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Have you ever wanted to name a half elf and were unsure what to call them? Well this list of Half Elf names will help. Whether you want to roll a new character or are just looking for ideas, hopefully this page helps.

If you're playing Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, you might be looking for a half elf name. Half elves are one of the playable races in fifth edition, right alongside humans, dwarves, halflings, and other fantasy staples.

Indeed, half-elves have a physical aspect of both parent races. With their human blood, they are just as diverse as humans when it comes to appearance. 

They range from well under 5 feet to almost 6 feet tall, are proportioned as humans, and have the same range of complexions. 

Many half-elves, though certainly not all, have human hair colors as well as eye colors. 

Often they have little or no pointy elven ears, and their features tend to be in the middle between the two races (except for height).

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Half Elf e5 Guide

Half-elves resembled humans in their appearance and in the longevity of their lives. They had a lifespan similar to that of a human's, or even a few centuries longer. 

Half-elves were more muscular than elves, though they were shorter than humans on average. Female half-elves were taller than human males and had broader shoulders.


Half-elves are as resilient as humans, but live longer, often reaching more than 180 years. Despite their long life span, their bodies mature at but a fraction of the rate of a human's. 

They reach adulthood in their early teens and are considered young until they pass the age of 50. 

Unlike humans, elves do not show any signs of aging until they approach 70 years of age. It is not unheard of for an elf to live over 700 years.

Pace: 30 feet

If you're a half-elf, you walk slightly faster than most other races. Indulge me for a moment: You are part human, and thus by default, already walk faster than your more natural elven kin. 

This is offset by the fact that your other parent was a member of an agile race like a graceful tiefling. It's safe to say that you have more in common with both races. 


You were raised in a half-elf community with a few half-elf friends. Because of this you have chosen to learn both Common and Elven. 

After some discussion on the matter with your fellow half-elf friends, you have decided that when the time comes to leave home, you will abandon your birth tongue and never speak it again. 

The reason for this is twofold. First, elves as a whole tend to be very good at reading body language, noticing slight changes in voice or facial expressions and then using that information against other races. 

Using an elven dialect allows you to hide deeper meanings in your speech. 


Half-elves had the unique ability to charm and beguile both humans and elves, this was a natural talent possessed by all half-elves without exception. 

Half-elves are also highly driven, an unfortunate trait inherited from their human heritage. 

Their elven upbringing instilled in them a sense of balance and thereby prevented them from carrying out their goals with too much haste.

While half-elves generally get along well with others, they sometimes find themselves caught between the two cultures. 

A half-elf has the human drive for success and achievement, as well as a fondness for a comfortable, familiar home. The elf blood gives half-elves an innate sense of wanderlust and curiosity. 

These drives are difficult to reconcile. Typically, half-elves must learn to set aside their wanderlust in order to settle down and establish a home.

Mother Country 

Half-elves had no true homeland, though they grew into maturity in various lands across the Realms. 

There were fifteen to twenty thousand half-elves in Faerûn, but though many migrated south to lands such as Aglarond, Gulthandor, the Dalelands, and Luruar, others lived in Cormyr and elsewhere.

The Past

There have been numerous magical unions between elves and humans, producing fertile offspring that carry the blood of both races. Humans and elves have an abundance of similarities, but also a lot of differences. 

Because of these differences, a heterozygous offspring seems to be odd at first sight. 

However, these half-elves grow to be as tall as their human fathers and as graceful as their elven mothers.


Half-sea elf

Half–sea elves are a very rare half-breed race. They are born from elven and human marriages, specifically on the western coastline near Avernus Bay, since sea elves generally detest human contact. 

These hybrid races would seem to be incompatible due to their eyes being incompatible (except in rare cases) with their parents' eyes. 

Their skin tone is pale green, while the membrane between their fingers makes it so they can be great swimmers…


Half-drows had all the disadvantages of being drawn, and all the advantages of being human. Half-driders were immune to sleep and paralysis effects, but they were also vulnerable to fire damage like their drow parent. 

And due to the heightened alertness associated with their dual heritage, half-drows had a 6th sense about danger, granting them a +2 racial bonus on initiative checks.

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