90s Colors: Popular Fashion and Designs Palette

90's Colors were bold. It was bright. And it was diverse. Neon colors from the 80s were still going on. However, pastel colors were also used.


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You can easily understand the spirit of the 90s from its colors. You don't need to be a sociologist or social scientist for this. I don't know the difference between them. Sociologists may be called Sociologists in academia. 90's Colors were bold. It was bright. And it was diverse. Neon colors from the 80s were still going on. However, pastel colors were also used.







Grey, dark green and black tones brought by the grunge movement were also in the environment. The grunge movement led to the birth of punk and rock in music, and the emergence of a scruffy and shabby style of clothing in fashion.The youth of that period were rebellious. They thought they could change the world, and some of them certainly did.






The use of personal computers has increased. The internet has removed borders. No one was forced into the life they were born into, and as soon as they realized that there was a possibility of an exit, the rebellion began.Today, Rock is not as popular as it used to be, it has almost left its place to Electronic music, would Mozart be happy if he saw this result?






We can never know the answer to this question, but one of the theories about its causes is of course technological developments. Computers have developed so much that to produce any sound, instruments produced to produce that sound are no longer needed.When a machine allows you to produce all the sounds in the tone and note you want, there is no need for the instruments that have become synonymous with Rock. 






And music was liberated. Instead of being limited to the sounds that an instrument can produce, it embraced every sound that would support the melody, and of course, the cost factor should not be taken into account! Other dominant colors that we see in the shades of the 90s are beige tones and olive green. These colors also emerged to represent a subculture of the Crunge culture.

In this period when gender freedom issues were also on the rise, the use of gender-neutral colors was actually a natural way of conveying the message of judgment with "my existence". To understand the reasons for this courage and rebellion in the 90s, let's look at the technological developments in that period:

Mp3 player: Customization of music. While music was a phenomenon that was previously listened to together, it has now become personal consumption.

Personal computers: As Bill Gates said, the value of Microsoft is very small considering the value that people produce by using the software in it.Mobile Phones: Although not as advanced as today's smart phones, they are a revolution in terms of communication.

Game Consoles: The first examples of the simulation of reality. Really crazy. Considering all the above developments, it is not surprising that a brave generation has come up with these colors.They said we exist and they changed the world. Today's generation certainly does not hold the same stance because they are not already suppressed by a traditional point of view.


I will update the 90s colors again in the future. I was thinking of writing about other decades too. I'll add it here when I'm done, until then you can check out these palettes.

90s colors

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