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If you need Satyr names, I will make a list. Further, I will write about this race. How deeply you know a race, you will make right decisions. 

They were pranksters who loved humor to the point of being mischievous and cruel. But their love of revelry was not limited to themselves; they felt compelled to share it with any creature that would join them in their merriment. 

Satyrs used their music to entrance humanoids into joining in their wild dances. 

Those whose bodies proved supple enough to perform with the satyrs might be spared a grisly fate at their hands.

They listened at windows to hear beautiful maidens' voices and watched the sunsets from hills to see fair ladies below. 

They loved beautiful things, vivid colors, fine songs, delicious feasts and wines.

Their love for feasting, singing, dancing, and debauchery can be seen through their actions in many ancient texts including Homer’


They wandered and roamed the forests of Arcadia in large numbers, mostly doing nothing but enjoying themselves. 

But a number of Satyrs used what they were given by the Gods to do good in the world instead. These are some of their stories…"

They are mischievous creatures known to cause trouble. Satyrs were also extremely hedonistic and enjoyed engaging in debauched activities. 

This is also one of the reasons satyrs are so well known. Satyrs were associated with several Greek gods including Dionysus, Hermes, Pan, and Silenus.


Dance and music were often used to get satyrs into the mood of a party, but their favorite pastime was the celebration of nature. 

The two most important festivals for satyrs are Bacchanalia and Saturnalia. wine was a common part of both of these holidays. 

Due to the warlike nature of humans, it should come as no surprise that soldiers participated in these festivals with such gusto. 

Wine would be imbibed in large quantities, and sacrifices of animals would take place.

Mother Country

Homelands might help to pick the right Satyr names. They were once a proud and noble race. 

They were part of the original Elder Races that held sway over Anuire before humans came to power. 

Satyr society was focused on pursuit of pleasure, primarily through art, and its greatest art form was music. 

In the Time of Troubles, satyrs were faced with a war that even their considerable musical skills could not win. Retreated to their homes in Brynwood in the Vast, satyr society became insular and introspective.

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