Loxodon Names: +190 Examples & Generator

If you need loxodon names, you are in the right place. They are misshapen humanoids with stocky bodies, low foreheads, and limited intelligence. While they tend to be rather un-intelligent, one could also consider them an animal with a thick skull due to a lack of foresight. 

The loxodon is a race of elephant people living in the wilds of Aelon. 

They make up a sizable portion of the Huntress' army (the other portion being weretigers). Loxodons are led by a civilian council that has been handpicked by the Huntress. 

The original warriors are selected to join the military based on merits in trial by combat.

Male Loxodon Names

Good names are hard to come by. Coming up with names for your character is a difficult process. But this section will make it simple and easy for you. So without further ado, here are the best male loxodon names on the net! 

1. Bayul

Bayul is a cool name for a Loxodon male derived by the overtone of sounds and derivation of Bayulci. Bayulci is derived from the expression of "Ba Yul" which means good tone in African language and it is generally used by people from Central Africa.

2. Geruzh

This unusual name was given to boys in Middle-Earth by the Loxodons, one of the three large tribes of elephant-like creatures inhabiting the forests and plains to the south. 

It means physical strength and describes perfectly the mighty descendants of Tauron.

3. Ondros

This is Slavic or Greek in origin, and most likely means manly. It is related to the adjective andros, which means manly. 

It is possible that some of the other origins also mean manly. It could be possible that this name originated in more than one place.

Female Loxodon Names

If you're considering playing a Female Loxodon this is a list of names that I've come up with to help get you started. Or you can use the generator above. 

1. Dooja

Dooja is the feminine form of the word Duja (plural: Dujaj). It is often used as a nickname for a pretty girl; it might be used contemptuously by a jilted man for his fiancee, for example. 

Dooja also has the meaning of 'a woman', but it isn't in use.

2. Lyalte

Boys name Lyalte is a variant of Leila: The Arabic name Leila is generally taken to mean "dark-haired girl", from the female Semitic root L-Y-L which forms a part of the derivation of a number of feminine proper names... 

The name Lyalte means 'dark' or 'night.'

3. Yusnar

Yusnar is a modern Turkish name created for families seeking a new, fresh and pretty name, but still looking for a name rooted in their mother tongue. 

This name can be given to all born after the 1980s. Yusnar comes from Arabic origins and it means 'success.'

I already shared the loxodon name generator above, but now we will dive into this race. 

Loxodon 5e Guide

Loxodon are humanoid elephants that value wisdom above all. 

They reach adulthood at the age of 60 and live around 500 years. 

They weigh about 4000kgs and reach 7 feet in height. Their large ears can sense danger approaching. They also have a keen sense of smell.

They are philosophically minded individuals who value wisdom more than any sort of material gain. 

As such, they have led a relatively quiet history despite their proximity to one of the most tumultuous places in the multiverse.

Loxodon Friends


Barbarians were savage warriors, the descendants of the first humans who had dared to strike back at the monsters that infested the earth. 

It was the barbarians' fury that gave rise to legends, that spawned the totems and icons that became known as avatars of primal powers. 

Barbarians felt their spirits strong within them, like fiery dragons or beasts prowling within their blood. Left unchecked, they could become animalistic daemons in battle. 

Some barbarians raved and howled at the moon during battle, whether in triumph or anger, driving their foes before them like cattle.


In general, adventurers are defined by the skills and abilities that make them strong. Bards were much different. They were not defined by the powers available to them so much as the means by which they manipulated those powers. 

In this day and age, most who saw themselves as bards relied heavily on magic items or pre-written spells to expand their repertoire. But there were always those for whom the term "bard" was a challenge. 

They relied entirely on their own abilities to produce magical effects or inspire their allies.


Druids were similar to both priests and wizards in that they could effectively specialize in any number of magical schools of magic.

While the clergy of most organized religions have some magical ability, druidism is generally practiced outside established religions, often in secluded forest glades or groves.


They might venture into the trackless wilds, investigating rumors of sinister creatures, or undertake quests to far-flung lands in search of treasure and glory. 

Rangers were keen-eyed combatants, capable with a sword, bow, or axe.

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