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A name is a powerful thing. A name represents you and your character. Tabaxi names can be seen as a bit of an artform. They must be just right to convey a great meaning! 

They had large, tufted ears that granted them exceptional hearing (a trait shared by all feline creatures). 

Light green eyes added a feral look to their faces composed of short snouts and whiskers reminiscent of the great cats they admired.

Tabaxi were a race of feline humanoids native to the continent of Arcadia and the nations of Katapesh, Nex, Thuvia, and Osirion. 

Their natural agility and speed made them very capable warriors. They were excellent hunters and trackers.

Male Tabaxi Names

If you are looking for male tabaxi names, then you really need to check out this list below. This section will give you some of the best male names from Dungeons & Dragons and other games.

1. Eztli

Eztli is of Nahuatl origin and means "blood". Eztli was the consort of Chicomexochitl in Aztec mythology, with both being considered gods of fruits. 

This name originates from ancient native american culture of Mesoamerica.

2. Pishoy

Pishoy is a male name with Coptic and Egyptian origin. It has the meaning "tall".

3. Tochtlee

An ancient Aztec name Tochtlee, meaning "rabbit", has an unknown origin. 

It is believed that the Tochtlee family lived in the northern region, near what is now Colorado, before they migrated to their present location centuries ago.

Female Tabaxi Names

A list of cool female tabaxi names for your D&D 5e campaign. Tabaxi are cat-people who live in the desert and jungle, who use names to wield magic. From azer to zae (and from aellia & kali to onja & vidona), these female tabaxi names are ready for use in your games. 

1. Illary

Illary is a Quechua name for boys and girls meaning "rainbow" (Quechua: illari). Many people may be familiar with the Spanish meaning of the name, but the Quechua origin has more than one interpretation. 

Historically, a rainbow was considered a sign that the creator and sun god believed in their work. 

2. Necahual

Necahual as a name for boys is of Nahuatl origin, and the meaning of Necahual is "survivor". Necahual is an alternate spelling of Nexhol (Nahuatl).

3. Xpiayoc

Nowadays Xpiayoc is one of the more common Mayan names but it's meaning is not obvious at first glance. The prefix "xpi" means "mysterious" or "enigma". 

You can also find this word in Christian religion used for "sacred" and in Classical Nahuatl (Aztec language) meaning "divine".

I already shared the tabaxi name generator above, but below you will find deep information about this race. 

Tabaxi 5E Guide

The tabaxi dwelt in jungle environments, and they were actually quite comfortable in them as well. They could even swim very well considering their overall pudgy appearance. 

Their sense of balance was also rather good which makes some sense when you look at how many of them often lived in tree-cities

They were carnivores, but their version of a “meat diet” was rather different to the rest of the world. Not only did these feline humanoids hunt prey, but they also ate fruit!


They preferred secluded caves and forests to the metropolises and sound-filled streets of more populous cities.

When they did interact with other intelligent races, tabaxi often came across as aloof due to their extreme focus on such issues.

In most cases, the tabaxi were a quiet folk, and lived in isolation. When they did encounter other races, it was often to barter for food or supplies, as tabaxi could subsist on nearly anything organic. 

They had no problem eating insects, plants or even raw meat. These oddities make them mysterious and elusive.


When a Tabaxi reaches maturity they come of age and then live a life very similar to human’s. 

At the start of their lives, most tabaxi are in their teens where they usually leave or get left behind at their birth clan, for adventure and to learn about the world.


The tabs live in warm places that are humid and have a lot of rain.  

They like to hop from tree to tree, and they spend most of their time in trees - enjoying the breeze and the warmer temperature. 

They also like to live in jungles because it can be very dark inside the jungle and the Tabaxies can move faster in places where there is no light.


The Clan leader was always the largest and strongest male or if the Clan leader was killed, the most powerful female became the leader.

Hunters and warriors made up the ranks of the Tabaxi society. There were no trappings or rules other than a strict code that said honor those above you and protect those below you. 

Each clan had several Hunts each made up of two to eight individuals. The Hunts patrolled the area around the clan's lair.


The Tabaxi originated from the southern jungles whose dialect was extraordinarily different from the Payit peoples, more so than even other geographically isolated ethnic groups. 

They have all since lost their native language, adopting that of their neighbors either willingly or by force.

The Faith

They knew nothing but the jungle they grew up in for most of their lives. Though some would leave the jungle to find work as mercenaries, or to sail across the seas to see the places they had heard about from traders that came to the jungles.

Famous Tabaxis

If you need a tabaxi name, before deciding on the right one I highly recommend you to review famous tabaxi indivicuals. 


A Tethyrian woman with amber eyes, brown skin burnished by the sun, and a long white mane, she was (much to her dismay) well known as a wandering musician throughout the northern Sword Coast as well as having developed notoriety as an adventuring companion to various infamous villains such as Stali Daahz, Diehl, and Urgli Fry.

River Mist

She was occasionally employed by Raed Fimaren to lead expeditions deeper into Chult, particularly for desperate family members seeking lost loved ones.

She was a swashbuckler and an expert on Urik, having spent much of her youth as the pet of a pharaoh in the sands.

Two Llamas Running

The adventure begins with Two Llamas making her way home after a long night of trickery and ill will.

She claimed to be a distant relative of Arathanel "Two Llamas Rising", and had inherited the skills and tools needed for her escape from him.

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