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If you’ve ever played a pen and paper role playing game, then you’ve surely encountered the fine art of naming your characters. And so here are the Leonin names, if you are looking for...

Leonin are large, muscular creatures originally from the wild places of eastern Anterra. 

Wild males average 6’5’’ and 250 lbs, and while taller, thinner, and lighter-skinned than their western lion cousins, a Leonin is unmistakably descended from them. 

They are covered in a soft, thick pelt that protects against harsh elements and predators while also providing excellent insulation. 

Their long tails possess a unique quality; although it initially appears to be a single tail the Leonin can split it at will into five individual sections to form powerful whips with which to fight or corral their mighty prey.

I already shared the leoning name generator above, however, if you know this race better, you made better decisions about picking the right name.

Here is the Leonin guide.  

Leonin 5e Guide


Some walk the world as Knights, proud and noble in their service. Others train to become fearsome Dragons, preferring to work alone for the freedom to answer a calling few can match. 

Most Leonin remain unfettered by orders or edicts, instead choosing to carve their own path – if a khan is nearby, he might be obeyed, but if not, then one deals with the khan when the issue arises. 

These Cat Warriors excel at many different forms of combat. A Leonin never backs down from a fight and enemies are often intimidated by them. 

They hunt enemies in large groups and strike with precision and speed. Keen hunters and trackers, they use stealth and brutal tactics to subdue prey. 


80-100 years is how long a Leonin is expected to live. They are never sick or laid up, never age, and although they live in the pampered luxury of your temple they seem to be a bit...bored. 

After what you consider to be...a very long time, the monk who is in charge of Lhoavar’s care comes to you with an unusual request...


The leonin's base walking speed is 35 feet. However, a leonin moves at a speed equal to four times its normal speed (120 feet) when its movement is not hampered by difficult terrain or darkness.


Most leonin have little patience for languages other than Common. The few who do speak another language can speak, read, and write it fluently. 

They learn Leonin shortly after birth, and often pick up additional languages from nearby human or halfling communities.


Royal Leonin

The royal leonin are a proud people, descended from great kings and queens who ruled centuries before the humans thought of writing down their histories. 

They founded an empire that stretched across multiple continents and eventually collapsed, only to be remembered in fragments mined from the gravelike corners of history.

Wild Leonin

Wild leonin are native to the Amazon Basin in South America and the coastal savannahs of Africa. 

The vast majority of wild leonin are found in these two regions, with the exception of a very small population in southern Florida. 

Historically, most wild leonin were killed for their fur. Chemical pesticides damaged the populations that were not hunted into extinction. Although still threatened by human conflict, many populations have flourished due to conservation efforts.

Grey Leonin

You can use similar names for different subraces. While there is a lot of uncertainty about where and how grey leonin came to be, they are an oddity. 

They have dark coats similar to the black leonin, but their mane is not as bright and their coat pattern seems uneven.

They have retractable claws and slight fangs that are barely noticeable, and they retain the ears and tails of their leonin ancestors.

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