Tortle names: +150 Examples & Generator

Tortle names are extremely popular among our human overlords. Names like Bob, Jill, Steve, and John have long been the standard for human parents. 

These names are one of the few things we know about the humans pre-Age of Darkness. 

As tortles have emerged from their shells we too have emerged from the dark times to see that tortle names have changed a lot since those early times.

They were large, strong, incredibly long-lived, and able to survive for days without eating or drinking. Tortles were generally peaceful, but when riled they could be formidable opponents using their tails as weapons. 

Their thick skin made sword thrusts and slashes nearly ineffectual but arrows could pierce their hide even when oiled.

Female Tortle Names

If you are looking for a name for your female tortle, or just something cool to read about them, then you've come to the right place. In this section, we have compiled a list of names for female tortles so you can choose one that is just right for yours. 

1. Anna

Anna is a popular Greek girl’s name with several additional spellings and origins. As of 2015, it ranked number 9 for popularity in the state of Texas. 

That year, it was also the 16th most common name in the United States for all girls, regardless of origin. Its contemporary use began in the 1990s; before then, it was most often encountered as a middle name or surname.

2. Leimomi

The name Leimomi has a Hawaiian origin. The meaning of the name is “value baby.” I’ve been thinking about the word “pearl” and how it reminds me of things, such as a metaphor for an expectant mother, a special gift, a sign of hope, etc. 

Pearl is something we value because it is smooth, pure, precious; it’s luminous sheen tempts us to possess. 

Male Tortle Names

Do you want some inspiration for creating a new male tortle name? Have no fear, for I have complied a list of tortle name ideas that will bring smiles to your face or kick-start the creative process.

1. Aranck

According to Wikipedia, Aranck was a legendary native woman who was one of the founders of an Illiniwek village near Starved Rock in Illinois. The settlement would later be known as Starved Rock.

2. Dustu

The name is derived from the Hindi word dhutha, meaning playful or mischievous. Dustu and its variants have been used as baby names in India since the 19th century.

3. Mahkah

Mahkah is a Native American name of Nanticoke and Lenni Lenape origins. Meaning Earth - Mahkah is a female name. 

It is one of the loose stone, or surname clan names that are used among many tribes. When translated into English this name means "Earth", "Mud" or "Soil".

Tortle 5e Guide

They are most famous for being the preferred steed of the intrepid Tortle Pirates, but were also an infamous nuisance at beaches due to their habit of stealing food from picnickers.

They had the appearance of turtles, but the mindset of tortoises: slow-moving, cautious and introspective. Once a very prosperous species, the only surviving tortle was who you now know as Mosotl, the last member of his tribe. 

He was working as an interior decorator on Tortlestone Island at the time we found him.


These creatures were very intelligent with a low opinion of their own physical prowess. A popular tortle proverb summed it up best: "A tortle is either safe or sorry." 

It's common for the species to feel anxious and constantly looking for ways to make themselves appear stronger and braver than they really are


The Tribe of Tortle only reproduced near the end of their natural lifespans. When a tortle was getting ready to die, their family would circle around them. As they took their last breaths, the tribe's shaman would gently place them on their back using a tortle shell as a pillow. 

The babies were then brought forth so the parents could use their last moments to impart knowledge of migration routes, helpful survival skills, and information about where the best tortle hunting grounds were located.

When a Tortle reaches adulthood, they travel to the nearest lagoon. Once there, they build a nest out of driftwood and dried seaweed and there they sit for hours on end waiting for the sun to return. 

One day, as the Tortle stares longingly into the sky, they spot two huge birds flying overhead. “The Olyphants come!”


In the Archipelago of Xa’Al Mundar, the predominant languages are Aquan and Common.

Famous Turtles


She briefly became an ally of the Second Company of the Emerald Claw during her time as a mercenary, before it was later revealed she was secretly aligned with the Cult of the Dragon Below.


He was willing to sacrifice what basically equated to a lifetime of earnings for the sake of having his prayers go through, to eventually speak with a person that can grant him his wish.


Mudgraw's home, the Loonfeather Shop, was where new adventurers who came to Ahoyhoy would gather and be assigned their first quests. 

The Loonfeather Shop grew famous over the years and adventurers from all over Faerûn came to the shop looking for work.

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