Line Counter: Count How Many Line You Have

Why you need a line counter? Here is the answer: How many lines are there in a text file (txt)? There is no simple solution, and the “notepad” (or similar editors) is not designed for counting the number of lines.

If you use grammarly, disable it before paste your text

Therefore, you need to copy and paste the data into Excel or similar.

A simple counter of the number of lines is presented on this page. Now you can count how many lines in a text file just by pasting your text to the text area.  

Counting the number of lines in a document is a headache. The manual count is painful, time-consuming, and prone to human error.  

Line Counter is a simple software designed to count a number of lines in the article or code. It does not require an internet connection and can be used as a part of your workflow.

One of the most common questions asked in Stack Overflow is the number of lines in code. 

For that reason, I developed this counter to help you to count all lines. 

I often use the online tool to count words. It is very helpful when I write blog posts and get a promotion on Facebook

However, there are times I would like to sum the number of lines in my text to know approximately how many words are in a document, especially when I read the scientific paper from another country because I often think that they use some specific formulae not used by us (or maybe it is just me who believes so). 

So yesterday I developed this tool (click here to see my other tools) I hope it will work for you too. 

If you are producing content for the internet, the detail is important. You may even need to calculate how many lines an article you want to be indexed on Google?

So do really long articles rank higher on Google?

Let's find out

Is Blog Length Important in SEO?


The average word length of a blog post is 500 words. This is the most common sentence length you’re likely to come across. 

There are some variations on this though (for example many SEO-related posts use headings that reduce the total amount of sentences). Of the top 10,000 websites on the internet, 89% of them use a 500-word sentence count according to DomainTools

Blog length isn’t specifically related to SEO, but it can still affect your search engine rankings. 

When you write a blog post, the length matters as it helps Google determine what type of content you are providing. 

For example, if you write a 2,000-word article and the topic is about cooking, then Google will likely assume that your blog is a recipe blog and rank it high in the searches for recipes. 

If instead, you wrote an article that was only 300 words on the same topic, then Google would probably see this as an informational or opinion-style blog. 

This might not be what someone searching for a recipe expects to see.

How does Line Counter work?

It is a simple tool that helps you measure how long your lines are. 

You may have struggled for quite a while to find a good solution for measuring the length of your line without messing around with the HTML code, so I decided to make it easier for you. 

Line Counter is an online tool that allows you to visually see how many characters your lines contain. All you need to do is type in the code and Presto! 

Your number will appear and you can track your progress each time you write a sentence.

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