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The oldest group of minotaurs was the Orisha minotaurs, who lived in the Great Glacier on the Sword Coast North until the late 1300s DR. 

In later years, the minotaur race adopted a policy of isolationism, and maintained outposts near larger cities on Faerûn's Sword Coast, refusing to deal directly with civilized humanoid races.

They were muscular and powerfully built for their size, with thick tan and brown skin, jet-black hair and large curved horns protruding from their temples. 

The Minotaur's likeness was used in the covers of many books, as well as with lesser monsters of the Minotaur family, such as the minotaur zombie and minotaur skeleton warrior.

Male Minotaur Names

Male minotaur are an honorable race of honorable creatures. They are big and strong, and know how to fight with those massive horns and clubs. Having a name that fits your personality will make you feel good about yourself, and help show your personality to others. 

1. Apis

Apis was the god of fertility, creation and rebirth in ancient Egyptian mythology. 

The Apis (or Hippu) bull was worshipped in Memphis, with an imposing temple from at least the Middle Kingdom era. 

This animal was chosen because of its evident qualities: virility and vigour, strength to work without fatigue and the habit of passing long hours doing nothing.

2. Erinyes

Erinyes is Rose Madder’s other character. She is a minotaur, a creature of tremendous power and anger. 

They were also known as Eumenides--the "well-intentioned ones"--but they were basically female revenants who inhabited dark caves and had snakes for hair.”

3. Gaur

Gaur is a minotaur-super beast of the bison variation, and is one of the three guardians of the World Tree along with Black Tortoise and Vermillion Bird. 

Tantheus calls him a “Bison Minotaur”, but it seems like in Kyralian mythology, there are more than one type of bison. His appearance is very similar to that of a musk ox.

Female Minotaur Names

The one creature from mythology that is half woman and half bull – surely there must be a name for that? Unless it’s just Minotaur. 

Either way, as female minotaurs are very popular in fantasy fiction as well as the Dungeons & Dragons I’m going to include a list of those names here. 

If you want you can use the minotaur name generator too - Which is above. 

1.  Ariadne

Ariadne then married Theseus. The tale of their love is retold to modern audiences in Richard Strauss's music-drama "Ariadne auf Naxos," which has inspired several operatic adaptations.

2.  Ashen

A satyr is born with the capability to become and Ashen Minotaur if it exhibits higher levels of intelligence than its brethren and willingly submits itself to the process of transmutation. 

Once the satyr’s horns are removed, it is then encased in stone where it remains until its metamorphosis is complete.

To Pick good minotaur names, we should know more about this race. Here is the guide: 

Minotaur 5E Guide

These creatures lived in the labyrinth, which was heavily guarded by the best hunters in the land. Minotaurs were so evil they feasted on human flesh. 

If someone were to enter the labyrinth, many say they wouldn’t survive. 

But the mighty Theseus did just that, he entered the labyrinth, not once but twice (after learning from the first experience) and defeated the Minotaur.

Actually, they're pretty terrifying. They were evil giant muscular humanoids with fur-covered bodies and bull-like heads.  Terrifying  isn't it? 

Yes, there's a lot that can be said about minotaurs but I'm here to talk about one thing in particular: their eyes. 


They were large creatures with cloven hooves, a bull’s horns, and a bull’s tail. 

Despite their brutal appearance, they were sentient creatures known for their strength and cunning. 

Minotaurs possessed enough wisdom not to anger the gods. 

They escaped them at all costs and stayed within the safety of their own kingdom in the depths of the Labyrinth.

Mother Country

Although they are rarely spoken of, Minotaurs are known to inhabit the forests and swamps of the Southern Reaches of the world. 

While many have tried to study them, few have survived long enough to bring back information on these large creatures.


The fastest speed that a minotaur base (the equivalent of the dreadnought) can move at is 30 feet. 

This is due to their stats which state that they have a base walking speed of 30 feet, which is later on modified by their Rage ability.


Like most creatures, minotaurs come in different shapes and sizes. It's the same with these half-human/half-cattle hybrids. 

Some are particularly large, a trait that earns them the appellation "greater" to distinguish them from their smaller kin. 

The one thing most minotaurs have in common, however, is their size.  Medium. 


The tribe of minotaurs worshipped the demon lord Baphomet and were not allowed in many cities because of this known factor. 

They lived outside civilization and most of them did not speak common, so they could never come in contact with others. 

If they had anything to trade from their hunts, the closest city would be in Crestwood, but even if they had gold or something to sell in trade, no one wanted to buy from them regardless.

Magrath the Minotaur

Magrath Dracken was a pirate lord who briefly ruled over the city of Suzail. Born in 1345 DR , Magrath was the red-haired son of a Cormyrian merchant and a Mintarn mother. 

His father hoped he would grow up to become a sailor like himself, but fate had other things in store for him. 

When his parents were murdered by brigands when he was only six years old, Magrath’s life took the first of its many dark twists. 

Battered, abandoned, and alone, Magrath suffered both physical and emotional abuse from those who should have been his protectors. 

He soon learned that it was easier to steal than to be stolen from.

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