Poop Emoji: +15 Version in Different Devices

No matter how you feel about toilet humor, don’t deny the fact that a poop emoji is pretty funny. If you’re an adult like me then you probably only used it once or twice for its intended purposes.

There are many emoji out there, but there's one that I just don't understand. Why is an emoji with poop something you'd send to someone? 

Who even thought of this? And why? I mean, come on! We've got such high standards these days, so why do we still have emoji-like poop? 

It seems like it was something that was created because you "had to" and not because it was creative.

This is a way to get somebody’s attention all the while adding some subtle humor and emotion into your Instagram posts. 

Now, you may be thinking this emoji isn’t all that funny, but it goes a long way with your Instagram captions. 

All you have to do is tack on the poop emoji at the end of your post or whenever you want someone to pay attention. Instagramers are usually competitive, always trying to get their post more likes than other people’s posts so this can help you in that department.

Meaning of Poop Emoji

You’ve probably received this emoji in your texts before. But what does it mean, you ask? It’s a silly way to say “I’m feeling excited!” I think the look of excitement that the emoji shows is heaps better than the look of happiness. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to add a poop emoji to your text from time to time.

What exactly are emojis?

The emoji is a symbol that adds meaning to the text. According to the word definition, it can be used in isolation or combination with written language. 

The book faces with tears of joy is normally used in conversations especially Whatsapp

Although some times, the meaning becomes confusing as the usage can change depending on tone and color. 

Our research shows that the poop emoji has been used 2,000,000 times from 30th December 2015 to date(one month). 

It can be used as a replacement for boring words and punctuation marks in conversation.

Is Using Poop Emoji Shame?

I wasn't sure what to write here but I saw that there are a couple of notes of people being upset by poop emoji so I think it's important. 

There's a lot of negativity in the world and it can be difficult to know how to use your words online. 

Poop and poop emoji can both let someone know something is wrong without having to directly confront them and any emotions they may have.

Why This Emoji is So Popular?

Because it works.

It may seem like a silly subject but as a marketer, it's important that I make sure I'm using the appropriate emojis for my clients and this is what led me to research these emojis and provide some interesting insights. 

This study was conducted with Google Analytics, AdWords, Optimizely, SEMrush, and other SEO tools... And did you know that at least 30% of people want to click on things that have poop emoji next to them? 

Emojis in Marketing

Today we are talking about emojis in marketing. Many people believe that marketing just works one way and if you want to be successful, there’s only one path that you can take. But the truth is there are many ways to get started with a new marketing strategy and reach your results.

I love the use of emojis. I've been using them for a few years now and love the fact that they allow me to say so much more than words. Yet, I've noticed recently that it's not only my friends who are using them but brands as well. 

But should they be? In my opinion, yes.

As part of the free content strategy, emojis have an important role in introducing a brand to the market. As time goes by, more and more people choose emojis as their universal language. 

One of the main reasons why emoji is used super often in communication is that their facial expressions and emotions are more than words can describe.

History of Emojis

history of emoji photo

How did it start? and where is emoji from? Some people say emoji is a modern way of communication, others say the use of emoji is purely related to pop culture. However, there are probably as many opinions about emoji as there are emoticons themselves. 

But where does this start?

What is the beginning of emoji in print? Will we be able to trace back when the first photograph with an emoji was published?

Can we find out when was the first time an English speaking person used an emoji in his/her writings or messages or do we have to dig deeper into the past, as far back as Ancient Egypt or maybe Ancient Greek literature to find traceable evidence of their existence?

The origin is Japan

When the first emoji was invented in Japan in 1999, nobody could predict that they would become the worldwide phenomenon that exists today.

The creators of emoji aimed to create an alternative to kanji, not a way of communicating feelings and ideas through images, as we know it today. 

If you are interested, you can check my cursed emoji collection as well. 

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