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Hobgoblin names have been used in the real world too. Below is just a small list of hobgoblin names that you can use for your character. Whether it be for a novel, Kickstarter, or even a spoof website, these names will help jumpstart your creativity.

Most hobgoblins are known for their violent nature. Names like Killfang, Skullsplitter, and Blooddrinker might seem extreme to some, but there is one name that stands out the most amongst the rest. 

That name is Herbjarl.

They were found in any area that had a significant number of goblins.

The hobgoblin was first encountered by Netherese humans in 382 DR, when a tribe of them attacked and destroyed the northernmost outpost of the Riftclaws tribe of humans.

It was then that some Netherese humans began to realize that hobgoblins were the same goblinoids as their ancestral foes, yet they had somehow been made larger, stronger, smarter, and more menacing.

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Male Hobgoblin Names

Male hobgoblin names are only given to hobs that are in a position of power. This could be a hobgoblin warlord or higher than that. Others will usually address them as General, or Sir. 

1. Beck

Beck is a boys' name of German and Bohemian origin. It means "river" in native Germanic languages

It is rarely used as a first name for males in the USA, but has gained some popularity recently as a feminine name. 

It became popular among people named Beck due to the fact that musician Beck Hansen, who was born in Los Angeles, chose it as his stage name.

2. Munta

Munta is an ancient African name with Arabic origins. Meaning "conqueror", it is a very unique name and is not usually found in the North American community. 

Munta also means "young lad".

3. Russ

Russ is a good solid name for a male Hobgoblin. It has an English origin. This is a descriptive name without much flair that Hobgoblins feel comfortable with.

Female Hobgoblin Names

Female hobgoblin names can best be described as fierce, strong and independent. 

These names are warrior-like and they make good character names for female hobgoblins in a role playing setting.

1. Nelenf

Nele is a modern and creative feminine name for your baby girl. The form 'Nelenf' originated in the Flemish, Afrikaans, and Dutch languages.

2. Riila

Riila is a unisex name meaning, "stream" in the German language. The origin of the name is Germanic. Riila was not ranked within the top 1000 names by the US Population Census of 1990.

3. Diitesh

The name is usually given to them during the naming ceremony which is done by their parents. 

Hobgoblins were born in the lands of Noria and are usually named after the first thing they see. The names need to fit who these creatures are – fierce, strong, and powerful. 

That is why they are often inspired by godly beings or animals like tigers.

I already suggest you lots of hobgoblin names above. However, if you know this creature well, finding names will be much easier. 

Here is the guide of hobgoblin:

Hobgoblin 5e Guide

Hobgoblins are not a historically or culturally widespread race. 

However, the appearance of hobgoblin mercenary units in Faerûn, Calimshan, and Thesk indicate that these Hobgoblins were from a separate community where they were in command of either goblins or bugbears, or sometimes both. 

Some hobgoblins appear to be evil creatures serving cruel masters; others seem more neutral.


Often standing just under 6 feet tall, led by leaders who were always lawful evil in alignment, these creatures could be found in the icy lands of the north as well as the desolate plains of the south.

Hobgoblins stood head-and-shoulders over average goblins, being slightly larger with a muscular build and brown coat of hair. Their faces were cruel with pointed features and yellowish tusks.

They quickly retaliated when insulted or injured, and if they managed to get their opponents in a weak position, they would gleefully mete out a horrifying revenge. Many who survived encounters with hobgoblins bore scars of a lifetime.


The lifetimes of hobgoblins are short. Depending on the size of their species, they usually live for less than a century. 

There's no telling the origin of the name, but hobgoblins, also known as goblins, are nasty creatures standing far shorter than a human's torso and often covered in hair. Many hobgoblins can be found in the Red Mountains and southern Ayod that share borders with each other. 


They are nimble creatures, but with a speed of 30 feet (9 m), they are not as fast as some other Small humanoids. 

Still, hobgoblins manage to make up for their shortcomings with a unique array of abilities.


Hobgoblins stand between 5 and 6 feet tall and weigh between 150 and 200 pounds. They are lean, muscular humanoids, covered in tawny fur from head to foot. 

They have elven-like ears that are long and pointed. Males sport long moustaches that droop to either side of their mouths, while females have thin, expressive eyebrows and long noses with narrow nostrils. 

Mother Tongue

Yes, hobgoblins can read and write. They are intelligent and tend to be educated as well. 

Many hobgoblins, particularly those who serve as soldiers or mercenaries, also learn other languages in order to properly understand orders or coordinate attacks with their allies. 

Hobgoblin leaders generally know at least two languages – Common and Goblin.

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