Yellow Gradients

yellow gradients

Examples of Yellow Gradient in Web Design

Yellow gradient

When compared to the 90's, the web is more beautiful today. If you look at Apple's 90's site, you can see how much web design has improved.

One of the factors that make the design beautiful is the colors. Here are just a few examples of how yellow gradient colors fits on web design:
‍by Hoang Nguyen

‍by Gyor Moore

‍by Konstantin Zhuck

‍by George Barbu

Examples of Use of Yellow Gradient in App Design

In the United States, people spends 5 hours a day on the phone. (I hope you are one of those who pulls down the average)

It's 5 hours long. Some of us can not spend 5 hours with our partners.

As smartphones are the tools we spend most of our time on, we are expecting more from mobile applications.

We are willing to use only the best mobile apps. What is it that makes a mobile application perfect? Short answer: An excellent user experience.

Color choices are a part of the perfect user experience.

Here are a few examples of the successful use of yellow gradient.

‍by Frannnk

‍by Eugene Olefir 🔥

‍by Telmo Güell Mengotti

‍by Peter Makovicky

Examples of Yellow Gradient in Icon Design

Icons are a great way of communication in design.

Do you want to show something is downloadable? You don't need to write "Download".  Just put Down Arrow icon.

There are dozens of examples like this. Users now recognize icons. When we see the thumb up, we know it means liking it.

Here are a few icon design examples prepared using yellow gradient:

‍by Paul Okrema

by Fabio Benedetti

‍by Bella

‍by Beto Garza "Helbetico"

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