Random Color Generator

If you work on software projects, you usually use HEX code to apply color. Or you use RGB. You don't always know what color to use in your software project. Thinking about this can be tiring at times. If you want to use your energy more efficiently, I recommend you to use Random Color Generator.

With this tool, you don't have to worry about which color to use. You can create a color palette in seconds. Or if you only need one color, you can still use this tool.

I've worked on gradients before. I have listed ready-made gradients. And I've given funny names to these newly produced colors. People laughed at this.

And I decided there might be some need for flat colors after gradients. Yes, the use of gradients has become increasingly common, thanks to initiatives like Stripe. However, we also use solid colors in all areas of design.

How This Color Generator Works

In fact, it is very obvious how the application works. But I still found it appropriate to prepare a small guide so that there is no dark side.

There are two buttons in this tool. The first button changes the color option to a new one. If you are satisfied with the result, click the button next to it. This button also copies the HEX code of the current color. And you can race anywhere you want.

It's that simple. I tried to make it awfully simple. If you still have a problem using it, please email me.

Best color combinations for websites

If you are the type of person who's looking for an easy "how to" guide on choosing color schemes then this written article is for you. Trends change quickly, but the web is always there for your business. A great color scheme will make your site look not only trendy but also like a pro designed it.

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