All Color Names: +100 Colors With HEX Codes

Color Names

All Colors with HEX Code waiting for your next design project.

Before I started the Eggradients, I thought I knew a lot about colors. But I was wrong. There are more colors than I thought. I developed this page to be an archive of color names.

The names of the colors on this page are not fictitious. They are officially recognized and accepted by various institutions.

You will undoubtedly see familiar names on the list. But mostly, you will learn new names. Maybe even new colors.

Do you want to use these colors in your design? It's fine. All you have to do is click on the ๐ŸŽนemojis. You have copied the color's HEX code. ๐Ÿ‘


Here are all color name list in a one place.

Purple Color Names

From light purple shades to dark purple tones, in this section, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the color of purple. We live in an age of possibilities. ๐Ÿ‘

Meaning of purple color: Purple is also interpreted by society as a feminine color. It also represents luxury. But if the luxuries return to need, trouble begins. ๐Ÿƒ

african violet color
amethyst purple
byzantium color
chinese violet
dark purple
dark violet
electric indigo
electric purple
english violet
grape color
heliotrope purple
indigo purple
iris purple
lavender blush

Brown Color Names

Among the list of name colours, the shade of brown is the collection with the must sub-colours.

Meaning of brown color: Brown is most often associated with healing because the soil gives the plant. Life happens where the plant grows. Where life is, there is hope. Okay, I'm stopping here because it's starting to look like poetry.

maroon color
burgundy color
taupe color
tan color
bronze color
copper color
burnt sienna
khaki color
olive color
sienna color
burnt umber
chestnut color
ecru color
ochre color

Blue Color Names

In this part of the list of colours, you will see blue color names with HEX codes.

Meaning of blue color: Blue is associated with freedom. This may be because the sky and seas are blue. The reason the sea is blue is the sky because water has no color.

Turquoise color
Royal Blue Color
Navy Blue Color
Cobalt Blue Color
Light Blue Color
Baby Blue Color
Tiffany Blue Color
Sky Blue Color
Prussian Blue Color
Electric Blue Color
Dark Blue Color
Midnight Blue Color
true blue color
cerulean blue color
cornflower blue color

Green Color Names

It's time for you to know that there are more greens than dollars and forest green. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Meaning of geren color: Green is, of course, a color that represents nature. But it also means wealth and money. The American dollar is green.

teal color
chartreuse color
kelly green
forest green
lime green
hunter green
cyan color
dark green
neon green
aquamarine color
mint color
light green
spring green
pastel green

Yellow Color Names

I made a list of yellow gradient colors before. Now I've added a list of flat shades of yellow to the site. There's a little difference between them. I made up the yellow gradients myself, but the names of yellow colors are purely official.

Meaning of yellow color: The yellow color represents warmth. Don't be surprised for that. The sun is also yellow. At least at noon.

Beige Color
lemon Yellow
Canary Yellow
Golden Yellow
Dandelion Color
Straw Color
Citrine Color
Brass Color
Light Yellow
Yellow Green
Olive Color
Flax Color
Mustard Yellow
Ecru Color
Saffron Yellow

Gray Color Names

The grey color is the main reason why I started to create these color lists. I wanted to make a slightly funny page by adapting the 50 shades of grey movie to other colours.

Meaning of gray color: Gray has good and bad meanings. Gray may represent intelligence or death or depressed.

taupe color
silver color
charcoal color
slate gray
blue gray
white smoke
gunmetal gray
ash gray
purple gray
battleship gray
cool gray
rose quartz color
payne's gray
timberwolf color
yellow gray

Black Color Names

Color names are unique. But black color names are both unique and cool. There are a total of 15 different black color samples in this list.

Meaning of black: The color black represents fear. But all comedians dress in black. It can't just express fear. At least in the present century.

dark purple
charcoal color
ebony color
onyx color
midnight blue
black olive
oxford blue
jet color
raisin color
smoky black
bistre color
licorice color
eigengrau color
black bean color
russian violet

Red Color Names

Red is the color of passion. It is also used in designs to highlight issues that need attention.

coral color
pink color
maroon color
burgundy color
auburn color
magenta color
red color
fuchsia color
dark red
mahogany color
blood red
scarlet color
tyrian purple
rust color
apricot color

White Color Names

Before I started making this list, there were only two white names I knew โ€” white and white smoke. But now I'm enlightened about white. It is your turn.

Meaning of white color: White color usually refers to purity and spiritual power. Think of Gandalf. In the first film, he was a Grey Gandalf, and no one cared. But in the second film, he became a White Gandalf and kicked everyone's ass.

snow white
lavender color
ivory color
peach color
blush color
platinum color
white smoke
navajo white
linen color
flax color
magnolia color
lemon color
honeydew color
seashell color
chiffon color

Orange Color Names

Orange is a color that represents confidence and energy. This list includes a variety of orange colors, from warm tones to dark tones.

apricot color
neon orange
metallic gold
buff color
tawny color
dark orange
pastel orange
tangerine color
light orange
bright orange
persimmon color
international orange
orange red
marigold color
safety orange

Pink Color Names

From dark pink to baby pink, this list contains every shades of pink in the universe.

Meaning of pink color: This color has a relaxing effect. It is often used in works that represent romanticism. It has taken place in society as a feminine color.

Fuchsia Pink
coral color
rouge color
flamingo pink
Dark Pink
Baby Pink
Salmon Color
Peach Color
Watermelon Color
magenta color
deep pink
Pastel Pink
light pink
Rosewood Color
Hot Pink
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