Black and White Flag: +20 Flags Explained

There is no country flag that originally used only black and white colors. In this list, we will examine city flags. There are city and state flags in these colors.

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Basel-Stadt flag

Basel-Stadt is a canton in the northern part of Switzerland. Besides being in the north, it is one of the smallest compared to other cantons.

Also known as the Cultural Canton, the region attracts thousands of tourists every year. One of the most important livelihoods of the region is tourism.


Brittany flag

Brittany is an autonomous peninsula and its flag has only black and white colors. The history of this place comes from the Celtic culture. The ancient traditions are still alive.

Although it is an autonomous region, the port of Brest, one of the most important ports in France, is also in this region. And the French often use this port.

The most original flavor they add to the world cuisine is Salted Caramel. In addition, as one of the advantages of being a peninsula, there is a rich seafood cuisine.


Ceuta flag

Ceuta is in Africa but is a member of the European Union. Because the region is an autonomous region connected to Spain. The city has a very deep-rooted history. When you go on a cultural tour, you can find traces of Romans, Phoenicians, Portuguese and Arabs.

It is the closest land of Africa to the European continent. 

Since it is an important port in terms of maritime trade, European countries withdrawing from the African mainland have left the dominance of this port city themselves.


Cornwall flag

This flag is like the classic British flag before the invention of colors.

Cornwall is a county located in England. As a government, of course, it is dependent on the United Kingdom. The region has an incredibly long coastline. 

Its 298 km long coast is home to long beaches. And of course, the formation of historical ports is normal.

Its dishes that contribute to the world's flavor heritage are "Cornish Pasty. It is a type of thin-crusted ravioli with vegetables as well as meat. If you plan to visit the region, I strongly recommend you to coincide with the dates of the Glastonbury Festival.


Metz flag

The flag of Metz is a simple flag in which the two colors white and black are used equally. The written history of the city is over 3000 years. There are city structures from different periods. Even though it was under the protection of different empires from the Roman Empire to the German Empire, the city has always managed to preserve its texture.

Considering France in general, the region is one of the most urban settlements. Its most famous park is Jardins Jean-Marie. It is home to thousands of endemic plant species.

Vineyards made up of Mirabelle grapes raise the bar for world wine quality.


Pahang flag

Unlike the flag above, the stripes here are horizontal, with no other colors other than white and black.

Unlike the flag above, the stripes here are horizontal, with no other colors other than white and black.

Pahang is a state of Malaysia. When evaluated in terms of surface area, we see that it is the largest state of Malaysia.

The Pahang River is also one of the largest rivers and has a large share in the fertile lands of the environment. Cherating Beach, which hosts water sports, is in this region.


Terengganu flag

Black and White Flag

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