Armorer Minecraft: Trades & Features

Armorer villager

There is a profession with the sole purpose of trading and creating armor in the game: the armorer in Minecraft. You can find an armorer in a building called the Armory, created with Blast Furnace Jobsite blocks. 

Takes Gives
Coal x 15 Emerald x 1
Emerald x 9 Iron Chestplate x 1
Emerald x 4 Iron Boots x 1
Emerald x 5 Iron Helmet x 1
Emerald x 7 Iron Leggings x 1
Iron Ingot x 4 Emerald x 1
Emerald x 3 Chainmail Leggings x 1
Emerald x 36 Bell x 1
Emerald x 1 Chainmail Boots x 1
Lava Bucket x 1 Emerald x 1
Emerald x 4 Chainmail Chestplate x 1
Emerald x 1 Chainmail Helmet x 1
Emerald x 5 Shield x 1
Diamond x 1 Emerald x 1
Emerald x 13/27 Diamond Boots x 1
Emerald x 19/33 Diamond Leggings x 1
Emerald x 21/35 Diamond Chestplate x 1
Emerald x 13/27 Diamond Helmet x 1

There are only two trade skill professions that can create armor: armorers and leatherworkers. These professions use the Blast Furnace Jobsite block to craft their products, and the two skills are similar in many ways. 

However, armorers specialize in creating exotic armor, which includes diamond armor and chainmail and counts for a majority of the loot from dungeons and bosses.

With the Armourer profession added in the 1.13 update, a whole new market has opened up in Minecraft. 

This new NPC trades emeralds for common ores like coal and iron ingots, providing you with a small return on whatever you mine. Yet, even more importantly, armorers can provide you with enchanted diamond armor for your character.

Blast Furnace

A blast furnace is used to smelt ores, raw metals ‌, iron and gold armor and tools, similar to a furnace, but at twice the rate. This block was added to Minecraft in The Combat Update. 

Rather than coming in contact with lava at the bottom of the furnace like a regular furnace does, the blast furnace's channeling system allows it to melt iron faster yet still have a cooling system via lava on top of the blast furnace. 

The GUI will be opened by right clicking on the top of the block.

A blast furnace is very useful for the player because not only can the player smelt iron ore into iron bars and gold into gold bars, they can smelt ores that are not even used for other things.

Learn to create an armorer in Minecraft

Village consists of a house, in which there are villagers. To create an armorer you will need two blocks and one profession. As well as at all times to keep them positioned on the opposite sides of the bed for the work table. 

Bed and Worktable should be built from four blocks to be attuned (special barrier). It is better to be self-clear, so they can't be rebuilt with other players.

Change profession

A villager that chooses to change their profession to armorer will travel to the nearest unclaimed blast furnace and rent it for a payment of 1 emerald. In the video game "Minecraft," a blast furnace is an industrial furnace that smelts ore and charcoal to make metal ingots. 

If there is space available in the building, villagers have the chance to change their profession based on which block of the building has not been claimed by another villager.