+30 Dark Green Colors With HEX Codes

Dark green is my favorite color. It's so dark it's almost black — that really sums up my personality very well, I suppose. I love listening to instrumental music late at night, and working on projects in the middle of the night as well. What's your favorite color?

The color Dark Green is most often associated with leaves, as the asparagus and spinach are two examples of plants that grow greens in such a dark shade.

As a magazine and website publisher of a digital publication on the topic of green energy and environmentalism, I'm interested in all things green and sustainable. 

While researching my article on why dark green is the best color for online marketing (I didn't write that article, but if I had, it would have been the title), I found this set of color palettes with dark green hues to be very useful.

Green Dragon - #006c67

Green Dragon color

Green dragon color is a slightly phosphorescent green color, atomic number 542. It was discovered by chemists in the laboratory. Some species of animals and plants also have this color as their natural coloring.

Ivy - #007958

Ivy color

Ivy is a dark green color that evokes the evergreen climbing plants of the same name. Sometimes called Gobbo or frog-color, this olive-green hue is derived from mixing blue and yellow. Ivy Green is also the color of some of the seasonal uniforms of Auburn University sports teams.

Dark Green - #033500

Dark Green color

These colors are dark and bold. Some say strong, others say soft. Whatever your take on these colors is, they all say different things about who you are. Out of all the colors that are in the world, these hues make up a very special percentage. Beyond the list this might be the original dark green HEX code. 

Diminishing Green - #062e03

Nori - #112a12

Nori Green

Phthalo Green - #123524

Phthalo Green

Phthalocyanine green, also known commercially as Phthalocyanine green G (C.I. 74160), or by the trade names, Monastral green G (C.I. 47005) or Monastral green B (C.I. 56045), is a synthetic green complex copper phthalocyanine pigment, stable in solution and insoluble in water, used both in its concentrated form as an artist's pigment and in various modified forms for industrial applications.

Forest Green - #154406

Forest Green

Forest green (or just simply “green”) is one of the most common colors in nature, which is likely why it's long been used as a representation for life. Wherever you might find green, you're likely to find life. 

A forest with pure green will give you a glimpse of how some animals like to live – covered head to toe with lush foliage. 

Just beyond where the grass grows, you'll find sweet berries, purple flowers, and ripe fruits – all ripe for picking if you had time to kill (and if they weren't poisonous).

Lindworm Green - #172808

Lindworm Green

Cardin Green - #1b3427

Cardin Green

Cardin green is a very saturated dark green. It makes good office coloring. However, this is not recommended for the bedroom. Greens are known to keep people awake. 

This color can help with monitoring your finances and is good for a cardiologists' office. While this green would look nice in a home office or den, it might not be the best one to use in a living room or kitchen.

Sherwood Green - #1b4636

Sherwood Green

Sherwood is the color of leaves and grass. It is used to produce yellow in combination with other pigments, such as by mixing ochre and vermilion. It takes its name from an ancient forest in Nottinghamshire called Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood lived.

Dark Jungle Green - #1c352d

Dark Jungle Green

Dark Jungle Green is a dark turquoise green color. It has undertones of blue and is well seen in nature as the pigment of some amphibians. The human eye sees differently things relative to the degree of light or the source of light.

Palm Green - #20392c

Palm Green

Green is one of the three primary colors of the RGB color model, between red and blue. The green is not a pure chroma, but composed of more than other colors.

Charleston Green - #232b2b

Charleston Green

Aircraft Green - #2a2c1f

Aircraft Green

Dark Moss Green - #3e3d29

Dark Moss Green

Kombu - #3a4032