Cursed Emoji: Funny Form Of Popular Symbols

October 19, 2020

There are some symbols we use every day to express our emotions. Designers make these symbols a little funny, and this trend is called Cursed Emoji.














Conversations could become more complex and meaningless if emojis didn't exist. These cute little drawings play a huge role in communication.

Have you ever tried talking to someone on WhatsApp without using emote? The person you are talking to may think you are angry, sad, and unhappy.

You may be in an everyday mood, but you seem unhappy when you don't use these symbols.

This situation is just an emotional bias. And we cannot change this prejudice. We think the person who gets in the Mercedes is rich. We believe that someone who hasn't used emote for a long time is also unhappy. Unfortunately, this is the case.


I don't want to make a digital communication criticism right now. I just want to talk about how symbols we know become more interesting with little design touches.

You can see examples of cursed emoji at the top of the article. These are not officially available on our keyboards yet. But you can download it and use it as a sticker.

To download funny cursed emojis in png format, just click the button below each image.

The symbols used in messaging in the early 2000s were very complex and varied. Everyone could produce characters in any way they wanted. However, most of these images produced without a specific design standard were very ugly.

The emojis we use today represent a common language. Although there are small differences in understanding, each emoji is used to express similar emotions.

For example, just as the meaning of the word Apple is the same for everyone, the red-cheeks’ importance facing downward expression is the same. This common language has made the messaging stream more sustainable.

Often, an emoji replaces many words. People use emojis instead of conveying their emotions in words. Or more importantly, they use emojis to make the things they say in words more meaningful.

So why are these symbols invented in the 2000s? This is not a coincidence.

Messaging wasn't that common in the past. The use of symbols has become widespread as the Internet and devices connected to the Internet are cheaper and accessible to everyone - I mean half the world by anybody. The other half of the world's population does not yet have the means to connect to the internet.

We want to use symbols while messaging. We don't need emojis in face-to-face communication because our gestures are enough to express our emotions. There are hundreds of muscles in our face, and these muscles work great to shape expression. However, our copies disappear in written communication. We all have different smiles, but we all use the same smile icon when texting.

With the update of iPhone ios 13, it offered us the opportunity to develop an animated image close to our vision. This digital image feature has been loved by many and is used tremendously. Maybe in the future, all emojis are similar to the image of the person sending it.

While there is a danger of moving away from the truth, perhaps it is best to use such a unique way to express ourselves better.

Cursed emojis are a different matter. These naturally cute drawings become more exciting and maybe even a little scary. No one is terrified when they look at a cursed emoji.

This trend has become very common, and people like to use symbols that are a bit scary but mostly cheerful. In the future, ios may add some of these to the official keyboard. Maybe not.

While Apple has included some trains in its operating system, most of the trends are ignoring. He considers it more important to keep his own culture alive than to include all cultures. Apple is not a cultural marketplace, after all.

Cursed emojis can always remain a subculture. And it is never seen as mainstream. However, similar things were thought for bitcoin at the time. It was never predicted that bitcoin would become a currency to be used by all.

No one except experts can read the symbols inside the Egyptian pyramid. Maybe thousands of years later, the same will be valid for the emojis we use.

I don't think the English language will disappear anytime soon, but some technological advances may cause the emoji language to disappear.

Some technological developments show that messaging will not continue in two dimensions. Video communication is about to replace written communication. All apps, from Instagram to Whatsapp, have a video chat feature.

No need for emojis while talking on video. Because hundreds of muscles in our face provide all the expression needed, so what will happen to emojis in this case? Some independent software developers have managed to put some emojis in the front with augmented reality applications. The emoji placed on your face follows your gestures.

You can put these emojis on your face when you think you are not looking good enough to enter a zoom conversation. Getting into a marketing meeting with a cursed emoji can be interesting.

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I want to go back to our main topic. What would the person who designed these cursed emojis think of them?

By the way

Who designed these emojis?

This person's name is Angela Guzman. The creator of emojis, which became very popular worldwide, was an internship at Apple technology company.

Because even the Apple company did not predict that these symbols would be used worldwide, it was made just for Japan.

Anyway, I wonder what Angela thought when she saw the cursed forms of these symbols. It affects everyone to see that small design changes cause such significant changes.

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