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After warforged were first introduced in the Eberron campaign setting, I found myself wondering what sort of naming conventions would arise amongst this "new" kind of creature. 

As we know, Eberron has a very different culture to that of the standard medieval setting, and so I thought it would be fascinating to explore how a warforged might name itself given the extra freedom afforded to it by its lack of biological components.

Creatures of ancient myth, Warforged were made up of magically enchanted materials. 

The exact origin of the Warforged was unclear; they were first created for warfare purposes by the Titans, and came into conflict with the Earthen, creatures also created by the Titans. Eventually, the Warforged were sealed away in tombs when their civil war with the Earthen grew to its peak. 

Millennia passed until they were rediscovered by a renegade group known as House Cannith. 

Around 994 YK, when the shattered empire was being rebuilt again, a general of Karrnath started selling Warforged to mercenary crews.

Famous Warforged Names

Warforged are an interesting race of beings. They were made to fight in a long war, and now are left with nothing to do but wander the world. It’s a shame they don’t age. 

Perhaps they could have children and keep going with their lives. I digress…there are many famous warforged, and this is a list of those individuals who had a huge impact on the world.

Here are some famous names

1. Graven

Graven (Anglo-Saxon origin) as a surname, is of locational origin from any of the places called Graven or Gravesend in county Kent. 

The place names are from the Olde English pre 7th Century "græfen" plus "ænd", and means the one who lives near a ditch, from the pre 7th Century word "græf". 

The toponymic surname was first recorded in the late 14th Century (see below). One Elisabeth Graven married Thomas Hurd at St Andrew Holborn, London, on May 2nd 1558.

2. Morg

Morg is a name of Welsh origin. In Welsh, Morg means The protector of the sea. A name of Celtic origin, notable bearers include several saints including Murdog, who was bishop of Rheubarth in the 6th century.

3. Zealot

According to Wikipedia, Zealot was also a political party that supported Judas the Galilean and his fight for Jewish independence in the 1st century AD. 

However, this is specifically for the Zealot movement in Israel during this time period and not the meaning of the word “Zealot” as a name. 

There are other names similar to Zealot because it is very much a Greek word, so names like Zelia and Zeale are also similar.

Warforged Names for Girls

1. Crystal

Crystal names, given name Crystal: the American meaning of this word is "clear glass". 

In fact, "crystal" is a transparent mineral found in the Alps; when you grind it into a powder, you can make eyeglasses from it. By extension, people (mostly women) with this name are said to be clear and bright like crystals.

2. Petunia

The English name Petunia comes from the English flower of the same name. 

It is considered to be of Latin or South American origin with its primary meaning being "the flower".

3. Smite

Smite is the name given to a set of similar gods in different religions who share some aspects. Some are goddesses and others are gods. 

They were named this because they forced evildoers to stop and/or pay for the crimes they committed. The word smite comes from an Old English verb that means "to strike".

To understand the nature of warforged names, let's dive deep into this race. 

Warforged 5e Guide

The warforged appeared soon after the fall of Netheril, as a result of the fascination that some had with creating sentient living beings. While they were not the first race to be created by this means, they were the first to have their creation controlled by the state. 

The eventual result of this was the near extinction of their creators. The warforged grew in popularity as an unwitting pawn in the many wars that came and went over the course of a few decades, often taking heavy casualties and sometimes walking away from them.

They were sentient beings, capable of emotion and thought. While some warforged became mindless automatons after the onset of the Mourning, those that retained their sentience had developed a culture based around loyalty to their friends, family, and nation.


Warforged were created as the ultimate soldier, designed to fight in the Last War. Brought to life with arcane magic and given a semblance of life, they were designed with a sole purpose. 


Most warforged are built to fight from the moment they awaken and this has led them towards taking their name from their design: They are living weapons. While most warforged still use this militaristic mindset, this doesn’t mean all of them do.

They didn’t need time to mature from a childlike state; because they already had the physical maturity of an adult, they just “became” once their bodies were put together. 

The idea of creating a soul and attaching it to a physical body isn’t present among warforged; this means that, unlike other living creatures, warforged don’t have innate concepts of right and wrong, good and evil. 

They literally learn these concepts from the outside world around them through experience and interaction


A warforged has a human-shaped body and stands 5 feet tall. It weighs 150 pounds and is composed of stone, hardened clay, and metal; thus, it has hardness 8 and 50 hit points. Immune to magical aging effects, a warforged cannot die of old age, but can still be slain.


Warforged have three languages they can speak, read, and write. These are the warforged language itself, common, and one other of their choosing. 

Their voices are usually very deep and imposing. They often have an expressive face with round eyes that come in a variety of colors and shapes.

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