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There are an amazing number of Shadar Kai names—at least 3,000 names recorded—and this makes choosing one a bit difficult. After all, you want your name to be unique. 

This is a list of some of the most popular Shadar Kai names used in the Forgotten Realms.

They had an innate connection to the Shadowfell and were actually created from it by Shar, the goddess of darkness and loss whose theology was encouraged by the cult of the Whispering Way

Shadar-kai lived in mockery of life and death, playing tricks on mortals and bringing them into their realm.

Shadar-kai appeared human in form but had dark grey skin and glowing golden eyes.

They were a mysterious race connected to both planes. Darker than the rest of their ilk, they carved their own home out of the Shadowfell and its gray mists.


They are bound within a tight existence defined by duty. 

Unlike their ancestors, who were once mortal humans, they have no capacity for laughter or joy and spend their waking hours contemplating only two aspects of life—duty and death. 

Shadowy figures that wear bonelike masks to conceal their features, they follow a strict code of conduct that involves precise and efficient elimination of anything that could be considered “abominable” to their culture.

Shadar-kai lived simple lives. They had very little regard for their own lives, but instead enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. 

They would always rather take a chance on getting killed than live another day without taking a chance at all; this made them fierce and lethal fighters. 

Since their lives were so transient, they hung little value on material possessions as a whole (or for that matter, anything outside of battle or hunts). 

They abhorred capturing prisoners, since the prisoners had to be returned eventually. 

They revealed in malice, tormenting and slaying all they came in contact with. This dark history is hidden from the common people but studied by arcanists and scholars with an interest in history and necromancy.


They have a difficult life. You should consider this to pick a name for Shadar Kai. Originally born in the forests of northern Darguun, they are only allowed to live within the Stom Hills until adulthood. After which they must undertake a grueling challenge to prove themselves worthy of joining the ranks of their elders and take their place in society .

Fighting Skills

They often relied on stealth and surprise to evoke a fight, but once engaged they weren't afraid to use the whole of their skill.

Above all was the development of their footwork by practicing with extreme rapidity and maintaining momentum when attacking or defending. 

Their style had no formal structure for group maneuvers and its practitioners did not make use of guard positions like thrust, parry or footwork. 

If they met an enemy more powerful than they, they would often simply flee the area, usually with great success. 

A common tactic favored by Shadar-kai was to incapacitate or stun an opponent before striking and then fleeing the area.

The Shadar-kai were also capable of quickly teleporting a short distance away. This was used to deadly effect fighting against a single opponent or many. 

At times, they would simply teleport away from battle, while at other times they would leave a half-illusory duplicate behind them, allowing the real Shadar-kai to attack their opponents at opportune moments.


Before using shadar kai name generator, you should understand their tribe. 

The shadar-kai who were part of Netheril, though despite their association with the Netherese, still flourished as a people and civilization. 

Out of this group grew a unique culture among the shadar-kai that set them apart from those in the Shadowfell. 

This was due primarily to the fact that they had free will (they are no longer slaves of Shar's curse), and no longer worshiped Shar. Instead, they turned to new gods such as Vhaeraun, Kiaransalee, and Shar's sister Selûne.

The Past

In the beginning, the Raven Queen was a powerful deity in her own right. When she attempted to become a step higher, her followers tried to help out by sacrificing their lives and souls. 

Angered by this, the Raven Queen tried again, once more asking for the sacrifice but ending up killing most of her own children. Out of rage and grief, the lands of Ravenloft withered away while the Raven Queen vanished with all memory of her own existence. 

The shadar-kai children who managed to question their own purpose before performing their sacrifices came out alive and intact from that final spell. These children became known as the shadar-kai.

Major Individuals of This Race

If you are looking for Shadar Kai Names, inspiration from real people in this race might be a good idea. 


Ashok believed that his people had given up their chance to return to Faerûn because they had not pursued vengeance against those who slew their patron deity, Bhaal, during the Time of Troubles. 

He argued that this peaceful course could lead only to nothingness, and that instead his kind had to either conquer or destroy Faerûn. 

He also expressed admiration for the deities Bane and Cyric, feeling that they offered strength and purpose, which seemed worthwhile alternatives to bleak nonexistence.


He had very pale, almost bleached skin due to exposure to negative energy, and his eyes were solid black with no iris or pupils.


He served as the prime (or one of the primes) in Ikemmu's struggle against That, but unlike most shadar-kai he had a great dislike for the Cult of the Eternal Flame, and so declined to take up their cause when they left. 

He was also not friendly with Kieve and Vuhm Yestral, whose actions later led Zerif Sturmwold to usurp power in the city.


He had a small carapace of blue crystal growing from his back.In 1356 DR, Thieraven killed an assassin sent by the rival kith of Vastar to kill him and stole the assassin's shadowsting whip. 

That same year, Thieraven won the darkblood Broodscape. 

He also became involved in the divinations around the darkbrood and contributed his own notes to those of Narnra Shalace.


Out of all of her siblings, she was the only one to survive into adulthood in that plane of existence. When she grew old enough, in her world she started to travel back and forth between shadowfell and the material plane, eventually meeting her husband. 

They had a baby girl together called Alyona who was also from Ikemmu.

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