Vedalken Names: +400 Examples & Generator

Vedalken names are simple and elegant with a strong emphasis on hard consonants with no relaxes, written in an alphabet closely related to the phyrexian script. Many of the letters are similar to those in Terran, but not identical.

The Vedalken are a 4-armed humanoid race with thin bodies, an average height of 6 feet, and a slightly larger head attached to a thin neck. An average male Vedalken’s head will weigh about 10 lbs. Their skin tone varies from a bluish white-gray to a dusky deep blue. Rarely, they may have greenish or yellowish skin tone.

Male Vedalken Names

Below is a list of male Vedalken names suitable for DnD characters, assorted NPCs and even members of your party.

1. Aglar

Aglar also means "passionate" in Vedalken language. Aglar name derived from Turkish origin. Aglar may also be a variant of Agamemnon, Agler, Aggler and Aguilar.

2. Kavin

This is a male name of Vedalken origin. The Kavin name's meaning in english is quiet. This originated as an English and Indian name

3. Modar

Modar is the name of a character which represents talent and a sense of humor. Modar then represents creativity, inventiveness and resourcefulness.

Female Vedalken Names

Have you been asked to create a female vedalken name? Or been role playing a D&D game and had your character assigned this race? But all you can think of is Elon Musk. 

I've got you covered. This collection will help you come up with a fantasy character that will be memorable and give her the opportunity to shine in the narrative. If you need more, use the generator above. 

1. Fainn

This is a name for a lovely, beautiful girl. It is a unique name with a creative and original meaning. The meaning of Fainn is happiness. 

Well, it is obvious that Fainn may not itself bring happiness, but unlike other names, it symbolizes the quality of being happy about something.

2. Kovel

Kovel's given name is of Vedalken origin. Vedalken names are short, monosyllabic, usually with a strong first syllable, and often a diminutive suffix. 

For Kovel, that suffix is "-ak". Vedalken culture has an equal reverence for the written word as they do for mathematical perfection. As a result, Vedalken have full names which form complete sentences when combined as sentences.

3. Nedress

It is of Arabic origin and its meaning is important both psychologically and spiritually too. It represents a personality with an intellectual and moral high level of courage to conquer all the fears coming across the human path.

Vedalken 5e Guide

Pace: 30 feet

This walking speed also applies to flying, swimming and burrowing Vedalken.


They appear slender and tall, like humans; males stand 6 to 6½ feet tall and weigh on average 180 pounds, while females are shorter and lighter on average. Weight can vary widely, though, with some unusually bulky individuals possibly weighing as much as 240 pounds.


Vedalken have a long life span. They're a pretty slow-growing species, and age about twice as fast as humans in their early years. 

The longest lived vedalken ever reached the ripe old age of 500, although this is incredibly rare, with about 350 being the usual lifespan. Of course, like all creatures, things such as disease can drastically shorten their life spans.

But a vedalken who lives through childhood has a good chance of making it to adulthood and living for three centuries or more (the oldest-of-oldest vedalken usually live in their own communities in "oldster colonies" that are out of the way and hard for humans to reach)


Vedalken are a largely monolingual (and somewhat insular) race of humanoids. Their spoken language is called Vedalken, and their written language is called Vedalken, too. 

As a result, most Vedalken know Common so that they can communicate with the other races.

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