+50 Shades of Purple

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Shades of purple colors

In the design school, one of my teachers warns me about purple color. I was using a lot. It was my favorite color during the academic years.

In the design school, one of my teachers warns me about purple color. I was using a lot. It was my favorite color during the academic years.

But when I got into the commercial world, I have to put distance between shades of purple and me.  The reason is that not purple go old school in the design world.

I stop using because, as a designer, I can't use my favorite colors. I have to consider user needs.

But I still like shades of purple I prepared an ultimate list for you! All tones of purple include hex color. The only thing you should do just click the "Copy Hex" button.

Purple color is used in companies that prioritize trust. If you are determined to choose this color, you can reach the result in a short time by using the logo maker without being a design genius.

Dark purple colors

Dark purple is the color of luxury. It is the color of individuals who want to stand out, in a positive and powerful way. This is the type of color that triggers people and makes them want to find out more about you.

Mardi Gras - #880085

Mardi Gras

The color Mardi Gras should be displayed at right. If you are writing a paper about Mardi Gras, then you should include its name as part of your paper's title. You will also want to include the name of the color in the text of your paper, such as: "When people think about Mardi Gras, they often think about the bright colors that are used in its celebration."

Rebecca Purple - #663399

Rebecca Purple

Rebecca purple is a CSS color name. It was added to the CSS4 official list of color names this year. I'm sure there are people who are much more excited than I am that they can now use Rebecca Purple on their websites, but it's not something I see myself using all that often.

Purpureus - #9A4EAE


Purpureus is an orangey-red color. It's a color that includes purplish tones, with just the smallest hints of red. The word purpureus comes from purpura, which means a kind of purple-colored cloth used to make robes and flags.

Northwestern Purple - #4E2A84

Northwestern Purple

The Northwestern Purple color is unique to Northwestern University, meaning it stands out from the crowd. As with most university colors and mascots, it's easy to see how the school chose purple as their official color. It's flashy, uncommon and has a historical basis.

Eminence - #6C3082


This color is popularly called "eminent," but it should not be confused with Eminent, a dark greenish-yellow used for egg yolk by some Victorian writers. Remember: Pigments are opaque and paints are translucent.

Palatinate - #72246C


The color ‘Palatinate' was originally designated by a committee of representatives from the Durham Students Union, Durham University Library and other university bodies. The word palatinate is derived from the Latin palatinus, meaning palace. It's also used to describe any principality or dukedom that enjoys a high degree of self-governance.

Light Purple Colors

Light purple is a pale shade of purple. It is not a dark tone; it's almost a baby pastel color, sometimes known as lavender. 

In different countries the meaning of the color vary slightly based on culture, religion and language but for most intents and purposes the main shades of purple represent royalty, luxury, exclusivity and high fashion.

There is a roughness to the edge of the light purple color that touches on red, like the edge of a summer sunset.

The color Purple is also referred to as Lilac which blends purple into white and is a combination of several colors which makes this color amazing.

Lavender - #E6E6FA

Lavender hex code

Lavender is a lovely shade of purple. It's exactly the color I go for when I want to look chic. I especially like the variety of lavender shades available.

Light Purple - #CBC3E3

Light Purple hex code

Light purple was a color on a mission when it burst onto the scene during France's Belle Epoque. Nearly 150 years later, there's no escaping pastels' delicate charm and romantic quality, especially in the floral world.

Thistle - #D8BFD8

Thistle hex code

The thistle is a spectacular flowering plant; its deep yellow blossoms are a striking contrast to the dark green foliage. The vividness of this hue truly represents the radiance and beauty of Scotland. 

If you desire to learn more about purple color, check out the Wikipedia's purple page.

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