Kobold Names: +100 Examples & Generator

Kobold names are unique in their construction, and there is a lot of flexibility to how they can be formed. As with many types of fantasy names, there are hard and fast rules for this race; however, there are also exceptions which I go over when appropriate. 

The kobolds were a race of short, aggressive, wily humanoids who were particularly adept at tunneling and mining. They were widely known as expert miners and trap builders. 

Kobolds rarely left their mines, underground lairs, or large underground warrens. They often hired out to protect caravans from giant insects like rothé or drow raiders.

They had little need for big strong warriors when they always had their kobold diggers to ready their traps, tunnels and hidey holes. 

Plus, their natural combat ability often gave the impression they just kept running away or jumping on things.

Female Kobold Names

Three examples of female kobold names you can use. Note that these may not be canon to the Forgotten Realms as some of them may have been made up. 

1. Dremgron

Dremgron is a strong name. It sounds pretty awesome when you say it aloud. It’s fiery and hard to say and yet easy for people to remember. This is a perfect name for a kobold who has a fiery personality. 

Not only that, but you can come up with many interesting characteristics and ideas for this character because the name itself is so set in stone.

2. Meepo

Meepo is a great name for a keeper of dragons. This diminutive Kobold has been called occasionally a god. Even the great dragon Magus and his brother Kanna-Sakap were said to be mortal servants of the lord of evil, Meepo.

Male Kobold Name

A Good male kobold name should reflect the personality, gender and race of your kobold. Below are some names that might help with characters for Dungeons and Dragons or other fantasy games.

1. Fedra

Fedra is both a feminine and masculine given name of Ancient Greek origin. Fedra was the name of an ancient Greek goddess for love. 

It is also believed that Fedra is derived from the word "Phos", meaning light, and was also used as a suffix in several names, such as Eurydice. 

2. Tashu

Tashu are creatures that look like kobolds, and they live in the heat of the earth. They consume minerals, ores, and rocks in order to strengthen their bodies and transform themselves into more powerful creatures. 

They would do anything to get stronger. Even risking their lives by coming out of their hot homes during the day time to attack those who are stronger than them.

Kobold Race Guide

Picking right kobold names depends on knowledge about the race. Here is the all you need to know: They were typically considered slightly larger than dwarves, with longer arms but shorter legs. 

They would dress in simple robes, usually brown or green in hue, and wore small, peaked caps. They could also be found as slaves of other races if captured. 

Kobolds were known for their ability to create magical items, craftwork, and poisons. Kobold shamans could summon monsters. 

Like most reptilians, kobolds had a weakness against fire. They spoke their own language, but could generally communicate with other races if brought up under them.


They are one of the few races who see themselves as unsung heroes. They believe that they have been pushed aside and forgotten by the rest of the world, but in reality, they are wrong. 

Kobolds may never be appreciated for the heroic deeds they do every day. Instead, kobolds must rely on each other to fulfill their desires. Their society is dominated by females, and most males come together to help raise them.


The age of a Kobold is never known until they die. They are hatched as little things, and their appearance doesn't change much over the years. When they pass 50 years old, however, their ears grow bigger and their mouth becomes absent of fangs. 

Unfortunately, this occurs at a time when their back has already started to curve. The last phase starts when the height is diminished by 30% and with its physical strength.


Kobolds were master craftsmen, and weapons and armor made by them were often of superior quality. 

While they did not trade with each other, they would sometimes barter for finished goods with humans in order to attain goods that they themselves struggled to manufacture, such as horses.


Yipyak, a version of the Draconic language, was the main language spoken by kobolds. Though not all kobolds could communicate in it. Extremely primitive tribes spoke a more ancient form of Draconic while dialects could lead to variations of words and meanings. 

Kobold youths were taught to speak both Draconic and their tribe's own tongue, but only those in the largest tribes or those born in villages could speak and understand Yipyak as adults.

The Past

Initially created to serve as slaves, the kobolds quickly exceeded their masters in intelligence, physical might, and propensity for cruelty. 

They overthrew their masters in the year −24, that same year Io retired to his realm in the plane of neutrality, and became the first dragons to roam Toril alone.

While kobolds were fierce and hardy for their size, they did not possess the larger draconic assets of strength and power that Io had given to her true creation

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