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Tieflings are fiendish creatures which explain their devilish creativity in nomenclature. Tieflings have a varied naming culture featuring Tiefling names inspired by Greek, Hindu, and even Shakespearean roots. 

Tiefling names most often reflect the evil blood of its parent race, but there are some rare cases where the tiefling takes after a powerful fiend. 

They can be some of the most powerful creatures in existence. Their ability to change their appearance makes them one of the best infiltration tools ever created.  

Their power and psychic abilities make it very easy for players to RP a powerful and influential force on any given world.

They had two forms: a human shape and another form that was more akin to their fiendish ancestors. Tieflings resembled humans but with various features that evoked their fiendish ancestry. 

Their skin tone ranged widely, and could be blood red, forest green, dead black, ashen grey or bone white; their hair was thick and coarse like an animal's pelt and was most commonly some shade of red or brown, though black hair was not uncommon among tieflings descended from fiends with black fur.

Male Tiefling Names

The tieflings of D&D have a strange history. In previous editions they were the result of a blood pact with devils, or an experiment by a god of trickery. In 5th Edition, tieflings are any combination of human and infernal lineage.

They can be bred in secret among humans, or be the results of a single tryst between a human and fiend.

Below you can find male tiefling examples. 

1. Barchar

Barchar is a masculine given name. It is an Iranic name and its meaning is "youth". A common mistake for the etymology of this name stems from the fact that some interpret the Persian suffix -char as meaning "warrior", and make false connections with names like Galdigar/Gorger/Gorgir.

2. Kairon

This name is used quite often in the Hebrides. The name Kairon means "dark-haired". 

If you look at the spelling of this name, it does look like a Gaelic name but if you pronounce it, it sounds more like a Scottish girl's name than a Gaelic one.

3. Thecius

Thecius is a masculine given name, which is Germanic in origin. 

The name was derived from Greek which refers to a legendary Athenian king, Theseus. 

Theseus was known as the founder of the city of Athens and the hero who killed the Minotaur monster, rescuing his lover, Ariadne.

Female Tiefling Names

You may be rolling up a tiefling character and that means choosing a name. It's always a tough decision, but hopefully we can facilitate the process by offering Female Tiefling Names.

1. Orianna

Orianna (with name meaning Golden) belongs to English girls names. Oriannas have a special place in the world of stylish and trendy girls, because they love to stand out, be unique and all the time stay up to date with fashion trends.

2. Lerissa

Lerissa is a female name of Latin origin meaning "cheerful". It is the feminine form of Leroy. Lerissa was originally used by English speakers, but it has since spread to other languages. 

3. Zhera

Zhera name meaning and origin. Zhera is a girl's name with Arabic meaning and Persian (Dari) origin. Name Zhera or Zerah means "flower".

Tiefling 5e Guide

Many tieflings were uncomfortable with their appearance and felt that their physical features attracted too much unwanted attention. While not all tieflings fell into this category, many did, and went out of their way to make themselves appear as unremarkable as possible. 

Such attempts at masking their features might include wearing hoods or capes, or using cosmetics in an attempt to hide the fiendish coloration of their skin.

There are many different races of tiefling in the realms, and they vary wildly in their appearance. They tend to have a few common characteristics, however. Generally, tieflings look something like humans, with physical features similar to those of their non-tiefling parents.


Tieflings have a number of unique abilities. Most tieflings gain infernal power as they grow older, which manifests in different ways depending on the nature of their fiendish ancestor. 

In general, a tiefling’s bloodline determines how powerful the tiefling is and what special abilities it gains. 

All tieflings have claws that are similar to those of a tiger, but not nearly as long; however, their horns are far more impressive, as their size varies between different bloodlines. 

The most common form of horns is a pair of small, re-curving horns that resemble a ram’s horns. 


Tieflings are said to live for about 90–150 years. They mature around age 20 and rarely live to 150 years old, but some have been known to make it that far. 

They first develop the ability to use their infernal powers at around age 15, and rarely exhibit these traits before then. 

This is also true for the point in their life when they develop their horns, which happen around this same time.

Mother Country

Tieflings, although found in many lands, were originally the native people of the southwestern jungles of Chult. 

The anthropologist Falrinth Elat was perhaps the first to describe them as a distinct race, and coined the term "tiefling" (meaning "children of shadow") to describe both their shadowy appearance and their animalistic nature. 

Some scholars believe that tieflings may be related to dragonborn or genasi , since they have similar qualities.

Famous Tieflings


He betrayed her and left her to die, but she managed to survive after being saved by a vistani. Some months later, she discovered that, in addition to her celestial patron, she had an infernal one as well: Urgathoa, goddess of undeath and disease. 

A year more passed, and Farideh finally felt ready to take revenge on Lorcan


He was a member of the Black Fist, a zealous cult of Kossuth that operated out of Helm’s Hold. Unbeknownst to his allies, Makos was actually Ashardalon in disguise. 

Makos’ true identity was discovered when he had his minions slay many innocents in the sewers beneath Neverwinter in an attempt to lure Halaster Blackcloak himself into combat. 

In order to escape the consequences of his actions, he activated an orb of dragonkind while being confronted by adventurers.


She established her power after she manipulated followers from a fire cult into assassinating her master and burning down Bormeveld mansion. 

After this success she gathered more followers and established herself as a true cult leader, capitalizing on an apocalyptic fervor that had gripped Mulmaster for years. 

She led her followers to create the infamous Star Mounts in an attempt to usher Mulmaster into chaos in service of her own god Tiamat.

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