Thank You, Coronavirus Helpers: Join The Movement, Make the Difference

The world is fighting against a virus. By joining the Thank You Coronavirus Helpers movement, you can thank the people who have made efforts in this process and are working to restore the world to its former state.

Throughout the 10,000-year history of humanity, life has come to a standstill once or twice. However, no one except a few scientists predicted what happened to us in 2020.

A disease known as the new type of coronavirus is known to pass very quickly from person to person. It was first seen in Wuhan, China, but could not be prevented from spreading worldwide.

Coronavirus seriously threatens the world population, mainly because it can be fatal in older adults. Vaccine development studies are still being carried out against this disease. Some countries have found the vaccine and are applying it to their citizens.

However, the vaccine’s production and distribution process may take as long as the vaccine is available. Until this time, the only measure that can be applied is staying at home. But keeping all people at home does a great deal of damage to our financial system.

To get rid of a virus that damages our immune system, we have no choice but to take a measure that harms our financial system.

Time will tell which of our systems is worse to suffer. But of course, fortunes can be shared. Human life is also more important than anything else.

While the world was going through such a difficult period, many lives were saved thanks to thanking you, coronavirus helpers.

Beyond that, if we can stay in our homes to be protected from corona, we can stay thanks to these people.

The pandemic process would not have passed in such a controlled manner if there were no people who sent us our brain needs and people working day and night to treat coronavirus patients in hospitals. We could have tackled more significant problems.

The existence of people who risk their lives to help is proof that the world is the right place.

The presence of these people is also proof that there is always hope. No lousy situation can scare us, humans, because definitely, someone comes to help.

How can you join the thank you coronavirus helpers movement?

Things are quite simple. Here you will download print-ready size images. After downloading, you will go to the nearest print center or order online and print the poster. You will then hang this picture on your door or at the entrance of your shop.

And when someone who works in the shipping and food ordering business comes to their door, they will know that they are supported when they see this poster.

Man gets used to everything. However, we should not get used to what these people who make a tremendous effort to continue living in the world do. We must be continually grateful to them. And we must show this gratitude whenever we find it.

For the moment, it has not regressed in human history. We are continually improving. Our technology is improving. We are making significant progress on issues such as hunger and child mortality.

Our communications networks are stronger today than ever before. Access to information is free and fast. The number of things we can learn on the internet is endless.

When we thought we were so powerful, human history was helpless against a simple virus. As Bill Gates mentioned in his TED talk, we should invest in healthcare as much as in the weapons industry because our body is still full of unknowns.

Because states see each other as a threat, they spend vast sums of money on the arms industry.

However, our main enemy is obscurity. And there are hundreds of viruses in the world that have the potential to pass from animals to humans at any time. And none of these viruses have a vaccine.

Maybe this incident we experienced in 2020 has helped us see what the real threat is. There is a possibility that other viruses will threaten human life in the coming years. However, if the necessary precautions are taken, it is possible to minimize the damage.

However, no matter what catastrophe the world faces, there will always be someone to help. By downloading one of the thank you coronavirus helpers posters and hanging it on the door, you are sending a thank you message to people who are helping you at any moment.

All of the Thank You Coronavirus Helpers posters are made with images suitable for non-commercial use. If you are also a designer, you can design your sign. Here are some resources that will be useful in this process:

Free icon:

Free Image:

Free Gradient color collection: My Website.

Free and easy design tool: Canva

Another design tool alternative: Adobe XD

You can design your own "Thank You Coronavirus Helpers" poster using the tools I mentioned above. But if you don't know anything about design. Or, if you do not have time for this subject, you can stick the images I prepared for free on your door.

Thanks to these charity-loving people, older people do not have to go out to meet their basic needs.

And there were fewer casualties. We should all fulfill our responsibilities in the face of this disease that affects older adults incredibly severely. Everywhere we see advertisements explaining what needs to be done to prevent the spread of this virus.

However, the main question we should ask ourselves is this. What can I do in the face of this disaster the world is going through? The most straightforward answer right now is to hang one of these posters. If you can do that, you may have made significant progress.