Grung Names: +100 Examples & Generator

The ancient druidic language of Ganak is the primary language of Darokin. Grung names are a mixture of Common and Darokinian, and reflect the use of Darokin’s new written language. A grung name consists of two parts: a personal name (first given name), which is usually 2-7 letters long; followed by a family name (Last Name). 

The grung personal name typically describes a quality or physical characteristic that the character probably exhibits.

The names could be your own name, like Ryan Grung, or they could be inspired by you-like Skalpel (skalp, if you want to take it to another level), or even by a place. 

This names typically involve making a word up that has an interesting meaning for you in combination with creating a unique style that fits in with its spelling and pronunciation.

The lighter their skin, the higher in society they are considered to be. They has a strong alchemistic tradition which allowed them to master horology and bionics along with rudimentary chemistry, biology and physics. 

Their language is based on time units such as ticks, clacks, tocks and blinks.

While many races have elements of humans or animals in them, the halfling-sized humanoids called grung are somewhere in between. Like frogs, they live in swampy marshlands and are bipedal with four arms; unlike frogs, they have an external skeleton and a maw ranging in shape from sharp-toothed to soft and large.

If you are looking for a names, you can find grung name generator above, now in bellow, we will dive into it. 

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Grung Race 101

Grungs tended to live near water, and were found in great numbers in the Pacific Northwest

Their natural habitat is sometimes described as lush jungles or old growth forests, although much of this has been lost to human development over the centuries. 

Grungs preferred to live in shadowy places or underground, in dark areas such as caves. 

They were fond of lily pads for sleeping on during hot summer months.


Oerth is the closest known world to Toril, and this is where the grungs were said to exist. 

Their exact location on Oerth remains a mystery. 

However, there is some recent speculation that the Yatil Mountains may be the home of the grungs. If true, this could change a great deal about grung culture. Until someone can come up with concrete proof though, I would advise against any further speculation!


Without the need for tools, rough or otherwise, grung can scale cliffs and mountains with ease. 

They can hang from the underside of cliffs and mountaintops by their fingertips, often catching prey this way. 

Grung climb solely to pursue enemies, though they have been seen using their climb speed to get out of traps or dangerous situations like encounters with fire elementals.

Fight Skills

The grungs were born from the cold earth of the Ferelden Frostbacks. Their bodies and their weapons are infused with the same poisonous nature. 

The nature of their poisons correspond with their skin color, as each skin tone corresponds to a different type of poison. 

By applying these poisons to their arrows, the grungs were able to spread fear in their enemies. 

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