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Are you looking for shades of pink color? Here is the decent list of pink color with hex codes. To make your design more colorful, adding pink colors should be a good idea.

Now, you must be thinking as to why all these different shades of pink were created in the first place instead of just using a simple, you know, pink? Well, there is an entire science behind the use of colors which suggests that different colors, even different shades of the same color exude different emotions in a person. Designers take significant care while using colors, especially while designing logos. If you’d like to know more about it, read the psychology of colors in logo design.
Shade of pink colors

If you know how much shades pink color exist you surprised. Some of them use for wedding parties and the others for baby parties.

My personal opinion is that colors have no gender however society thinks shades of pink for females.

The opinion of society didn't invent in a day, Which means can't change in a day too.

But when the point comes the web design, pink colors can use for every purpose.

Here is the list of the Pink color of shades for you. The list includes from magenta to rose pinks.

Shades of Light Pink Colors

These colors can be used to create a delicate and feminine look. But I'm disagreed this. They can be perfect for a spring or summertime outfit, or even as an accent color.

Popular Pinks


















Rose | #ff66cc

Rose Color HEX

Rose is a color that's easy to fall head over heels for. From its velvety, rose quartz hue to the delicate smell of a freshly-cut bloom, it's the ideal color for romance. 

Let's take a closer look at this flowery hue. The rose color's meaning and symbolism are very similar to that of the rose flower. 

The woman rose and the man rose are complimentary colors and are both linked with romance.

The color rose is primarily used to outline the human face, and the color of eyes, lips, cheeks and fingernails in portraits. It can also be used to convey excellent health, especially when in combination with green (the complementary color of rose). 

We've all seen a rose throughout our life! When someone sees a picture of a rose then more often than not they will associate it with beauty, love and romance.


Watermelon color

It's no secret to anyone who has ever bought a watermelon that the redder the liquid is, the tastier the watermelon. And most people think that means if a watermelon is completely yellow inside it isn't very good. But before you avoid that yellow-white flesh, let me tell you why it isn't bad to be yellow inside.

Watermelons are available in red and yellow varieties, usually with the rind color ending up matching the flesh color. While you might have seen plenty of red watermelons, many people wonder why there aren't more yellow watermelons on the market.


Coral color

Coral is a special color, a universally recognized symbol for beauty and love. Many cultures associate the coral color with precious gems, like rubies, but this is not immediately obvious when seeing it for the first time. Another tone of coral could represent the red sea snail or even, as some say, the Great Barrier Reef! There are some other tones too; a pinkish coral color and also a violet-ish one.


Salmon color

The salmon color tone has been around for a while but is slowly gaining in popularity. Perhaps it's because it's a combination of pink and orange - two colors that are very complementary to each other! This color tone complements both brown tones and blue well.

Its name is derived from the flesh color of salmon, a fish that is popularly known as the “king of fish”.   This page lists some of the best salmon pink shades and how to incorporate them into your designs.


Peach color

While the color peach has some bright and fun shades, it also has a number of more muted, calm variations. Soft pastels like light peach and pale peach are soothing, warm, and often associated with childhood. Lively, passionate hues like terra cotta and vermillion may bring about feelings of warmth and comfort, yet energy and vitality as well.


Strawberry color

So, you may be wondering why strawberries appear red even in the worst lighting conditions – including a deep shade of blue-gray. 

This observation has led to various myths and superstitions over the years that postulated a wide variety of reasons. One myth was that it had something to do with strawberry farmers using straw to cultivate the fruit. 

Another myth suggested that red strawberries possessed more nutrients than their greek counterparts. 

There were even some who believed that worms ate strawberry seeds in the strawberry fields and then fed on blue-gray leaves which turned them black, turning said berries red under their ministrations.


Bubblegum color

Bubblegum is that pink-red color you see in the middle of a pack of Wrigley's gum. The same color you see when you take the wrapper off your new toy gun. Bubblegum is fun, youthful and lighthearted. It is the color of bubblegum and the shade of pink on a Barbie doll (a trademarked brand name for Mattel).


Magenta color

You have undoubtedly seen the color magenta before. Magenta is a color that can be found in flowers, birds, and human skin tones – everywhere you look! While magenta may be a color that you don't think twice about, it may surprise you to know that it has quite a bit of history and meaning behind it.

5 Popular Pink Things on Earth

You might think that everything belongs in the pink category but this is not necessarily true. According to my research, most things can be considered as pink if you are thinking about their hue not the way they are presented or perceived. 


pink lotus on lake

The lotus is a sacred flower, widely known from its use in ancient and modern literature and religious symbolism. 

The flowers are usually eaten, cooked or made into drinks, though they can also be worn as a decorative item. 

The greatest species diversity is in Asia where several closely related Nelumbo species may grow interchangeably.


Raspberry closeup photo

The first use of "raspberry" in this sense was in 14th century England, when the fruit was compared to the appearance of genitals as it hung on the plant. During the 18th century, before modern gardening, there were many cultivated varieties of raspberry; current cultivation has narrowed them down to a few superior types with large and sweet fruit.


Flamingo photo

The Flamingo is a genus of birds in the flamingo family Phoenicopteridae. They are found in tropical America, Africa and south Asia, living only in warm habitats. 

There are six species in the genus, of which two have been identified as extinct and possibly four others are likewise probably extinct. 


Azaleas are native to many regions of the world where they grow in both wild and cultivated habitats. They are found as far north as southern Scotland on the coast of the North Sea, as far south as the mountains of Japan, on many of the islands of Japan, and southeastward through Korea and across China to altitudes near 50°N in northeastern China.

Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier

Maybe Lake Hillier is the most psychedelic lake you will ever see. The water is pretty unusual, since it's a clear turquoise color and has a very high salinity level. It's also surrounded by beautiful orange-tipped islands which are made up of limestone that was once underneath the ocean.

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Pink Pokemon

Beyond the shades here is the list of pink gradients.

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