Lizardfolk Names: +130 Examples & Generator

Lizardfolk names are among the longest because of the length of their personal name. In most cases, a lizardfolk has around 7 words in its name. Common nicknames that lizardfolk use tend to be one and two syllables long.

They were relatives of the scalykind races and were distantly related to the lizardfolk of Dark Sun, as both were based on dinosaurs.

The most common type was the green-scaled tribes (noted for their slim build and smooth scales) which have remained isolated in the Deep jungle on Chult since prehistory. 

Other known types included gray-scaled and black scaled tribes (both of which were largely nomadic), scalebacks (non-sapient pack lizards) and the aquatic sahuagin.

Female Lizardfolk Names

Female lizardfolk have their own culture, and a few special obstacles in society. 

Being the dominant race of the reptilian, forward-thinking kobolds has brought some great attention to this advanced society. 

Now you can make sure your character feels the way they should with female lizardfolk names which I show above. And below we will dive into some of them. 

1. Jax

Jax is actually the hero from one of the popular video games called "League of Legends". 

In LoL, he was a winner from an ancient conflict that occurred between Runeterra's two most powerful civilizations and he ended up destroying his civilization. 

He can use his weapon to see through enemies and place "spies" like machines which will gather information about enemies. 

He and his allies will have a visual insight into the weak parts of enemy defenses.

Male Lizardfolk Names

If you're building a Lizardfolk character for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, then sooner or later you're going to want to pick out a name. 

Lizardfolk names are given at birth and generally follow the naming conventions of whatever culture the individual lizardfolk was raised in. 

Male and female lizardfolk names are differentiated by the use of terms like 'son' and 'daughter' rather than prefixes or suffixes.

If you need male name, please push the “male” button in the generator above. 

Lizardfolk 5e Guide

Their hair color ranged from blue-black, red, gray, white, or yellow. Lizardfolk had clawed hands and feet, a tail that ended in a fluke similar to that of a dolphin or whale, and small tusks that ran along the lower jaw.

They were generally shorter and bulkier than humans, had green-to-gray leathery skin, and their hands and feet each had three digits. 

Their snout bore a large bony crest. Like all humanoids, they had two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. The scales on their body varied in color from dark green through to shades of brown and gray.


They had no interest in money or jewels. They also did not value accumulating knowledge if it was not practically useful. Lizardfolk were straightforward, and they shared what they knew with anyone who asked.

The treasures that the lizardfolk guarded were not readily seen from the surface. 

It required diving under the lake’s surface and searching through underwater caves to find whatever treasure that may have been down there. 

The price paid for those treasures though was steep; many who attempted to cross that lake never came back alive and many more were turned into lizardfolk themselves.


Different from other humanoid races they don't have any specific culture beside their own species' survival, having no creation myth, religion or philosophy. The lifespan of their females is up to 80 years and the males can live around 40 years.


They needed only the crudest forms of communication. They could make out a dozen different emotions by gestures, and appeared to have no language of their own. Instead, they spoke in tongues, usually that of Dragons. 

A Lizardfolk who learned his Draconic would often learn Common as well since smart individuals learned more than one language.

The Faith

Some, however, honed their connection with nature to become druids, who assisted in managing the tiny runs and swarms that were always part of a healthy ecosystem. 

There were also wandering shamans, who went from tribe to tribe, sharing the secrets they had learned from their spirit allies.


Lizard king

Most lizard kings are worshipped as gods by the lizardfolk and live in opulence while their subjects toil away, and those that don't quickly find themselves torn to shreds by those who do.

They are among the most feared and brutal of the fiendish creatures that dwell deep underground.


They served as a local community, but the Blackscale chieftains were always under the control of Raurin Dracoslough of the Cult of Dragon Below.

Poison Dusk

They didn’t have a crest on their heads, and thus were considered higher up in the hierarchy among the lizardfolk tribes. They roamed in packs like wolves.

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