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Verdan names come from the fictional world of Verdan. Words or phrases are often inserted into role playing video games or fantasy novels by authors wishing to make the words more interesting. 

The names below are all from different countries, each displaying the language and cultural traits of their country of origin."

They were created by the Hound of Brackus, the demigod guardian of Gulthmere's gate, as a means to destroy the city using monsters who mimicked its citizens. 

They were able to do this because each verdan had an instilled compulsion to live according to whatever appearance they mimicked at the time. 

Thus, verdan who looked like drow would take up living in drow society, while others would attempt to infiltrate camps or settlements populated by humanoids

Other changes happened at different moments along their adult lives, following no apparent pattern. 

Their appearance was that of a degenerate, elongated goblin with no fur upon its body. 

Their skin was black with dark green, mottled markings. The entire limbs of each verdan were gangly and bony, and each foot was disproportionately larger than the others.

Before picking a good verdan name, let's explore their nature. 


From birth, verdan were trained to expose themselves to a wide array of experiences. This way they developed an empathy that encompassed all walks of life. 

Due to their extensive exposure, they had experienced many different forms of life, leading them to set aside differences in appearance and culture. They often said this gave them a deeper understanding of the beauty of difference as well as the universality of humankind.


Verdans are amphibians that live for a long time, sometimes as much as 200 years. 

Because of this, the Verdans believe in reincarnation, and many believe that one day all the Verdans will reincarnate as humans. To understand why the Verdans did that, you should know their history. (keep reading)


The verdan race has adapted and changed since they were created. While they did flourish in the northern reaches of the Mordath, their numbers dwindled as many started traveling south into realms such as Agon and the Eastern Kingdoms

During these travels the verdan embraced the local cultures of those who inhabited these lands. Some stayed close to their ways of naming children based on their current location, others started giving their children more common names.


Verdans are a proud and ancient race of short humanoids who live in the deep mountains and underground forests. Their culture is divided into two halves, a near-feudal nobility and a free-spirited folk. Traditionally, Verdans are born telepaths, but rarely use this power to communicate between each other. 

The language which Verdans speak has a complex writing system, but is spoken like the common tongue of any other humanoid race.

The Past

They worshiped many gods, but mainly Pharasma. The reasons for this are unknown. During their first recorded excursion into the surface world, the verdan were a violent and warring race that sought to conquer every known landscape. 

They had been pushed to their breaking point after centuries of infighting within their own society.

The Last Words

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