament. It comes from the words "ariy" or "ariyah". 

3. Remy

It has also been used for people from Reims which is a town located in eastern France. When going through this Remy name meaning you will find that this name has been used more by men than women over the centuries.

Remy (French origin) is a name with a few variations, including Remi and Rémi. 

It was most popular in the early 20th century when over 10,000 boys were named Remy each year. 

All variations of the name are derived from the Latin word ``remex which means "oarsman" or "rower." In Greek it also means “to administer”.

4. Casey

Casey is a Gaelic name that sounds modern and classy. 

It is an Irish surname name, which was originally developed as a nickname. It means "a watchful nature" or "grey". 

The name Casey has always been popular in America, but the popularity of the name began to decline in the 1970s.

5. Kai

The Finnish name originates from the primordial creator deity in Finno-Ugric mythology. 

Kai is most commonly used as a given name in Finland, Estonia, Germany, Norway and among the Swedish-speaking population of Finland.

The meaning of this name is ocean. 

Goliath e5 101

Before picking a goliath name, you should know more about him/her. 

When we talk about giants in the Bible, we are almost always talking about the race known as the Nephilim. But in truth, Goliath was not an accurate representation of all members of this race. 

He had been exposed to a great deal of demonic energy (or radiation if you prefer) over his long life and as a result there were some visible differences between him and other Nephilim. 

He was taller, for one thing, but he also had noticeably bony or prominent supraorbital ridges above his eyes. Goliath eyes were often blue or green and sometimes glowed a little.


The goliath homelands were in the mountain ranges in northeast Faerûn. 

The Thesk Mountains, Mountains of Copper, Sunrise Mountains, and Icerim Mountains were known to have goliath tribes like those in Galt and Stone Axe. 

There were no reports of goliaths living west of the River Chionthar or in the Chelimber or Ride rivers, but they may have at one time. 

They also populated the Rauvin Mountains on both sides of the river.


The lifespan of Goliaths tends to be less than a century, but if well cared for and trained, they can live up to 300 years. 

Goliath lifespan is determined by their size: the bigger they are, the longer they live. While they can reach up to 20 ft (6 m) in height, their average size is 10-15 ft (3-4 m).


Goliaths are known for their competitiveness. At no time does the giant favor any method that is not the best. Along with their relentless competitive spirit, they are extremely methodical and detail oriented. 

They are proud of themselves and keep track of their own accomplishments.

They also recognize the accomplishments of others, but only if they deserve the recognition. 

Everything seems like a challenge to them, including everyday activities like eating and sleeping. Their need to be at the very top can become stifling in personal relationships.

Fighting Skills

In regular human terms, a tribe such as Goliath used their cunning to choose the lesser of two evils. 

With their enormous strength and impenetrable defences, the tribe knew they could stand with confidence in combat. 

By avoiding conflict in all but the most dire of situations, they were able to survive and grow strong.


Goliaths have no gods of their own. This may seem odd to some as nearly all giants pay homage and respect a deity. However, goliath tribes rarely found need in worshiping deities. 

This is because unlike other races and societies, most goliaths instead worship nature and the primal forces that made it possible for them to exist.

This is the end of the goliath name generator. I really love any feedback from you.