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Are you looking for triton names for your campaign settings? Check out the generator below. This race is one of the coolest races in the fantasy world. 

In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, the Triton (called Mermaid in older editions) is an aquatic creature with a humanoid upper body, and a powerful tail with flippers. Tritons are amphibious creatures that can survive on land as well as underwater, they have webbed hands and feet and gills for breathing underwater. 

They mainly resemble humans with fish-like lower bodies. They are described as being stronger and faster swimmers than humans, with their tail fins giving them greater swimming speed than even the largest dolphins.

Male Triton Names

I love collaborative writing. It's fun to have a bunch of writers all working together to make something awesome. It's even better when I can work with my favorite writers to make a wonderful finished product. 

On the other hand, when I am making something wonderful by myself, it can be hard to choose names for characters or people you need to name for your fictional worlds. You can ask friends, spend forever searching on the internet or just use the generator of Male Triton Names.

1. Khehla

Khehla is a name shared among the various tribes of South Africa. The meaning of the name is kindness or respectfulness. Khehles first arrived in South Africa in 1680 during the Thirteen Colonies era.

2. Veles

Veles is a mystical god/demon, the Slavic origin meaning "Gods of earth". Veles is the most mysterious and ambiguous of Slavic saints, with his real image hiding behind the veil of time and legends.

3. Zavas

Zavas is a Turkish name for boys which means "battle". Zavas and it's variants have been used as Turkish names since Medieval times. 

Zavas is used widely among Muslims and also among Christian Turks.

Female Triton Names

The Greek sea gods and goddesses had many wonderful names. You may have been inspired to find a unique female triton name of your own!

1. Adredyn

Adredyn is a masculine given name that comes from the Old English language. Adredyn means "the one who is afraid". The origin of Adredyn is English. The name Adredyn is most commonly used in English speaking countries .

2. Ethyn

The last name Ethyn has a Hebrew origin. The meaning of Ethyn is "solid". It is used as both a surname or a given name. Ethyn is used by people in English speaking countries, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish and more.

3. Wislyn

Wislyn is a name of Germanic origin. Wislyn's name means "love" (Wisalin, Wisalinus, Wisalina). These all refer to devotion required in the Holy Communion.

Triton 5e Guide

Tritons were an outsider race native to the seas but hailing from the Elemental Plane of Water. They could breathe water, had a swim speed of 100 feet, and their touch dealt 1d6 points of electricity damage (in accordance with the fluid nature of their bodies). 

They preferred weapons that also dealt bludgeoning damage (such as flails and tridents), as they found that this served as a reminder of their power.


They had been in the business of laying claim to lands below the oceans and all things living within them for nearly two hundred years before the first human ship ever spotted their continent, and had developed an "underwater superiority complex" by the time explorers from Terratopia arrived in their territory.


The average lifespan of a Triton is estimated to be 200 years. During their lifetime, they spend most of it in the sea surrounding the islands, only rarely returning to land. Adolescent Tritons are banned from returning into the water because they learned their way of life on land is inappropriate for the sea.


The Triton ruling class originated from Tritonia, a planet located in the Alpha Centauri A star system in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Tritonian civilization was mostly destroyed by geological instability in 2060 and much of the population fled to other worlds over the next century.

The Faith

The religion was centered around paying homage to Persana. Most daily prayers and festivals celebrated Persana in some way, but there were two that proved most vital to the continued survival of the triton in more recent times.

Fighting Skills

The tritons were a proud race with a martial background. Every male from the age of about 16 onwards was trained in the ways of warfare, both hand to hand and whilst wielding what is mostly called the triton ‘weapon’. 

The large spear-like weapon was named the tapal, and was crafted at a young age by the individual Triton who would wield it, using skills passed down over generations. 

Only once they had become an expert at wielding this unique weapon would they be allowed to fight alongside other Tritons.

The Past

On the Material Plane, they are a natural curiosity. Other races have tried to emulate their origins which has led to many aberrations over time. 

They have managed to make allies with both the Merfolk and Kelpie, but some triton do not get along with others of their kind. This could be due to the feuds that exist between the different subtypes of triton, or because individual personalities differ too greatly from one another.

Famous Tritons

If you need to pick the right name for your hero, examine famous individuals in this race. 


One day, while he was collecting clams in a lagoon along the Coral Coast, he had his first encounter with Tundra, a giant sea serpent that prowled Alborea's seas in search of prey. 

Keros barely escaped this terrible monster's grasp by diving deep into the water and hiding among some coral reefs that grew near the surface.


Vodos was a great triton architect who planned the Sharksbane Wall and is often credited for creating Roadtown. He was a gentle soul who had a knack for always being at the right place at the right time, and he was loved by all.

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