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This type of creature was known as a half-breed, half-blood, or crossbreed among their kind. 

Half-orc lineage was not determined by the personality or behavior of the mother or father, but it was solely dependent on how an individual orc happened to conceive, or on which characteristics the orcs valued in members of their race.

Male Half Orc Names

Thinking about trying out a new character, but not sure what you want to name it? 

Well, today is your lucky day! I've created a list of male half orc names to help you get started with your next character or session.

1. Chadrick

Chadrick /ˈtʃædrɪk/ means "warrior". It is at number 877 position in English origin. This is an English name that derives from the Anglo-Saxon word, "cead" (hundred) combined with the word "ric" (power or ruler). 

And thus meaning “powerful leader”. Chadrick succeeds in many battles and comes out victorious.

2. Khaddim

In the English language, a nominee is a popular name for one who aggressively seeks and obtains political office. In the Arabic language, Khaddim has an inverted meaning. 

In fact, it’s actually a word of appreciation that we use to describe someone who serves not with aggression but instead humility. 

They serve without personal gain but with the aim of helping others succeed.

Female Half Orc Names

Are you a D&D player looking for some cool female half orc names for your character? 

If so, look no further. We’ve put together a list of female half orc names to help you along in this section.

1. Gormlaith

Gormlaith [gorm-luh] - Scottish origin name meaning "famous royalty". 

This is the name of the wife and sister of two powerful Irish kings: Brian Boru, High King of Ireland from 1002 to 1014, who defeated the Vikings and restored Irish sovereignty, and Turlough O'Connor, last High King of Ireland.

2. Thedda.

Thedda is a feminine name with a Greek origin. The meaning of Thedda is "present of Supreme Being". 

The name Thedda is most commonly given to Dutch girls.

3. Adda

Adda is a Finnish first name for both genders. In Finland, it's the seventh most popular male name and the thirty-first most popular female name. 

It comes from Germanic origin. The meaning of Adda is elegant...

Genderless Half Orc Names

1. Fergie

Fergie is a common given name in the United Kingdom, it can be used for both boys and girls. 

The name may derive from Fergus, an Old Germanic or Celtic element meaning "powerful" which is found in several Scottish, Irish and English surnames. 

2. Robbin

Robbin is a baby girl's name. The meaning of the name is "shining fame" in Old German origin, also referred to an English bird.

The name Robbin is most commonly given to American girls.

The half orc name generator gives you everything you need but, If you want more information about them you should my Half orc guide for 5e. 

Half Orc 5e Guide

They hailed from Calimshan, Cormyr, the Dalelands, Impiltur, the North and the Western Heartlands

Half-orcs had dark skin and coarse hair like orcs, but their lips and eyes were generally closer in appearance to those of humans.

They matured a little slower than humans and could live upwards of 120 years.

Half-orcs were predominantly hailing from orcs tribes, but there were many who had been assimilated into human lands as well.

In addition to those born from the union of two orcs and a human, half-orcs could also be found among humans who had been forced to watch their children be devoured by orcs, or those who had never tasted human flesh but still had its demonic allure.


Half-orcs found themselves to be difficult to intimidate or instill with awe. 

They often followed their wayward impulses and frequently acted on whims.

Their brutish mentality bled into their conversations as well, for while they were by no means as vulgar or profane as orcs, the emergence of topics involving battle, violence and warfare was far more common in half-orc conversation than in that of say, humans or elves.

The personality type of a half-orc is quite unique. As you can see from the statistics there are some key differences in some features when compared to other types of races. 

The race of half-orcs is not one that many people have, but then, it does have its own advantages. 

When comparing the average half-orc personality to the average human personality, there are quite a few deviations.


Humans often fail to realize how powerful emotion can be. Half Orcs are no different. 

They tend to have a fierce loyalty to their tribe, and they fight for those they care about above all else. 

After a lifetime of this kind of loyalty, most Half Orcs fall into a deep depression once they pass 60 years old. 

They feel like they’ve spent their life wasting it away fighting for a group that didn’t deserve it. 

Many Half Orcs also have trouble seeing the point in living beyond 60 years, so they end their own lives before then. 

This means that most Half Orcs die somewhere between 62 and 80 years old.


In the fifth edition Player's Handbook, the base walking speed is given as 30 feet. 

In the Player's Handbook errata, this was changed to 25 feet. 

Mother Town

When you talked about the Mother Town of the Half-Orcs, you were referring to a time before the Time of Troubles, before there were warlocks trying to recreate Gormlaith or rise to power. 

You were talking about the days before Palischuk was sacked and burned by a great army of humanoids in the Year of Darkness and Destruction (934 DR). 

It was the city that saw half-orcs come together, take up arms, and fight back against not only their foes, but also against those that would try to oppress them.

The Past

Their earliest known appearance was on the planet of Xen’drik, where a colony of humans and orcs established a permanent outpost. 

Unlike normal orc/human offspring, these half-breeds exhibited greater intelligence and ambition than either of their parents and took to exploring the rest of Xen’drik, claiming territory for themselves as they went on. 

Employing primitive fire magic (ignus), they drove back the trolls and giants who threatened their new holdings, bringing about a situation today known as the Feywood War.

Famous Half Orcs

Daelan Red Tiger

Daelan Red Tiger was a half-orc boy who was raised by the Uthgardt Red Tiger tribe of the Western Heartlands. 

He was exiled from the tribe due to his half-orc parentage and grew up in the nearby Shadowfell along with other exiles from various tribes. 

He trained under a more friendly tribe of orcs, but when he heard tales of the great orc hero Orgrimm Doomhammer, he journeyed alone into the Uthgardt territories to meet him.

Gromnir Il-Khan

In 1368 DR, during his invasion of the Shadowlands, the Harper agent Sarevok encountered a number of refugees in the town of Saradush. 

With assistance from local leaders and non-evil citizens who had not fled to Amkethran, Sarevok convinced some one hundred survivors from Saradush to form an army.

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