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Finding a name for your Locathah character can be challenging. You need to balance being open and unique, yet meaningful and easy to pronounce. 

Below are some names that you may find useful if you’re setting up your exciting Locathah campaign today!

Their region is sometimes preferred due to its natural defense against land predators and habitat protection from the sun due in large part by the canopy of trees that cover most hills. 

This gives way to being one of their principal homes. However, this also gives home to a wide array of other creatures that can make unwanted pets out of these small scaled fish.

In the Dragonlance world, the Locathah are an aquatic Elven race who inhabit the underwater realm of Serôs. 


It is unclear whether they are native to the region, or even native at all, as they seem to have appeared there suddenly in large numbers during the height of ancient Oeridian civilization. 

Despite centuries of abuse, they remain docile and prefer not to fight — not for lack of courage but for lack of desire for revenge. 

Most locathah are neutral, good or lawful neutral in alignment, work hard, and try to improve themselves. 

Those who abandon these traits become neutral evil or chaotic evil.

Mother Country

The Locathah live in a place that is known as the Sea of Fallen Stars. They travel across the surface of the sea with large ships and colonize many places located on islands. 

Due to their amazing ship-building skills and maritime technologies, they have spread all over the world in just a few years.


With a relatively small surface area, Locathah are swift swimmers, but their small legs and feet make them have a base walking speed of 30—better than most land-walkers, but slower than the swimming speed of other races.


The average size for Locathah is Medium. A Locathah’s size can vary a bit depending on the Ethnicity or Subrace you select.


The locathah are not illiterate barbarians, as some might claim. 

They are highly intelligent and civilized people who simply choose to live by a philosophy rather different from that of other races. 

Their philosophy is simple; not only do all creatures have the right to live, they also have the right to live free.

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