Kalashtar Names: +400 Examples & Generator

Kalashtar names are designed to be memorable and sound the same in every language. It is composed of two parts — a given name and a family name. The given name is more traditional, and is based on the individual who gave birth to the Kalashtar. 

The family name is based on the race's collective past, and on the beliefs that separate them from other races in Eberron.

The Kalashtar are tall slender humanoids with a four-armed crosshair design on their foreheads. The pattern is unique to each member of the race. 

Short sleeves expose thick muscular arms that end in hands with two thumbs, each tipped with a retractable, razor-sharp claw. 

Kalashtar can sense emotion and use it as fuel for casting psionic powers or using the formidable physical strength that makes them warriors to be feared.

They have skin tones similar to humans, but with blue or purple overtones and hair that ranges in color from a deep bluish violet to platinum blond. Kalashtar are descended from humans, elves, and psychic races that existed on Sarlona prior to the arrival of creatures from Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams.

Male Kalashtar Names

The kalashtar are a race of psychic alien creatures almost unique in Dungeons & Dragons in that they get to pick which aspect of their birth they take, gaining powers from either the mind or body. 

Whether you’re playing one or just want to pick a new name for your pet, you can find male names with the generator above. 

Female Kalashtar Names

Kalashtar are a race of psychic humanoids. They are the offspring of humans and the elementals known as Quori. These, combined with their natural Psychic Focus, make them formidable at a young age. 

Some Kalashtar even take on class levels to add to their impressive talents. You can use a generator to find some names for your female Kalashtar character.

Kalashtar Race Guide

We already share with you kalashtar names above however, knowing the character well is always a good idea in any role playing game. 

Here is the guide:

Kalashtar are an alien race. With pinkish-brown skin, a mostly hairless body, and a broad, flat face, they bear little resemblance to humans. 

The Kalashtar are innately psychic, containing within their minds the mystical vestiges of a group consciousness that spans not only the Kalashtar themselves, but many other space-faring races as well. 

The very same minds that empower them to manipulate the world about them are also responsible for trapping them in this disguise -- a disguise which serves only to mark them for persecution by an alien force of cosmic evil called the "Dreaming Dark".


Many of the kalashtar that exist outside Adar are travelers, most often alone, however from time to time they organize caravans for trading routes between Adar and other temples of their sect. 

They are kinder than most, and they value harmony above all else.


The average Kalashtar lives to 150 years but has the capabilities of living even longer than that. This is because of their psionic nature which allows them to repair the damage done to their bodies using their minds.


The base walking speed for kalashtars is 30 feet. This is a dramatic reduction from the 3rd edition, where they had a base walking speed of 60 feet. 

This reduction has been compensated for somewhat by the new dash action, which moves their full speed and doesn’t incur such a large penalty to AC, but in comparison to humans, etc., 30 feet is still effectively close to immobility.

The Faith

The Path of Light is the kalashtar religion. It is based in part on the principles found in the holy texts of Erebus and other human religions, but Kalashtar believes that the true path to enlightenment can only be achieved by studying a martial discipline like those practiced by monks. 

They also believe that morality is more than simply following rules, but requires that one show compassion to those around them, as well as protecting them from harm. 

The End

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