Shifter Names: +100 Examples & Generator

Shifter names were inspired by the anime Inuyasha. They are often used in fantasy settings and mythological creatures like vampires, werewolves and dwarves

If you're looking for a unique name that sounds a little different on this extensive list you can probably find something that resonates with you.

Most shifters believe that they have both human and lycanthrope blood in their veins.

Like other races touched by Lycanthropy, shifters manifest a few physical features like an increased hairiness and an angular face with slightly extended canines. 

A Shifter’s body can change between two forms, one resembling a normal human, and one resembling the animal they take on. 

It is not known whether these transformations are generally willed or controlled by the body’s natural instincts (such as hunger, thirst or temperature)

If you know this race very well, you can pick a good shifter name easily. 


The personality of a Shifter is complex and varied. It’s been discovered that they are characterised by extreme mood swings so often, they are seen as overly emotional.

Their emotions tend to represent the full range from feelings of happiness and joy, to fear, anxiety or rage. Occasionally they may even experience hysteria or symptoms which appear similar to psychosis or schizophrenia.

While the Arcanist can tap into the powers of his or her Gauntlet, and the Monk relies on pure martial discipline and almost Zen-like teachings of the Spirits, the shifter spends considerable time honing his or her innate ability to channel the power from within.

Shifters are strong in general, and the personality of a shift follows suit. While some may think that a shifter is not a strong person, this simply isn't true.


The average baby shifter lives to be about 80, which means that a shifter with a low metabolism would likely live for only 65 years, while one with a high metabolism would probably live for close to 100 years.


Four hundred years ago the first group of Shifters were uncovered in the human population of Khorvaire but since then they have always been isolated from the main human populace and forced to hide in small tribal enclaves. 

Since then, a lingering thinning of the blood has caused the two populations in Darguun and Breland to split off into their own cultures and this has created differences in language, social norms, and how they view both their short history as well as the modern world.


The shifters are severely polyglot people, and therefore do not have a "proper" language of their own. They use the languages of the people they live with. 

The few terms that are exclusively shifters, are necessary to know in order to understand shifting culture - but those are mostly slang terms.

Mother Country: The Eldeen Reaches

The most notable of these is Shae Cairdal, the City at the Edge of Dreams. 

This city is built on the shores of the Nidwalden River where it meets the Evernight Sea. 

The predominant race is halflings, though there are some humans that inhabit small settlements in certain sections of the Reaches, typically near cities like Keltenth or Shae Cairdal.

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